Arnold Works at Gold's

how's it going how many miles you're running basically I'm gonna play Howard a physical fitness instructor who's become a regional manager for Gold's Gym I'm Howard kleiner I'm here to help you and we're doing all this crazy stuff to raise some money for something kind of serious which is after-school programs all right can I help you got my key card well there's a key card mean you look like you're sweating a little bit let me just take care of everything here I have a towel how's it going drinking a lot of water it's good remember 75% of the body is water keep drinking okay we haven't finished it with the water drinking when it burns it grows remember that maybe you saw me on FB I almost wanted this you look pretty pumped up remember we do everything in reps so you've done two reps of water drinking usually we do ten reps of everything to do another rep of water drinking go down a little further you have elbows and you have knees so touch them very nice set up straight very good rep number seven stop being a baby because he scores Jim there's not a baby gymnast and ten very good you did it give me five Wow why it's a hard is a big guns back there Hey look at this you just remember Paul who could really pull and love what I see and I see what I love don't laugh this is a serious business with the food supplements the psychology the mind the body what's the most important thing about the weight training how it is my name do you have it that's the face to the like wow you look so good so handsome and now flex just joking

24 thoughts on “Arnold Works at Gold's

  1. His voice would be such a giveaway. Are these people dumb ? Actually I reckon a lot know its him, its obvious but it makes good viewing. Girl in pink top very sexy

  2. Lol Howard Kleine typical Arnie movie name also terrible at going undercover how people didn’t figure it out I never know

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