As thousands in California evacuate due to fires, others prepare for more PG&E outages | Daily Blend

31 thoughts on “As thousands in California evacuate due to fires, others prepare for more PG&E outages | Daily Blend

  1. Moving out of state is the only other option! I understand it takes massive courage to do this, yet if one is determined and trusts God it's possible.

  2. Can you please tell us where the evacuees are going ???? Can you show them to us that we see they are ok ?? Can we see inside the shelters ????

  3. What is a broken jumper? This is all you have, this is all PGandE will tell us, as an explanation for multiple fires breaking out when the winds were not even strong? This is not reporting, this is parroting, and you should let your viewers know that none of the words you speak are actually ones that you have thought out and endorsed.

  4. Big deal — electricity off. You really don't need a loud generator that is run by flammable gasoline. However, a few solar cell phone chargers would be nice, as well as solar lawn lights to bring inside at night. you can eat soup cold, right out of the can, as well as canned meats and fish (sardines) You can buy most of these items for $1 each at Dollar Tree. You should have done this a long time ago, in preparation for these kinds of events. Daycare democrats — raised without the common sense of their own parents — worry me.

  5. “Will it affect your weekend plans?”
    YES! I don’t do anything all day and I finally get to go out with my squad but NOOOOO… 😤

  6. Everything is being staged all the fires were set the same way . And PGE are not the ones even setting them.
    Camp fire survivor

  7. That woman thinks that the whole country is like California with the BS corruption. There aren't disasters everywhere like there is there! It was windy in Colorado yesterday, but nobody lost power. Natural resources are actually cared for in other places. California is a mess. Oh, and by the way, if you sell your California home, you can afford a MANSION almost anywhere else.

  8. '…because of extreme fire danger' …like all those little left-alone spots on the new map Well Within that Extreme Fire Danger area?
    That is One Choosy Fire

  9. turn off main power switch and unbuckle ground wires during these events. don't get caught in your car in the fire, your car is a closed circuit. much love.

  10. The most positive thing government officials can do about the out-of-control fires in California is to do something positive about the "Homeless Crisis" they created and perpetuate. If you stop trying to rid the state of "So Called Undesirables" and promote/legislate for more equitable/affordable housing for all then the fires will become a thing of the past. You are taking homes away from thousands of people due to bigotry, racism, and greed and God has had enough of it. It's called "Reaping What You Sew" or "Karma" and God is saying; "You take their homes and I will take yours"…

  11. As thousands in California evacuate due to fires…. Politicians prepare to blame PG&E for 60 years of zero forest management.

  12. A lot of these fires are started by illegals in Maxine's district using their "Impeef da Fowdy Fibe" signs to build cooking fires.

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