AOC’s Proposed “Just Society” Bills Include Welfare For Illegal Aliens & National Rent Control

AOC – the mastermind behind the costly,
ridiculous Green New Deal – seems to be trying to outdo herself with her newest proposed
“suite of legislation” dubbed “The Just Society.” The “Just Society” proposals include bills
that would grant welfare to illegal immigrants, along with imposing federal government mandated
national rent control (sounds a lot like socialism to me!) Fox News has more on AOC’s latest suite of
“progressive” bills: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is
promoting a new package of left-wing economic policies, including national rent control
and expanding welfare to illegal immigrants across the country, as part of a massive new
proposal aiming to achieve a “just society.” The freshman lawmaker, who champions the multi-trillion-dollar
Green New Deal proposal to combat economic inequality and climate change, has now proposed
a package of bills aimed at solving perceived economic injustice. “A just society provides a living wage,
safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants
to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing,”
the website for the package says. “By strengthening our social and economic foundations, we are
preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by rebuilding our economy
and cultivate a just society.” That “Just Society” proposals are made
up of six different pieces of legislation that deal with issues including housing, welfare,
poverty and human rights. “The Place to Prosper Act” would prevent
year-over-year rent increases of more than three percent. Meanwhile, “The Embrace Act”
would allow illegal immigrants to claim the same welfare benefits as U.S. citizens and
those immigrants here legally, “Notwithstanding any other provision of
law … an individual who is an alien (without regard to the immigration status of that alien)
may not be denied any Federal public benefit solely on the basis of the individual’s
immigration status,” the bill reads. A federal public benefit is defined as: “any
grant, contract, loan, professional license, or commercial license provided by an agency
of the United States or by appropriated funds of the United States; and…any retirement,
welfare, health, disability, public or assisted housing, postsecondary education, food assistance,
unemployment benefit, or any other similar benefit for which payments or assistance are
provided to an individual, household, or family eligibility unit by an agency of the United
States or by appropriated funds of the United States.” The Washington Examiner also commented on
the obvious problems in AOC’s “Just Society”: Remember the Green New Deal? Well, as it turns
out, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was just getting started. The New York Democrat recently released a
new platform, the Just Society legislative package. The proposal includes five bills
and one resolution. Its goal is to “build a just society to protect our communities
and uplift our neighbors” and do so by “combat[ing] the greatest threats to our country, our democracy,
and our planet: economic inequality and climate change.” Taken in its entirety, Ocasio-Cortez’s Just
Society platform is a mix of pie-in-the-sky, utopian rhetoric and bad socialist policy.
Policymakers should reject such an idealistic and collectivist approach to governance out
of hand. The very basis of her anti-poverty plan is
absurd. The first bill in Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal, the Recognizing Real Poverty Act,
would instruct the federal government to reevaluate the official poverty line to include geographical
variations and “needs,” such as internet access. The socialist congresswoman has said
she thinks the poverty line should be as high as $38,000 in annual salary. This would triple
poverty overnight, classifying many working-class, self-sufficient Americans as if they were
in dire need of government intervention. Besides, the poverty line doesn’t even indicate
whether or not someone is actually living in poverty because it doesn’t count government
benefits. So Ocasio-Cortez is saying that someone earning nearly $40,000 before any
government benefits should be classified as “poor,” and, likely in her mind, thus
entitled to even more handouts. Ocasio-Cortez’s second bill is where the
actual socialist policy comes in. It would enact a national rent control program, a federal
mandate binding landlords throughout the country to a limit of 3% annual rent increases. This isn’t just a massive government overreach:
It’s economic illiteracy, too. For AOC, a “Just Society” means socialistic
policies like forced control of rent and free welfare funded by taxpayers for illegal aliens
living in America with no respect for law.

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