Are Psychopathic Narcissists Dangerous? 5 Stories of Fatal Relationships

it is narcissistic abuse dangerous sadly a lot of people don't understand the depths of narcissistic abuse they think a narcissist is somebody that likes to look at themselves in the mirror or somebody that is into themselves they don't realize the emotional manipulation that comes with somebody that's high on a narcissism scale so in today's video I want to really discuss the dangers of narcissistic abuse and what it can do to a person so again we're going to talk about five people whose lives were detrimental effected by narcissistic abuse some of the people that we're going to talk about you're probably familiar with some of them you may not be but in all of them we can learn something that can hopefully help people today that are dealing with this kind of personality disorder so with that in mind let's get started the first example that we're going to use is that of shannon watts now a lot of you are familiar with this case because it was all over the news it was such a sad case of a young mother who was pregnant had two beautiful little girls who was killed murdered by her husband now I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about this case because a lot of you guys are familiar with it it was all over the news not too long ago but what I want to talk about is what we can learn from this case she had just been diagnosed with lupus only two months prior to him sending her a friend request on facebook so he sent her a friend request and in the beginning she rejected it she was at a really low place she had quit her job she had lost the majority of her friends because she felt like people saw her physically looking fine and didn't understand that because of this illness that she had she may have she may look fine but she didn't feel fine and that lack of understanding caused her to lose a lot of her friends so she was at the lowest place in her life when he came into her life on top of that she rejected him times she didn't want to be with him but he kept at it he was persistent he continued even when she told him no even when she canceled dates even when she didn't want to be with him he didn't let up the reason I'm bringing this up is because we can learn that there is a danger there's a real danger in starting relationships when we are at our lowest point in life when we're at our lowest point often we don't have a support system we don't have people around us that can help us to remember who we are right we feel awful which makes us susceptible to somebody that is an emotional predator that comes in and makes us feel what we need to feel and we think that this person is doing that because they care about us when in fact what they're really doing is hooking us to enter into a relationship and once we're there oftentimes what they showed in the beginning and that idealization phase disappears quickly and we spend years chasing after that original illusion that we thought was real so remember if you're watching these videos you've been through narcissistic abuse you've been through emotional manipulation if you're recently out of that be careful about jumping into a relationship when you're still healing because without realizing it when we're in that vulnerable place we run the risk of repeating our mistakes repeating the unhealed and unresolved relationships in our life we repeat it again and again until we are healed so make sure you take the time to heal the second person I want to talk about is reeva Steenkamp she was the first face of Avon in South Africa she was a model her boyfriend shot her through the bathroom door claiming it was fear of an intruder and this case was all over the news as well there's been a Facebook group set up by a friend of hers entitled international supporters of reeva Steenkamp exposing narcissistic abuse now in this case what was happening right prior to her being murdered was she was rising to fame now her boyfriend was famous as well and he was used to having the spotlight on him but she was getting her own reality show her modeling career was taking off and the spotlight was going onto her and he was trying everything he could to control her and there were texts that she sent to him saying you scare me I'm afraid of you I'm afraid of how you're going to react to me how you snap at me how you respond to me so there's a few things that we can learn first of all narcissistic abuse knows no demographic it's not just a certain class of people rich people poor people middle-class people famous people can all be victims of narcissistic abuse and something else that stands out is the fact that she felt fear she felt fear of how he would respond to her feeling fear of somebody that you're in a relationship with is not normal if you're in a relationship with somebody and you're afraid all the time of how they're going to react to you of how they're going to respond up their anger of what they're going to do and you're living walking on eggshells that is not healthy an abuser tries to make you think that it's your fault that they're angry and so you spend years and decades trying to somehow stop them from reacting to you that way when the truth is it has nothing to do with you it's not your fault you could do everything right that's just who they are so if you feel fear in your life even if you've never been hit even if you've never been beat feeling fear is not healthy and that's something we have to understand because somebody that's an abuser will try to make us think that that fear isn't warranted or they'll tell us well I don't do this to you and I don't hit you and I don't do that to you then you know there's no reason for your fear and they want to Gaslight you to thinking that your fear is there's something wrong with you for even having that emotion but we need to learn to trust ourselves and if fear is coming up alarm and we need to listen to it before it's too late let's learn from these experiences because the truth is being with someone that has these disorders can not only take years from your life but can take your life as well the third example that I'd like to bring up is Heidi de Lyon she was a member of one Moms battle and when she she was in a relationship with a man that was extremely controlling when the abuse continued to escalate she finally mustered up the courage to want to get divorced when she explained this to him his controlling behavior got worse he did things like follow her to work he took her cell phone away he even put a gun to her in front of their two-year-old and their four-year-old saying if you don't do what I ask or you don't do what I want you to do then I'm going to kill you she took his threats seriously she did file for divorce she was able to move on she was happily remarried but the abuse continued through the children which is often the case with these personality disorders when they cannot control you directly they will hurt manipulate and control you by hurting manipulating and controlling the children he was threatening her through the children he was trying to get the children to do awful things to their mother like any good parent she was going through the court system trying to get sole custody because of the emotional abuse and manipulation that he was doing with the children and sadly courts are not seeing the danger of emotional manipulation they're not seeing the danger of coercive abuse until it's too late he was threatening her life through the children twice she tried to get orders of protection and was denied there was not enough evidence for her to get that order of protection in the end she was trying to get child's support modified he threatened her life again for doing that this time the police did give her an order of protection but it did nothing because he showed up in her house killed her husband killed her used the child as a hostage until finally taking his own life what can we learn from this case we can learn the sad reality that the court system at this moment is not recognizing the danger of these personality disordered people the court is so 50/50 it's wanting to give everyone 50/50 to the point that it's not opening its eyes as to why some parents are asking for sole custody because of behaviors that are taking place so if you're going to court it's a hard pill to swallow to realize that you can have so much evidence and the courts are not looking for emotional abuse as something as dangerous unless the child has broken bones unless they are severely abused they are not seeing what they need to see in order to protect children until it's too late it's a sad reality that we have to realize and the point of realizing this isn't to just give in and say oh well there's nothing I can do it's to find ways to be able to protect yourself anyone that that fears for your life because of an ex that you feel as narcissistic sociopathic or psychopathic make sure you do whatever you need to do make sure you have whatever systems in place in your home whatever you need to do to make sure that you are protected the next person I want to talk about is Jessica haben now this is an interesting case where she was not murdered directly because of her narcissistic sociopathic partner she took her own life but it's the first case where her partner was arrested for murder because she took her own life normally no one outside the person that committed suicide is attributed as guilty but in this case the cops realized that this was course of abuse that pushed her to the edge now the reason I'm bringing this up it's because if you're dealing with a narcissist that's maybe not sociopathic or psychopathic maybe just a narcissist who is extremely emotionally abusive we may think we may fool ourselves oh it's just emotional abuse therefore I you know it's not physical it's not as bad as some people the danger with emotional abuse becomes not what they will do to you but what you will do to you because of the mental and emotional anguish of being with this person I can relate to this so much I remember one relationship I was in where I was washing the dishes and the narcissist in my life at that time was just yelling insulting fighting non-stop and it had been for days weeks because the narcissist will flip cycles it will be amazing for like three weeks four weeks and then it will be a nightmare for three or four weeks and then it'll just continue that cycle well it was in the down cycle where everything was a nightmare every living moment was just anguish and and just being berated emotionally I remember doing the dishes and as I'm talking and looking at him I'm washing this knife and just the the insults were I remember I was crying and I remember holding the knife thinking I should just die I should just take my life this is awful why am I even here I'm an awful person because that's what you're hearing 24/7 and that thought briefly for a second went through my mind and I was looking at him when it did and I saw approval in his face he was like I could see that and that thought that this person would want me to hurt myself it just ran just thinking about it like it just goes through my whole body but that's how it is a narcissist may not be the one to hurt you physically but they will push you and push you until you hurt you physically and then they will appear the victim of somebody that was that had problems they will point the finger and say look she's messed up or he's messed up he's crazy and they will play the victim and love the narcissistic supply that they get from that so this is a real danger don't think because the narcissist in your life is not touching you physically that you cannot get hurt physically because the longer you're in a relationship with a person like this your mental health suffers narcissus appear to get healthier and healthier when they're with somebody long-term because they're putting their pathology in you and the people around them get sicker and sicker so that's something we have to understand and take into consideration the last person I want to talk about today is Alex skill no thankfully he's still alive but in this example we can learn that not all emotional predators are men I get a lot of people in my comment section saying Michelle you only talk about female victims well I recognize that not all victims are females men can be victims of emotional manipulation covert abuse and physical abuse and the case of Alex skill is a very good example of that this was his first girlfriend that's the danger in this case it was his first girlfriend he was young 16 years old when he met her and the course of abuse started from the beginning and with course of abuse it's like one step at a time it continues to deepen so slowly that at times you don't realize it and oftentimes it becomes normal because once you get used to a certain way it just increases a little bit more and that's what happened to him in his case even though he didn't die he was ten days from death when neighbors called the cops because of the sounds that they heard taking place in in their home they he was found with severed tendons fluid on his brain and burns that had not been filled because she had poured boiling water on him what this helps us to realize is that not all predators are men and they come in all shapes and sizes in this case she was beautiful petite young woman no one would think that she was this abusive monster behind closed doors but that's what was taking place for men it's not easy to open up and say I am being abused whether it's emotional physical it's difficult for guys especially when they're you know they look physically stronger than this tiny petite person but regardless of how it looks there is no shame in recognizing abuse speaking up about it and putting a stop to it and in the case of male victims of narcissistic abuse or narcissistic sociopathic abuse you really need to take steps to protect yourself because a female will often flip it and try to make herself look like the victim which is a little bit easier to do when they're petite and small and they're abusing a large strong appearing male I've spoken to many male victims of narcissistic abuse who told me thank God I had cameras outside of my house because she was attacking me but then called the cops and was a claiming that I was abusing her without proof and evidence it's very difficult to be able to portray the truth and they need to protect themselves if they're in a relationship if they're married to someone that this is the mother of your child and she's being abusive emotionally and or physically do whatever you need to do to have evidence so that you can protect yourself and your children in the future again the reason I bring up these five examples is because we can learn something from each one they're sad and awful cases of people that got involved with predators that are dangerous being in a relationship with somebody like that a narcissist that's just a narcissist or a narcissist combined with sociopathy and/or psychopathy can be fatal even if the court system even if others minimize the danger we need to recognize the very real danger so that we don't wind up suffering the consequences when it's too late to do anything about them you

27 thoughts on “Are Psychopathic Narcissists Dangerous? 5 Stories of Fatal Relationships

  1. Michelle… u r right on!

    My ex husband broke my neck over my dead husband's ashes… 2 years later he ripped the rods out of my neck… I was bedridden and in a wheelchair. It goes on and on… in sept 2017 he threatened to smash my brains in w a f* claw hammer bc I asked where the light bulbs were.

    It never stops! The only way out is to leave… get away.. work on loving urself enough to never tolerate being treated less than.

    I was single for a yr and a half after I left him. I was so afraid to trust anybody after that.

    But.. w working on myself… loving myself… getting myself to be able to walk again.

    I appreciate ur efforts to bring awareness to ppl who r stuck w a narcissist!

    At 1 point I took over 250 pills to get away from him… he poured a bottle of tylenol 3 on the table encouragement me to kill myself. I was in a coma for 3 days.

    I speak out about what happened to me bc I hope it helps someone else!

    Thank u for speaking out and sharing ur wisfom!

  2. My ex used to tell me nobody loves you and you should die. He asked me if i needed help to kill myself. I was 25 years old when i met him and had never felt so broken and empty before in my life. I started to think that nobody loves me maybe i just should die. After 5 years with him i was reading news about a girl killing her man. I wanted to kill him cause i loved him so much and He was so evil it made me crazy. That day i said to myself leave or He is going to make u kill urself. And when i left i felt that i could breathe again. They are evil and heartless. So sad that these people exist:(

  3. Thank you for liking my comment and it's very hard for someone who has never gone through this to understand this concept and form of abuse in a way I would like to think that all the people here are helping just like you are

  4. I was physically, mentally , emotionally and financially abused by this ex narc . He use to threaten to kill me all the time and I was so young and dumb I didn’t take him serious now I’m learning a man that will beat you and play mind games with you don’t love and has a personality disorder . I have gotten a few order of protection against him and he still came back and try to Mess up my life this last time I he did it again and I realized I have to leave this man alone for the rest of my life . I pray he never bothers me or sees me again but a lot of people tell me he not done with me and he will return .. I pray he doesn’t cuz I will have to send him back to jail if he harms me or sees me again . I’m down with the abuse and I’m standing up for myself for the rest of my life I have children that love me and I love them I refuse to let another man hurt me or tear me down .. I need my mental and physical to be on point at all times .. this is a real video and you speaking the truth these narcs are evil demons and there out to destroy ..

  5. I really know how it feels to be in a narcissistic relationship,
    My daughter died from medical reason.. that's how I fell victim to him.. he made me believe he was gonna b the shoulder I could cry ole .. man was i so ever wrong he blamed me for her death I wasn't allowed to have much time with my son. I was beat if my phone made a sound he kept me like a prison with no one to b here… he had my mind so messed up they was time I was questioning my own insanity he made me feel as if I was going insane one minute he loved me next minute he hated me so with everything else going on I was so confused when I got away from that relationship I left with broken bones ribs hands even pinky toes it's only been one year since I left that man but believe me I am still afraid of that man in Narcissistic is the worst thing that you could ever get into a relationship with and I want to thank you so much for you posting your videos cuz I have been watching you because I have not really got no one so I've been watching you on your videos and for a better understanding of what I went through I'm no longer in the relationship but I am using your videos to understand what I went through and trying to overcome thank you again…

  6. I am not going to buy the court system issues as they are presented in this video — flawed to let abusive men off the hook. There are mitigating factors that feminists would have society ignore to further their toxic narcissistic-spectrum purposes, and they are able to do so since feminism dominates the media.

  7. You need to trust your gut.
    At the time, I did not know that NPD existed so dismissed my feelings.
    Fear is the powerful tool of the Narcissist. Be brave.
    You are correct about the courts.
    I was abused by a female Covert Narcissist……..she was a sadist.

  8. I had a horrible experience recently in my last relationship. It’s taken a lot of time for me to come out about it but I would like to share the story if possible for this channel to help others see what’s out there and protect them.

  9. Dated who didn’t know was a narcissist. Broke up.
    He STALKED me @ 4 addresses over 18 years time.
    Banging on my bedroom walls at night
    throwing things into my driveway
    had my car smashed to bits 3:45 AM
    I BARELY knew him!!!!

  10. Female narcs use the courts to steal from, attack and damage men. Its extremely common and most of them present themselves as victims. The courts and the establishment sides with them.

  11. Very dangerous! I was near suicidal until my daughter sent me some information and I woke up! I filed to get out of the marriage after 2.5 months but she still cost me another $40,000 out of greed and spite!

  12. OMG! The X tried to kill me, just to collect a $250, 000. It took me years & no pills that helped with a nervous condition (dystonia) brought on by the X narc. I was so brainwashed & non existant (isolation) I don't think I would have been missed.
    This video resonates on every level..I am very lucky to still be here..lesson learned, thanks to beautiful ppl like Michele..I am finally my 50's now & am finally happy & free to live my life. Thank you 🥰💞

  13. You are right Michele, a lot of people simply don't understand how bad it is to be in a relationship with a narcissist, be it a significant other, family member, or co-worker.

    And unless they have been exposed to a narcissist in their life they simply won't understand what us narcissist abuse survivors went through.

    Thanks for another great video Michele, I appreciate all you do to help all of us narcissist abuse survivors.

  14. Thank you for pointing out that it's not just women that are victims my ex-wife was mentally physically every type of abusive to me for 5 years and it was amazing how she played the victim through a lot of research I found that most malignant narcissists are forever in survival mode and they believe that they are the victims

  15. OMG…In the last argument I had with my Narc, he was berating me for an hour or more, WHILE I WAS WASHING DISHES, and he approached me, grabbed me and picked a knife out of the dishes held it up over my head and yelled "stab me, stab me"….I am about to move out to a place my father had to buy for me to get away from him…..I have'nt told the narc I'm leaving yet…

  16. Hi Michelle my husband has NPD but he takes care of our kids. Do you think that if I leave him he will abuse our kids too? His father is narc when their mother had an affair he punished the kids

  17. Itried killing myself five times and everytime what stops me the sadistic smile on his face telling me this is apsychopath

  18. The narcissist's number one target is your mind , once they get a hold of that everything is easier for them to rearrange within and outside of you

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