Arma 3 – Community Guide: SITREP II

greetings this is dyslexic from the arma community group shack tactical in cooperation with Bohemia Interactive creating a series of videos that explain some of the basics of ARMA 3 after concluding a successful alpha and beta development which has been supported by seven previous community guides today in this eighth guide we'll be reflecting briefly on the release of ARMA 3 discussing the new features of the launch package and also talk about the community around it and the future of ARMA 3 is a platform a quick spoiler for those who are joining the army community for the first time this is a game you'll be playing actively for years to come you'll always be able to find some new reason to keep dropping into the battlefield again well let's go over what ARMA 3 is at its heart it's a tactical military shooter a combined-arms game with an infantry focus one which is based on the core principles of authenticity diversity and opportunity ARMA 3 represents over 10 years of continual development evolution of the real virtuality engine and this latest iteration has brought a great many improvements to the series while the visual enhancements may stand out most clearly be they in the form of improved lighting fog higher quality environments vehicles characters and equipment the improvements in accessibility and control are just as significant not to mention features like customizable gear and weapons a vastly improved stance control system diving and all sorts of other welcome additions earlier this year ARMA 3 soft launched with an alpha program at first for the series by rolling out an early alpha fans were able to both contribute towards the success of the full titles launched through suggestions and bug hunting as well as begin exploring content creation from the form of mission and mod development after a time this alpha program shifted to a beta which introduced even more content with it more possibilities on September 12th after months of steady alpha and beta progress ARMA 3 launched in a release state bringing with the alt astray and the next batch of equipment and scenario content Altice the primary training of arma 3 is the largest in the series thus far weighing in at over 270 square kilometers of meticulously crafted Mediterranean environments compared to the alpha and beta trains of Stratis a full 20 square kilometers by itself the massive size of Altos really helps put Armas vision as a combined arms experience in the proper context with a vast majority of the buildings in the mini cities towns and villages of Altos being in Irbil urban combat and close quarters action is taken on new significance the trains diversity is considerable you'll find Hills forests drier lake beds marshes beaches and bays rolling plains cliffs ancient ruins and much more the scale of the environment allows a combined-arms nature of Armand's we fully realized with helicopters artillery and for treating vehicles fighting battles that can span vast distances and allow each asset to flex their respective muscles speaking of those assets ARMA 3 offers a range of air land and sea borne vehicles and units the infantry of each faction have a variety of weapons to utilize complete with detachable sights suppressors and lights or infrared lasers we span the range from pistols to submachine guns rifles carbines sniper weapons grenade launchers and machine guns crew-served weapons such as heavy machine guns or grenade machine guns are also available as our mortars and anti-tank or anti-aircraft missile launchers moving up to vehicles the major varieties are all represented this starts with mere transport vehicles moving on the up armored and armed transports than armored personnel carriers and empty fighting vehicles and our aircraft vehicles artillery and of course tanks in the area we find a variety of helicopters both transportation and gunship variants as well as jet aircraft the sea gives us boats gunboats as well as raiding craft and addition to submersibles for covert operations when it comes to playable content while my three ships with a set of showcases firing drills and multiplayer scenarios these are intended to familiarize players with the content available in a game with each showing off a different facet of the experience of challenging a particular skill set you'll find showcases spanning the full spectrum of content from infantry to scuba helicopters to tanks working the combined arms scenario or orchestrating fire support controlling drones flying attack helicopters commanding troops sneaking around at night each showing off different aspects of the experiences that ARMA is able to provide for those that want to sharpen up their basic infantry skills the firing drill challenges are perfect for that designed to train combat shooting techniques these drills emphasize usage of multiple weapon types close quarters and reactive shooting shoot no shoot decision-making admit to long-range target engagement when it comes to multiplayer ARMA 3 delivers a set of missions for both the artists and Stratis trains some of these involve you attempting to escape from hostile territory making the best view situations the mission unfolds in a dynamic fashion while others have you responsible for the defense of a town against heavy enemy assault still nor place you in control of tanks or other assets in addition to that there's a bustling user-created scenario scene both are single and multiplayer with missions spanning the spectrum from role-playing to all-out large scale persistent warfare scenarios whether you're playing official or community generated content you're sure to find an interesting display at the variety possible through the sandbox nature of ARMA now as far as the future goes there's something else coming from Bohemia it's a significant free new multiplayer feature which will be unveiled in the coming months it's pretty cool but we'll talk more on that one the times right look more the future of ARMA next up is the official campaign delivered in three free parts and the coming months beyond that our three is a long-term platform a collaborative experience between the developers in the user community one which will continue to be supported refined and developed for a long time to come both by Bohemia Interactive and the community this collaborative effort is made smoother through the introduction of features like the Steam Workshop which is currently used to effortlessly delivered user generated mission content to players while it's limited to scenarios of the current time the intent going forward is to enable it for mods as well in an age where most fps studios are refusing the support modding for being too complex for the user base to handle armor standout for not only allowing it but encouraging it working with community to both support and further it with powerful modding and scenario creation capabilities hours a platform ready to be expanded in as many ways as the community desires whether that comes in the form of modeling past present or future warfare alternate history or fantasy the potentials there it only takes a vision and work to craft new stories and possibilities the community has already been creating a storm of content and the years to come will stand testament to the creativity of the community as well as a dedication and support booking itself now with that being said I want to take this opportunity to speak a bit from the heart after more than a decade of experience in the armour community's contributions in modding I have to say a personal thank you to everyone who's been part of the evolution of ARMA the modding scene that's developed for these titles over the years is second to none and simply inspiring ARMA 3 is acting as yet another example of what a dedicated and passionate community can do with the sandbox environment has been provided to them I find it fascinating to look at what we have today in the game both an official user-generated content and then consider what will see developed in the coming months and years if past titles are any indication we've only begun to scratch the surface of what the ARMA 3 engine will allow I don't know of any comparable experience in PC gaming I'm glad to be here and to know there's such a passionate community supporting and helping to evolve the experience now back to the present if you're new to the ARMA series and you're wanting some pointers on how the game works what it's like to operate in the armed environment similar I highly recommend you check out the other videos in this community guide series we talked about webbings armor different from other games you might be familiar with how to act effectively as infantry I introduced some key concepts relating to multiplayer teamwork and how to fly helicopters and how combined arms warfare works there's more to come but that's certainly a good start towards unraveling the depth of the armor experience for those who want even more knowledge have a look at the official ARMA 3 tactical guide clocking it at almost 350 pages of guidance on all topics ARMA finally a word on behalf of the team at Bohemia Interactive Studios thank you all of you whether you're a mission maker add-on creator a video or screenshot maestro blog reporter grunt fighting across office we're proud to call you our fans and we'll continue to work hard to do justice to the creative and passionate community that's formed around us over the years remember this is just the beginning onward and upward and we hope you enjoy the ride for more community guide videos be sure to subscribe to the official ARMA 3 YouTube channel for other ARMA 3 updates keep track of the official website Facebook and Twitter pages if you like more in-depth tutorial and multiplayer gameplay of ARMA 3 previous ARMA games I'd also recommend you check out my channel here this is dyslexia now see on Altis

26 thoughts on “Arma 3 – Community Guide: SITREP II

  1. a couple wishlist things….I wish that enemy AI could say… storm a building and do a room by room search for you…..I still feel buildings are safe havens.
    and I think a autopopulate town/city ability would be nice so towns and citys dont seem so sterile and empty. I understand about the frame rate thing as more characters are on the screen, but I wish something could be it seems more immersible even if they have to create lower polygon or whatever for the civilians.

  2. Damn I wish arma 3 had a mission wizard like arma 2.

    SP is so lame and dead compared to arma 2 , in arma 2 there were totally random events on the map (inavasions,defences missions) and civilian life, none of that is in arma 3 sadly.

  3. BIS is one of last game companies sticking to their original concepts cooperating on development with fans and modding community, i play this since good old ,,Operation flashpoint,,.. that was my favourite game since then, then Arma came up..
    Dont allow ARMA become crazy FPS like battlefield nowadays is!!!! A3 is damn big step forward in development 🙂 keep up the fire! Love you guys!

  4. BI is fail when it comes to multiplayer missions. They need to just take notes from Bobby Digital's KoH mission and call it a fucking day.

  5. Arma 3: Bohemia interactives next gen game.
    Real Virtuality: The 12 year old engine that Arma 3 uses.
    Conclusion: Bullshit.

  6. Oh i see, another Internet Gangster…
    Look, im from Germany, in Germany we speak German, English is just my 2nd Language, so its okay if i do some mistakes !
    29+ People understand me…
    So would u mind to shut ur `mouth ?
    And about the server i work as a IT-spec at the 'Fregatte Hamburg' i own a ArmA Server by myself so hell yeah i know what it is like to run a Server !
    Instead of flaming ramdom ppl on the Internet u should get a Job and move out of ur parents house !

  7. So I would rather say you are too dumb to write in fluent english! Do you even know how hard it is to run a big server? Please dont accuse people of beeing while writing like this!

  8. $1000 isn't bad for a pc, that's about the average amount for a decent laptop now anyways, but these can be way better, desktops atleast

  9. my friend bought for $800… and he gets 40+ fps on stratis, altis is like 30fps… unless your pc is absolute shit idk why you cant play it

  10. oh shutup.. we've all head that before…… any person can get a PC like his or mine that can handle arma 3 at 60+ fps.. they cost as much as a laptop if you build it yourself

  11. I believe you guys are referring to an earlier patch… If you have a steam client of the game then you go to properties and Set Launch Options and type "-noSplash -cpuCount=4 -high" no more head aches for my $800 computer

  12. I believe you guys are referring to an earlier patch… If you have a steam client of the game then you go to properties and Set Launch Options and type "-noSplash -cpuCount=4 -high" no more head aches for my $800 computer

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