AQA Sociology exam is tomorrow!!!! Your questions answered!

hi everybody welcome to the night before the exam it is the 21st of May tomorrow morning there will be paper one education with methods in context and theory of methods that some of you will be sitting and this video I just want to answer some common questions just to put your mind at rest in preparation for tomorrow morning's exam so paper one is the education and methods and concepts questions so you will have a four marker a six marker a 10 marker with an item a 30 marker and a method in context question which is 20 marker and they are from education and then you will have question number 6 will be a theory and methods question to finish off as a 10 marker this is a common question so please make sure that we are not a human that's because something was on last year's paper that's that topic won't be on again you can repeat question well not repeat questions but definitely repeat cop topics we have seen that so we feel lots at 2017 gender was the sixth marker and then 2018 gender was the eighth mark at six marker again so there is no reason why topics cannot repeat it so be prepared for every eventuality and paper one can i bullet point my answer for the for market and six mark question what I would say is start each points on a new line if you want to miss a line between each points that is absolutely perfect but we are expecting you to be writing in full sentences and just read in that question carefully so you are linking it to what the question is exactly asking for on the 10 mark question with the item can you use the item anywhere in your answer my recommendation is yes of course you can as long it is somewhere in your answer it will be credited so some students write the explanation first and then say this has come from this point in the item but at the end of the paragraph or they might do that at the beginning and then attach their knowledge to it as long as it's in your answers of you will get credited remember if you have got no item at all in your answer for the 10 mark question three you will not get higher than 3 out of 10 do I need to explicitly quote the item well from 28 teens paper you could use a synonym so that means that you could have used the item but put it in your own words now what I would recommend is that you use the word item when you are doing this because at least then you are signposts in it to the examiner so they don't have to hunt for it remember you don't want to make the examiner work to give you marks so try to make it very clear where you have used the item and then attach your knowledge to it should I include a plant for the essay questions I would expect students to be write in a plan one it will allow you to organize your thoughts 2 it will allow you to check that you have understood the question so that little pause of five minutes or so between reading the question and before you start answering it in full it will allow you to check that you have interpreted the question in the right way so you've not then started to write your answer you've got into that first paragraph and then realized that you've misunderstood the question so using a plan is very advantageous to you okay psychologically so definitely get a plan there and also it'll allow your answer to logically flow especially if you're thinking of wanting to get into the top band it should be very neatly knitted to what the question is asking and it should be logical for example the evaluation points should match the point that you have just given as well make sure you've got a brief intro and conclusion definitely a conclusion if you want to get into that top bun can I use abbreviations in my answers okay so for words like self-fulfilling prophecy I would suggest that you could write it in full and I have seen it abbreviated in the past to SSP make sure that you are right and getting full first before you abbreviate it likewise I have seen from model answers that I've come from the exam board where they have used participant observation and then they have abbreviated it to Pio what I would advise is that you write it out in full first with the abbreviation in brackets so then it is very clear to the examiner what you are referring to if I cannot think of an evaluation point what should I do well I would always firstly if you're unsure of an evaluation points try and use another theory to critique it so for example what would feminists say what would postmodernists say what would Marxists say about the point that you have made okay and that would be an easy way to get some evaluation points into your answer if you're ever not sure about what you could be popping him how much time should I spend on each question so let's just break it down then okay so we start off with a four marking a six mark that's worth ten marks in total you should be spending fifteen minutes on those if you are spending more than that you are writing too much and you're going to cost yourself some marks further on in the paper then you have got a ten marker you should spend 15 minutes on that – chalky paragraphs then you have got the 30 marker which is 45 minutes spend a bit of time just planning your answer at the beginning then you have got the method in context which is a twenty marker so you should be spending thirty minutes on that and then the final question is a ten marker where you'll spend 15 minutes on that also now what you can do is that the beginning is and you can do this tonight your exam starts at 9:30 you can work out at what time you should be moving on to the next question so by quarter to ten you should be moving on to the ten marker at 11 o'clock you should be moving on to the thirty marker and so on work it out so you know exactly and you're spending the right amount of time on each question I know there's a theory and Bettis question but what might that include so that is question six that's the final question on the paper and it could be asked about a method it has been in the past and 2017 was practical problems of using documents it could be asked on a theory so last year was asking you about problems of functionalism or it could ask you about a debate so that could be sociology is a science value freedom debate or the impacts of sociology on social policy so it could include any of those three areas so make sure that you have a little bit of a cheeky look at some of those some nice summaries are on the sociology guys website so have a check out on that if you want to some summaries on some of those debates have a look at those is there any evaluation marks or are there any evaluation marks for the term mark outline and explain there is no explicit evaluation marks and the term mark outline and explained that is the last question question six it the ao3 that you get for that question for an outline and explain is analysis so make sure that you are going into detail linking it to all the factors or all the reasons we'll get you analysis marks that way you can critically analyze it as well to get those marks do you have any tips for the method in context what I would suggest for the methods in context is that you have got to get a balancing act right because you've got to show good shrimp some weaknesses of the method but you've got to apply it to the method the context in the question and what I would suggest that you do is think of the characteristics of the people who are affected by that context so for example last year was asking you about truancy or self exclusion and think about the people who are more likely to self exclude what are they like are they getting up to no good are they misbehaving so then what problems arise because of doing that so I would suggest that you try to think of the characteristics of the people what barriers do they pose and then why does that make study in that context a little bit of a problem the 24 hours before the exam well some people like to put a big burst of study some prefer to relax you need to find out what works for you and follow that but make sure that you are getting a good rest the night before imagine that you are an athlete athletes rest and recover your brain is a like a muscle that also needs rest and recovery as well you might find that after the exam as well that you are going to be feeling quite tired quite fatigued you might get a bit of a tension headache please make sure that you relax refocus and then get back on it but in the morning follow your usual routine don't get flustered if it suits you to be away from other people that's absolutely fine all the people like to talk to each other before the exam also so do I have any final advice I would suggest that when you get in there get yourself into your zone and open that exam paper when you're allowed to and don't panic if you look at that first question and you go and kind of it this is tricky this is worded in a way that I wasn't expecting don't panic about it you might want to get you know your initial ideas down but if you find it better for you move on to the next question answer the ones that you can answer fully and go back to it what you might find is on those questions that are a bit trickier there answering another question might just stimulate your thinking and when you look back of it with fresh eyes later on in the exam you might find that you can answer it a little bit easier then okay you don't have to answer the questions in the order that they're given it is entirely up to you remember this is your exam so take ownership of it you're in charge and it is your time to shine show us how wonderful that you are you spent two years per permit for this and show off your knowledge show that you can interpret the question correctly and you know really try to impress everybody about what you know okay so in answer to that massive thank you for listening if you do have any questions I will try and answer some tonight but I do an evening class on a Tuesday night so I might not get anything back out to people said this evening boss as always massive thank you for watching there will be more videos in the run-up to paper 2 and paper 3 so of course keep keep messaging me as well and keep commenting and click like if you like what you have heard and by all means use the comment section below if you've got any tips of any questions post them on them as well if you want to start answering each other's questions that will be good as well but massive thank you and I shall see you again soon bye

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  1. I have a question about today’s exam and I’m wondering if you can help me? I realised afterwards that I only quoted the Item twice in my entire 30 marker and that was in the introduction. I’m really worried this will affect the mark I get for application. Do marks for application come from just the Item or is it your own knowledge that you apply also? How much difference do you think it’ll make to my mark since I have applied the item but only twice at the very start. Thanks! 🙂

  2. when structuring an essay (e.g. a 30 marker and it was on functionalism ed achievement) oobviously I would state their view on it an the evaluate with stuff like Marxism views, but could I do 4 paragraphs  on functionalist (still evaluating) but then 1 paragraph on Marxists view and the eval?. (just an example)

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