Ask Dalton Conley: "What does it mean to think like a sociologist?"

you the simplest answer of how to think like a sociologist is to take nothing for granted around you and to make the familiar strange that's a nice a prism though what does that mean in reality and I think it means to take the sociological theories that we learn in in the book or in class and apply them to the social interactions the institution's the patterns that you see around you and apply the methods and that those methods of course are very variable it could be the method of buying correlations and then going back beyond correlations through some other methods that maybe an experiment to see how things change when you alter social conditions or it could be something more interpretive like trying to understand what people's accounts that their actions are or what is a step by step process by which sort of micro interactional dynamics lead to maybe what we would think of as less than ideal outcomes or ideal outcomes or what have you so I think it's just about having this toolbox of methods and theories through which to view the world and when you have those you know it's like learning to drive a car at first you can think about when to shift and when to brake and where to turn and put the signal on but a certain point it becomes second nature that said I think it's always good to be in driver's ed so to speak to be reading new material to be educating yourself and to have a refresher course you

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