Asar Imhotep & Garfield : The Conscious Community Civil War

testing one two in the check my check one two one two does a gazelle right yo we already know you already know what it is man we in the building y'all we just got we just getting started so y'all can send them links out if y'all got any family members we on saw never studios you know I got the crash crew in the building you already know what it is man golfer you don't remember the crash yeah we can't know everything brother mmm-hmm so who was the crash crew what hey come on man a son stop this man crush room on the same time the crash troop now see all of them lose then you get up from the south so you know if they didn't make it on TV in a radio from the early eighties we didn't hear about it right right that's why into yo MTV raps in all that was a godsend mmm family we're just trying to get these links out right quick trying to get it to y'all the best way we can all right which one is a Sun at a TV on something in a studio studio got the grand master teaches the scholars up in the building the young grand master teaches brother a saw and hotep brother Garfield in the building representing the dagger squad and all all in the whole is all on the raw squad representing the whole armour on squad right here so without any further ado I want to bring to you brother Garfield piece of black power to you brother what's happening hey peace and love peace and love to everybody here represented dagger squad we you know we do nothing yeah yeah we in the building man what's going on dope man I mean I've seen you going live earlier yeah yeah yeah I mean you know every morning I go live 8:30 every morning on Facebook on YouTube and I let everybody know that you know what's going on in the community in the mornings you handle a even stuff I deal with the morning so what are we dealing with the Hebrews the mores the Christians agnostics whoever you know we deal with the information whether it's information on you know headstones from America we try to say the Africans or whether we trying to say we the Lost Tribes or Ten Lost Tribes I deal with everything plus we offer deal with the economics cuz that's what pays the bills you know we got to do that on a daily basis so that's got to enlighten the people on all what's going on man all right so um let me move on over to my brother I saw in hotel was going over to my brother piece of black power on the raw squad of happy to be here all right hey being that God feel you brought up the heroes I want to start off with that before you do that let me say happy birthday to my brother a sign motel oh yeah so Lorie Hearn you already know you know he turned 22 today so you know I'm saying peace of love brother and I hope you enjoy it yeah yeah I got in for a real treat with real scholarship right now danyoung but I want to say being a two-armed opened up with talk about some of the Hebrew stuff a lot of people don't know that a song one right in front of us used to be a partner used to be a member of ISUP Kate but at that time it was I see Kate united Christ mm-hmm this one urge of universal practical knowledge yeah this was before captain Azaria was up in there mm-hmm talk to us a little bit about that brother your journey and um you know being a member of I see you can't talk talk to us about that well yeah this is back in the early 90s at the time a West Coast hip-hop music was ruling Snoop Dogg you knocking all that and I used to stay in a housing projects called the East Terrace housing projects back in Texas and there used to be a grocery store called super ass I guess for superstore and across the the street from them you would always see these guys in these fringes and long hair with long beards and all east of whatnot and one day I was just curious and just asked them you know what are y'all like a magic act and all this other kind of stuff there's like Nam and we teach black history through the Bible you know yada yada yada you should come through you know to one of the course I mean one of the classes so you know I was holding it off for a while I think I was around like 14 at the time hmm and yeah you know I decided to go to a class me and a partner and so we like we from the you know do them you know we finna debate them on the Bible so and so we thought at our young age that you know we had enough to debate them on the Bible and so and they ended up converting you huh yeah me that day Wow so yeah every every question that I had they were they were answering me and so stuff that I would ask pastors because that by this time I stopped my mom didn't make me go to church at this time in my life and so I stopped going to church and you know I just had issues with the particular doctrine so you know so I joined then and as we stayed at the beginning at this time in the early 90s it was called the the I see you PK which is an Israeli Church of universal practical knowledge so I wasn't I didn't stay for the name changed I don't know when they changed it to is from school of universal practical knowledge but um but yeah so I used to go back and forth from Texas to to New York especially during Passover this is when the office used to be over there above I don't know when Addison Evan of Madison Avenue 25th house Shelton's building right and things of this nature and you know I was just infatuated with a knight so I went it when I went to college you know I would like this is how deep I was in it too I would go into my history classes and challenge all the history professors and tell them they wouldn't know nothing because we the true children of Israel so me being african-american I was at the tribe of Judah and that's you know saying well my name claim to fame was so my Hebrew name back in the day was Shikari ah you know ah shallow ah don't feel what you're doing man don't be laughing at the brother that's a step that's a step ahead you know finish all brother but you know to make a long story short I really started questioning some of the teachings and you know but take me back for a minute when you started challenging your professors they started kicking your butt you realize this sin was bossy right well they talk about it see this is what they would do they wouldn't necessarily beat me up they would just simply say that I don't know enough on that uh-huh to to debate you on it can you send me some literature and things of this nature and and so you know I would bring the Hebrew Israelites on campus you know saying to teach and things of this nature and so this was when I was at Southwest Texas State University in undergrad so this is like 98 and um so but when I started taking well we didn't have African American Studies at Southwest Texas State we had to study on our own we created groups where we would self study black history black and African history and then we would bring in people like Anthony Browder Naim Akbar you know saying in others I missed when dr. Benton came through but uh but you know of those if so that's when we started getting introduced to you know professor smalls and all this other kind of stuff so they began to start changing my outlook on things but this is in conjunction with me discovering contradictions in the teachings of the Hebrew Israelites at this particular time and so when I would would question like when I came up here to the straw that broke the camel's back is when I came up here to New York it was for something else but I just decided I'm gonna go to class just one of the regular classes and so it's me and my girl at the times and so we came to New York for this conference and so when I went to the class how it had been asking so if you don't know about the teachings of the Hebrew Israelites you know that Jacob and Esau are supposed to represent two nations or races so Jacob is supposed to be the beginning of the Hebrew lineage or the Israelite lineage and then Esau is supposed to be the beginning of the the white man's language and so when you read the text you know we're supposed to give deference to Jacob and shun Esau and but when I was reading the text at least at this time in this stage of the Bible Esau hadn't done anything and so if you know the story Jacob and Esau are in the field Esau is walking through the field with like this bowl of food is kind of like a super meaty soup or something to his nature and East excuse me Jacob is walking with the the food Esau is in the field work now I don't know if y'all ever been to like Egypt or the Middle East temperatures there reach 120 easy hmm so in the in the in the Bible when Esau is talking to his brother Jacob he is saying that I am near death you know can I have some of the food that you have in that boat Jacob in turn says sell me or sell me of my birthright alright then okay so I'm thinking like if this is my brother why would I you know asked for his birthright right when he says that he's near death you know and you see him working it's not like he's playing a trick like he's in the house in the shade uh-huh you're walking through the field and seeing him work if it's my brother and I have four brothers my brother asked me for anything you got some food some water right sure you got it it's no question and so I asked them the brothers why do we give deference to Jacob when he's the one who deceived and you know was was you know just off kilter he was off balance in terms of his character and that was the purpose of the quote/unquote most hot host ha turned his back on exactly because holes not like him like him after that cuz he would sell his birthright yeah so remember that Esau came out first right so it is the custom that the inheritance first goes through the oldest and so to circumvent that tradition this is why he's like sell me your birthright for this food so now when you go to most churches and things they're like you know well he shouldn't have sold so cheaply his birthright mm-hmm but Esau says something that's very profound what good is the birthright if I'm dead so you know again he remember he's out in the field of hot working in the Middle East he says he's near death so so when I asked this question and why we give deference to Jacob when it is he that was the deceiver and a manipulator they told me and this is one of the chief high priests at the time off it was I just remember he had a curl there's a dark-skinned brother with a curl and he was like you know you got to be careful the kinds of questions you asked God kills people for asking him questions hmm what this was in the in the in the class you know I'm saying full full of everyone now hold on one of your brothers said that in the class no that was the chief because at this time it was supposed to be 12 chief high priests they were all supposed to be the reincarnation of the 12 disciples so I'm forgetting which because remember this is over right 20-some years ago so I had since had left and not deal with so I don't remember who I just remember that the brothers start skinny hand like a curl like almost in that early nineties you know ice cube tiger they wear glasses I don't remember did he have a long fingernails no I wouldn't okay but I just know that he was one of the chief high priests at the time and so he's the one who told because I asked him directly just you know at the point where you can ask questions and so because I'm trying to understand you know this this particular dynamic and so so when he told me that I was like you know you know how like in the movies when the the the main character realizes something and then the the screen flashes back to all these clues that you know we suppose they paid attention to at the beginning and throughout the movie like that's how my life played when when I was looking you know when I was hearing that response and then at the same time now this is this is the nature of the Pseudolus of the teachings so after he said that he went into he had just come back from the New York library so you know the Hebrew Israelites is trying to claim everybody is black so this time they were claiming that Thomas Jefferson was really black and so the proof that Thomas Jefferson was black was this photo that he photoshopped not Photoshop but photo copied and so it was a drawing of Thomas Jefferson so I don't know if you can recall your times in like elementary school when you were drawing and you would do shades in your drawings right you could do it two ways you can take the pencil and do a gradient shade or you can just draw diagonal lines like you did with you would see in like kind of old comic books so the drawing of Thomas Jefferson he was saying that they're trying to whitewash the image of Thomas Jefferson but they forgot his hands so if the hands were a little darker than the rest of the the picture so this is supposed to be proof that Thomas Jefferson was black in thus Israelite so when when he passed the photo around all it was was a drawing of Thomas Jefferson with the diagonal lines you know used for shading and that was supposed to be the black part that was supposed to be to prove that Thomas Jefferson was black and it was at that moment I was just like you know what I can't do this no more you know and that was my last time dealing with the the ICV case so and from there you moved on to what one got more into your African Studies in your history from an academic standpoint so I didn't join like you know how some people will leave something and go to another right religious tradition I do that at this point I'm in college so by now I've transferred to the University of Houston they have in Africana Studies program so I minored in African American Studies and I double minded in African Studies and so at the time I was doing accounting now so the more and more I started studying just African history and culture and things the more and more things started to make sense in terms of our history and things of that nature and so now I'm getting introduced to the likes of Scheck once's Joe dr. John Henry Clark dr. Ben Knight Akbar some other scholars that people may not know because they you know weren't necessarily on the the lecture scene but nonetheless you don't have written some some powerful works as far as african-american and or African history and so it is it is that which opened up and then we also have powerful just study groups in Houston so like the tile SETI African Historical Society you know and these folks were connected with dr. Ben so these were like summer former dr. ben students in the organization that created their own study group in houston called tau ceti so you know I studied with them alongside with my University study work and so again the more and more I started studying African history and language and culture the more and more things started to make sense and I got realigned with my you know what we would say at my African self reoriented and so did you get into the ancient kinetic science in the in the ancient kinetic studies how did you travel over there to that top so that's Bill well that kind of I guess it kind of found me there's more literature on ancient Egypt than any other place in Africa so more more than likely if you're coming into consciousness of your African self you're gonna find more books and people talking about ancient Kemet then than any than any other group so it was just a natural that that's what was introduced to me first and at the same time and you know later when I came into college there was a big debate going on in the academic world between Martin Brunel and Mary Lefkowitz mm-hm and so it all started with this book here black Athena I don't know if yes they can serious it black the afro-asiatic roots of classical civilization now this was published in 86 but in the in many people may not realize in the 90s like in the late 80s early 90s this is when I froze Molefi kete Asante his theory of Afrocentricity is really starting to gain momentum and traction you start to hear it in hip-hop music people in in in colleges you know are using this as a paradigm and you start to see a lot of professors challenging European hegemony when it comes to African history and so at first they tried to ignore us you know like to check on 2d ops of John Henry Clarke's and things of this nature but then when this book came out well this is one of them who who had appeared was supporting the the arguments that the afro centric scholars were making in terms of Egypt first and foremost being a black African civilization and that it was very influential in the development of ancient Greece so now that they got one of these scholars the European scholar actually a descendant of a Jewish person but someone white someone credentialed you know in these areas to talk about that to make that argument well we gotta shut that down and so it started a series of debates in the 90s and in 1996 mary Lefkowitz released a book titled not out of africa how Afrocentricity is used to teach myth to something like i forgot what the subtitle was and so in that same year it was it was published by a sub company of HarperCollins HarperCollins decides that they want to have a debate between Mary Lefkowitz and Martin Brunel so this is around that time that where dr. John Henry Clarke made that famous quote you know only my equals all others I teach you know saying like that all that is going on around this time and so Martin Brunel but this they weren't having a live like that was a live debate that they had but the harpercollins was having this on a listserv and so a university listserv and so but it wasn't just those two it was Martin Brunel and a group of scholars and Mary Lefkowitz and a group of scholars and so for a month long on this list all you had to do is within your email join the list and every time someone will respond everybody on the list would get the email so good so at this time now all the scholars are going head to head challenging the European scholars are trying to challenge this notion of a black Egypt and Afrocentric scholars are combating that put in providing their evidence they're just going back and forth again for a month straight in this dialog you start they start introducing arguments made by dr. Chacon to do so from like his civilization of barbarism text you got excuse my books I've had them for a long time and I use them so they you know look all crazy you know arguments for great african thinkers and and here is where you can hear his argument for in english for the word kim it actually being a being defined as black people and hold on before we get there because we've definitely gonna get there all right now in gaining more history more knowledge becoming more knowledgeable about your african culture in about your african history have you found yourself later on challenging that which where you come from like the hebrew and is hookah kata as is Lucy have you been challenging that within yourself all within some of your peers that you will come across yeah that just comes naturally with you studying African history and so you know one of the good things that I learned even though I've never met him with dr. John Henry Clark is that he had this uncanny ability to ask the right questions and that's one of the things that I really loved about him was his ability to ask the right questions so you know a simple question is okay well if the Hebrew Israelites were brought into Africa where in Africa are they speaking Hebrew where is there any Hebrew literature or writings good question in Africa that we can go by and trace you know and so how would they know for one thing that they was a Hebrew and versus a you know saying another African just just questions like this and so at this time you know when I was a Hebrew is like they weren't trying to associate like I just saw the video I think you were interviewing gorillas Hebrew you had a there was a brother from Ghana and they can't write this stuff so this nation that would have never happened in the early 90s right because everybody was every African was the African booty scratcher literally that's that's the stuff that we would teach the day with African booty scratcher and they were filthy dirty hand mites and all of this other kind of stuff and so you know they at that time totally believed that all the Israelites were gathered out of Africa there was no one left you know saying so now things are kind of changed in these different camps right and so I haven't kept up too much with it but you know I keep my ears to the to the to the to the streets every night net but um when you start asking those simple questions you know so like how did the Mexicans and the Puerto Ricans and the South Americans become Hebrews lights when did how did they become how are they Hebrew Israelites and all of them change their language in their native lands like the towel will people are the Taino people you know who become the Puerto Ricans and things of this nature in that area and the early Jamaicans like how do they have a totally different language and they weren't brought through slavery into those lands like it's just simple questions or just logical questions for example like if God like in the Bible allegedly they were enslaved in in each right 400 years and then we all understand the exodus God speaks to them quote/unquote to Moses at least and gives them Commandments one of the commandments is thou shalt not kill another commandment is thou shalt not steal those are the commandments God Yahweh Gable's is to give to the people right right then shortly after that Yahweh commands the Israelites to go into Canaan and to commit genocide and take over the land of Canaan violating thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not steal now this is a good point man this is the same God that at the beginning said let there be light in there was life why couldn't God just direct him in the middle of desert to say let there be rain and there was rain and make a land plush for them where they wouldn't have to go and steal and kill other people who already created a situation where they can move and be in peace no I think I think um I'm working on your frequency cuz I was asking the Hebrew the same questions yesterday yeah you know cuz every time God interfere with with us it always got to be wicked and evil and you know how come God just didn't put the spirit of love over the people why it gotta be the spirit of you know wickedness he says the Bible is the most incompetent God of all time facts he there's not one problem that you can like a skinny Hebrews like this what problem has God solved in the Bob hmm name one problem that he saw for example homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible is that not oh yeah yes right so we had a story of Sodom and Gomorrah where you know and this is just messed up and I spoke about this at one of our debates against the Hebrews in the early days where the Angels come to visit was a lot and yeah so the the whole town full of gay men come to get the male angels and have sex with them but instead of trying to you know mount a defense against them he offers his two daughters instead to be ravaged by the men outside mm-hmm now whoop reprobate mind like if I have daughters regardless of what's going on I'm not offering my two daughters to be raped by straight or gay men you know and if there are angels I'm pretty sure they can handle themselves they got some some power somewhere that they can do some things mm-hmm but so so that's not the sin the sin is them being gay so god of course we know the story you know rains Hellfire on Sodom and Gomorrah his wife looks back in terms of to a pillar salt etc etc but they're still gay people like he doesn't solve the problem of homosexuality all man is supposed to be an evil and wicked on the earth God sends a flood saves eight people you know eight people eight people Noah history sons and in his way who can they're wise so it's eight in total that that God saves so has anything changed no nothing this is what I mean God of the Bible is incompetent he doesn't solve any problems so if the devil is the source of all evil and things of this nature why don't you just kill him God kills a man or commands Moses in them to kill a brother for picking up a stick on the Sabbath day in the text but you can't get rid of the devil who's influencing everybody that going contrary to your this is what I mean and so like we start thinking along in these lines forget the historicity of the Bible you can go in circles discuss the inner logic of the text and when you start questioning the inner logic of the text this is what forces you to be like you know what this this isn't history this isn't reality little dudes made this up even when you think about Genesis like what the heck is a day the concept of a day is a human birth thing so God made the heavens and the earth and seven days whether you believe it's seven literal days right or seven thousand years he realized was like because you know a days as a right that's what they try to say but what is a day to a being that exists in outer space a day is the earth rotating on this axis you know for 24 hours uh-huh and so you know what half of the earth is is lit up while the other half is on the shadow side which is night so the concept of a day and night can only be something that a person living on earth could conceptualize if you're in outer space and you're creating in space there's no concept of a day you know and so then it's just little clues like this that lets you know that the text is written by humans more than likely men Ryan who weren't really thinking things thoroughly and you know and we can go on and on and on about the text but that's it's those types of questions in more because again you know down here o'clock you listen to his tapes he acts very pristine questions and if you learn how to question like him you know you you'll be on your way yeah I gotta start pulling out the mom doctor clocks I got all of them I got all this I got all his lectures back then talk to me man about um has any of the elders done work on the place name Kimmy today have any of the elders you know of more information and added more work to the place called Kimber today because I noticed the armored Ross squad is turning up is turning up the pressure on a lot of pseudos and some of the elders you know talk about that right there have you heard of any of the elders turning up a little something on on answering commit dealing with the names and stuff like that doing some research on that no the the in Egyptology the standard interpretation of the the name Kemet which is one of many names of ancient egypt is that it means land of excuse me the black land and it's supposed to be referencing the now mud that when it floods it leaves these deposits on the edge of the Nile and this is the soil in which the ancient Egyptians would would do their farming with right so as I was getting into earlier check on Cydia in 1977 challenges that argument that the word Kim it means black land and he proposes his own argument and that is Kim it means land of the black people that is it's describing the skin color of the inhabitants and so this all stems from the assumption that the word Kim it derives from a root Kim that means black in ancient Egyptian now the word the consonant sequence km in Egyptian they have several different words with that consonant sequence and so but for some reason they isolated the word black and made that the root and so for Egyptologist this goes back to the time of champ only owned for Egypt means assumed Kim it means black man not in to around 70 I think it's a little earlier for the up he mayor hinted it in his but he doesn't fully try to explain his position until 1977 some about three years after the Cairo symposium that was in 1974 but that's in the written at the Cairo symposia in 74 is when he made the argument it was him dr. Thiele Philo Benga and a number of scholars Egyptologists from around the world who came to debate on the origins of the ancient Egyptians and and the the africanist or alleged africanist of the ancient Egyptians so what many people in the African centered community have done they've just simply sided with check out to do so for them his position seemed plausible and he he he they did just they just never challenged that work and so you know he's the elder he's you know he's the champion and so there's just really no reason to question it so since him there has not been really a scholastic a scientific discussion about the the meaning of Kim it however since then there have been these ongoing debates in academia and just like you know like just regular folks like us on the street corners on on the nets on the blogs or whatnot debating this meaning and so that's when I come into the picture in 1998 on the tail end of that debate that I was talking about so remember that Lefkowitz and Martin Bernal are debating on the the merits of Afrocentricity and Martin burnell's black Athena and so other scholars are coming in to the debate and to counter what Mary Lefkowitz and her team was you know because they're trying to argue for a a basically a European at best Asian ancient Egypt right and so now the African centered folks who are debating against them are bringing up D offs argument that that Egyptians are black they are so black they they even named their country land of the black people and so I'm watching these debates live and I'm participating in and asking these these critical questions and so this was going on for a few years and then in 2002 I do my first paper one of my professors at the University of Houston me and him was having a debate on this question in his class and he said I want you to write a paper we're having an african-american studies symposium here at the University in a few months I want you to present your findings to this this this audience of PhD so I'm still an undergrad I'm the only one who don't have a PhD in the room and so the title of my paper is what's in the name the meaning of Kennedy and that's what starts you know officially my scholastic journey into trying to figure out what this name is but until me there was no other scholar to to really look at this question seriously yes but um I think I would have to disagree with you because we have scholars out there from ASCC Mary OBD and I interviewed Mary OBT a couple of months ago and I asked them the question about would you know you got a group of these young scholars now talking about Kim it don't mean black and I don't know if you saw the video I saw the video okay so so you see they are speaking on the topic they also had an arm event where I think you brothers and Jenny came to New York and y'all went to the event and you said I think y'all had like some type of dialogue yes going on so you do have scholars like the elders like Mary oh btw while speaking on the topic I'm like what is this your room right yeah shit but what is the sense of the entourage squat now today banging on the elders because this is what people are saying why is that our Marat squat banging on the elders when you look at the elders it is because of the elders that y'all are now standing on these shoulders today and because yes the student is always gonna go past the elders because you got more knowledge than their teachers now does it mean you should be banging like I learn how to play chess for money from my teacher who was one of my elders but I beats him now you see what I'm saying I beat some up whip up on them so why does it have to be yeah I gotta correct the elders and beat him up why not just let them leave them alone let them do what they do and y'all take the arm teaches to a higher level y'all become the teachers in the Grandmaster teachers now well we have to make a distinction here so like for example with your elder who who taught you how to play chess you have a personal relationship with him uh-huh so you beating him is more than likely his pride and joy because he taught you it is he that you know he helped in your growth and and and now you know so he's he's seeing the fruits of his labor now with some of these elders I don't have personal relationships with they upset at the mirror audacity for us to challenge certain academic arguments now what's happening is certain certain people regardless of their age are equating us challenging an academic argument with us attacking the author's personally of those arguments so it can't be that we just don't agree with Chacon CDF's argument that kim it means black people we have to be going against check on TDI they're making it personal and so because they're making it personal they are attacking us and so when we fight back and challenge them back it seems like we're trying to attack the elders we have every right to defend ourselves in any kind of slander against our character and so I'm I'm an academic we write books we write articles when we don't agree with an academic issue that's that's the thing you have brother dr. Wesley Mohammad on your on your show a few times in Vienna and he came and he mentioned the dialogue the disagreement that he and I have and so it's not you know I haven't at least I haven't seen a heard him say anything negative about me for challenging his work or anything to this nature he I put my stuff on paper he came back and wrote a text so for those who don't know I was challenging a notion that dr. Wesley Mohammed had in his book black Arabia and the African origin of Islam where he made the argument that Allah and rock of Egypt were the same deity the same being and so I challenged that in you know very good case on paper oh man that pseudo man well let's see if he sued oh so say that again you say he was saying Allah yes Allah is rock and so I challenged his his argument in a book I wrote in 2013 called a Luger body more so he read it it was two chapters and he replied with an entire book to attempt to refute my argument which is rah is Allah while a SAR and hotel is wrong so on for every mortal the Nation of Islam knows you very well yes so but the point being that when we have scholastic like scholars when they have scholastic the bit I mean disagreements we iron it out on paper but folks who aren't scholars all they do is like to argue back and forth make videos and things of this nature and slander each other's character and this is what has been happening in the community now I'm you know my argument on Kim it has changed oh you know in various ways over these 20 years but starting from 2009 my argument has been consistent you let me actually do it to you who would you say that you know of would be the best committed teacher that you know of because you know Mary oh btw you know em 4dz you know brother Jabari you know who Giroux out of these scholars teachers who would you say have the best understanding on the kinetic information I would say it would be out of the people you name yeah I would say dr. Mario baby oval Gerald you John yeah only because he's been doing a lot longer okay and he has more he's you know which I was up there don't get me wrong God was not he's not lightweight when he was trying at the net you right but we remember I met dr. Mario Bedi way back in 2002 and when my professor now even though I was speaking on Kemet Mario Bedi was doing something else so he wasn't in the room when I was presented and so when my professor introduced me to he's like do you know Mario baby I was like nah I never heard of Mario baby safe you don't know dr. Mario baby the student is not their father bigger and I was like no let me meet let me let you meet him and so me and him chop it up and talk he's like oh you need to talk to a bingo so he gave me dr. Theo follow fingers number this is where dr. they'll follow finger was still teaching at San Francisco State University and I called up dr. Oh big and it's the conversations with him although brief you know we didn't have a relationship like that but you know we when I call he would answer we would talk so it was only a few times is he still in love he's still alive he's in the Congo and so 90 years old some other yeah he's up there and so so he's the one who really encouraged me because at this time I switched my major from accounting to computer information systems so when he saw that I was in the computer programming in software development he was like you'll be good at linguistics you should try your hand in linguistics and so it was from that point that I started studying you know saying language on this wisss and I knew that I had to in order to answer that question on kidman so when I first wrote the paper I couldn't read metal nature you know really that will all I had was dictionaries and I was trying to make arguments but it became clear that I would have to learn linguistics in order to really get to the heart do you read metal nature now yes I do remember that you let me ask you a question or it being that we do have our brother piece of our brothers iron legs in the building Zion Lex is now studying the men to nature which he should that did I applaud him for that that what you seen the brother study uh would you say he's accurate on that or he just you know he's misinformed a little bit he's he's on track he's on track with he's far from he okay these you know he's he's trying to make big interpretations and there's still some fundamentals that he has to learn from from what I have observed of his limited knowledge of meta nature but I applaud him because it appears he has a sincere devotion for trying to learn it for whatever reason he may just want to use it to of course take a swipe at him it's you know you know that's what I was gonna actually say anything but let you know again back in the day they wouldn't have the Hebrews who I was intimate they wouldn't even bother right you know with that so I remember back in the day they didn't even want us to read other Hebrew itch Israelite literature that was on the web you know you were saying something before I cut you off and I just caught it I need you to go back to that because this right here proves another powerful point you said that one of the arm the higher the higher brothers the hierarchy that was one of the twelve to our tribe or whatever you said he said don't say that don't ask no questions like that because if you ask questions God could kill you yes that right there was a form of putting fear into you so you won't be able to ask questions it's the same thing that the preachers do I remember growing up in the house my mother said don't ask no questions just have faith just believe and this is what they do they don't want you to ask questions brother yeah so it's so that you know that's the first sign of a cult yes so now it brings me to the question of never Ned okay talk to me about netter Ned Ned Ned contacted me he said brother we got something that we really gotta put out he said this is about the people saw you can't just do this and allow people to get over on our people I found information on will ja rule plagiarizing the book can you hold that book up brother yes never Ned came out and said who djaro had plagiarized that book that you holding up which is y'all work that's your work you send Jenny and we'll job and he accuse y'all of plagiarism dr. Reggie has joined on dr. Reggie has also joined on with medinet to take y'all down what's going on with this man with two men in there dr. Reggie what's happening with this is getting crazy this goes back years so we we've been dealing with never Nev I've never met him personally I've never physically met the brother okay but you know we've interacted on Facebook for a number of years and so Ned and Eva's kind of person he just wants to challenge any and everything that somebody popular is saying without having any background knowledge of what the subject is he just wants to disagree so remember I said in 2009 is when I officially switched my because at the earlier days I still believe that Kim it the root of it was black but doing some some more rigorous investigations I'm like well Kim it doesn't mean black at all and and so this was in 2009 there's a website called Egypt it's just a message board forum and there's a whole bunch of you know lay persons and a few professionals especially more professionals in the early days but now it's just any and everybody mama coming and commenting on issues dealing with ancient Africa in ancient Egypt and so as always there's this debate on the meaning of Kim it every few years is it's a big debate somewhere on the earth on the meaning of Kim it and so by this time I've accumulated a lot of information and the message board forum was just wasn't conducive to having a debate so I wrote basically an article to reply to the debate that we was having on Egypt search so that came out at 2014 that was six years ago so that article has been published six years now met her NAB decides that you know he doesn't agree with anything in in the article he wants to challenge me on the meaning of committee so this this argument this back and forth with Ned or Ned has been going on for several years and so it's got to the point where you know because you know we have all kinds of sorry we have all kinds of issues with the way that NetID nav deals with people and deals with challenges and so if you challenge thing that he says he'll block you on Facebook so he only wants people in the circle that agree with them yes ma'am so if you don't agree with him then you're getting blocked and so I've been blocked from him for a very long time but he continues behind the scenes arguing with me allegedly I'm not arguing back on this particular issue so in January I finally Granicus he's been asking for a debate for the longest so I finally grant him a debate in January in January actually in February so in January I think we agreed but I think it was in February that we actually had it so it's on YouTube live and we had it out there so but he was trying to be shady with the debate so what he was going what he had done was he was going to have the debate on a BB to website it's a it's a website hosted by dr. OPA dele Campbell and so there was supposed to be some anonymous judges but never nav is the only one who knows who the judges are and they weren't gonna make the debate public so we was going to have a debate that was going to be recorded but only a BB two to me that column would have the the video footage and so I'm like I don't agree with that we need to have it live because I know I've been dealing with people like nan and EV for a very long time and if you don't have a public record of something they'll swear to God that they won the debate so it's like when with his name Anthony Brown whoa well to keep it real I think he did stated on the video that he beats you in a debate and I think he said it was a vote and they just voted him in over you because they but who that's the point nobody knows who the judges are except him Halle Halle Caniggia Neve is living in a fantasy world he says there's judges no one has met any of these judges that's like saw Nader you come to me and said yo man I met these fine-ass woman yesterday down the block and do they live around the corner and every day me and you stand up on a block and we never see these three women for three years but they still live down the block you know it's like it's all in it's all in his head it's not reality it's like a religion now these judges are you trying to say our brothers are little crazy man these judges are like Yahweh to do him no one exists are you saying crazy about made those judges up garfield said my record Garfield if I'm another squad said that he me what about what about the brother scholarship does he have a qualified scholarship what you say and no he don't really know how to put it together first of all I have been telling folks for a couple of years now then I'm coming out with a text with my updated full argument on the pinnacle committee a true scholar says this I look forward to reading your completed argument Negroes on the other hand don't want to wait to read your actual work they just already disagree with the conclusion and want to debate you on the conclusion so he has no work on the meaning of Kimon he allegedly sent something to to deal follow bingos journal but you know sending something to a journal is the same as I put my application at the at this job sitting in an application don't mean you got the job you know and so this is supposed to be the peer-review process and so I have a journal article on Kim it as well that's being sent to an actual Egypt illogical linguistic journal but all of this is you know well that's gonna take a while journal articles take a while to get go through the review process and things of that nature but the the the other work where I have a chapter coming out illusia volume 2 where I'll also be addressing dr. Weston Mohammed's raha Allah the second half of the book that's gonna be released towards the end of this year and so but he he's not very competent in meta nature we always got to correct him on basics he doesn't know about side Haitians like he's trying to argue that woojong plagiarized because he didn't put the TLA in his source material the TLA is a search engine that that searches entries in their database that derived from actual physical dictionaries woojong cites the physical dictionary not the TLA the TLA you use as a quick search you know but we have we that's one thing that the the Amuro squad and especially the swimsuit every research team which is myself who jalwa and brothers– and jetty we damn near have all of the dictionaries in in French English and German and the German dictionary to war to bush is the largest that's the one the TLA primarily bases their stuff off of yeah really I really do this for real yeah we do this for real and um and and so you know we can spot you know there's there's a lot of folks that may be new to us and and think that we're like new to this but we're not you know we've been doing this for a very very long time are there any other groups out there that to respect let's say like team Osiris no team Osiris Ngozi representing that group right there brother Han soo they don't you don't know not personal you talking about as far as the scholarship well they don't have they don't do scholarship and they'll tell you they don't write you know they're they're more so they're researchers in the sense that they're good at looking up some things but you know scholarship requires you to to actually put and synthesize thoughts together and and to present arguments to the public to be reviewed they don't do that at all and so they're just more so like a and I'm not saying this to diminish who they are and what they're doing but they're more so a study group so if you was to put on a scale of one to ten where would you rate our brother Ngozi as far as his science as far as ism the for Mason that he brings off he's as far as learning the nature of the haplogroups and DNA and stuff to this nature I think he's he's up there it's Conrad which he lacks and so me and him have had disagreements because for example like in his arguments we get into these arguments about the validity of afro-asiatic as a language file and so me being in linguistics I can tell you there has never been a work produced that has validated afro-asiatic Niger Congo nilo-saharan or any of these groups as far as language families are concerned so he'll try to argue me he who does not study languages and then he'll try to mix DNA in with linguistics there's no DNA marker or haplogroup that that marks for language you can't extract someone's DNA from 2,500 years ago and then tell you what language they spoke and so we were getting to these arguments oh it's just like this little stuff that in terms of context he has yet to really kind of grow into to really kind of understand these things and and and it's in it more so my issue with him then besides that because that can be corrected it's the character issue it's the if we don't agree with you you got to cuss me out and talk about my parents and all this other kind of stuff and so we don't do that in scholarship and so you know this this is a this is an issue that even the elders have spoken on it's the character of this this new generation of people who want to present information but don't want to go through the steps of refining their character and learning how to deal with the public and have it engage in civil conversation so whether it's the young Pharaoh's the Sabra certain cities and things of the saying we can't have a civil discussion you know even dialects in the early days you know without cussing each other out getting to the point of fighting people missed the information by tsiyon worked on that yeah that's one saying in the early days I'm giving right I've seen them kind of you know saying growing that in in that instance right and so and so my interactions with him have not been cordial because he he like like net or net can't take anybody critiquing him you know in his information and so what I found is that usually people who act like that that you see on the scene they all come directly from the streets into consciousness they don't come through organizations they weren't part of black panther you know sam party or in buff or some other you know same group where there's a hierarchy and rank and you got a you know learn to take orders and do community work and all this other kind of stuff that kind of stuff mould you into being a leader they want to take their street cred and think that somehow jumps you know 100% into scholarship and that's the problem with net annette that's why when when he sang jetty and wooja will called on the show you know he get all irate and gotta take out who takes off their shirt to talk about linguistics in in a scholarship discussion who does that but he he hasn't left the streets he want to be in the street still and do this and you can't do both and that's the problem that a lot of us you know we want to still be you know act you know not look like we sold out to be nerdy scholars talking about our list so i got to keep my screen I'm a street edge but you're your street edge your your your whatever you did in the streets doesn't count in scholarship because in scholarship all that matters is the quality of your argument no quality of your source all right let me move on and with the next person because right now in this segment we dealing with pseudo shit more scholarship and be careful when I mentioned his name brother because uh-huh when this brother hear his name and it depends on how you respond and he might want to go right into the lab and give you a call out and I'm talking about brother polite when you look at brother polite in his Halas it in the information that he brings what goes through your mind brother do he got scholarship is it pseudo or is he like bid will you put him in Goldy at the same level or a goatee is above him already I'll pass him ain't going up yeah when it comes to the knowledge in scholarship well they they if we're comparing and go

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  1. Great video, I think the brothers education and logic kicked in an d realized by questioning these cult leaders about facts and history. I knew one west from 78 to 85, these dudes were teaching B.S on how they would flee to South America before the nuclear war, they believed they would live for a thousand years and reign with Christ, the world would end and a kingdom will come from the sky, UFO'S are coming to save them, all nations will be their slaves, and all other crazy crap. The head leader called himself Moe for Mosses short, he was a truck driver who picked up white peoples dirty laundry and he lived in the Bronx in the projects, they all had kooky names and believed they were the prophets, I am glad I got wise to this cult and left this madness, they are a cult, all of them who believe this garbage, stay away from these cultist, you will destroy your life, they are slave minded fools.

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