Anuncio IKEA Navidad 2018 – IKEA

Good evening everyone.
Good evening to our families. The rules of the game are simple. If you answer correctly, you stay. If you give a wrong answer,
you leave. Is that clear?
-Yes. The Andrés Lorenzo family. This question is for Julia. What animal filters
can you find on Instagram stories? A dog, a rabbit and a cat. Well done, Julia. Let’s go to the Fernandez-Gomez
family. Alberto, what is the swish-swish? Errrr, a dance. Would you dance it?
-Yes. Great, let’s hear
some applause for him. Carral family.
What’s the latest Instagram feature? Video chats. Yes, you know what it does to me… …So they invite me. Correct. On Twitter?
-Correct, carry on eating. Oh my good, in English.
-Correct. How did Los Javis meet? At a party. And your parents? How did they meet? Oh,I don’t know. I’m sorry, Maria, you have to get up
and leave the table. What exactly is your dad’s job? Mmm, I don’t know. What degrees
does your grandma Gloria have? I think she studied.. teach…
Mmmm, no. You don’t know?
-No, no idea. What’s your son’s favourite group? Ummm… Errr… Sorry, Eva.
You have to leave the table. What’s your wife’s dream? I haven’t got a clue. Really. Jesús, you have to leave. What had an impact
on your grandmother’s childhood? No, I don’t know.
-She didn’t tell you? No, I haven’t spoken to her
about that. The Jungle Book. Is it that, Hugo?
-No. When you were young, not now. Where did your parents go
on their honeymoon? -Errr, to Valencia? Are you guessing or…?
-No, I don’t know. I can’t believe it. Why couldn’t your dad
be a footballer? Where did your grandparents
get married? What has your mother been studying
recently? What dance did your parents dance
on their wedding day? What is your grandfather’s
great passion? When they left me alone at the table
I felt a bit sad. Oh… When I looked into his eyes
I felt emotional because I’ve never spoken to him
about those things. Maybe there’s something
we aren’t doing right. Jesús, errr, I’m really sorry
about not knowing something as important as that. Well, I’ve discovered that… I don’t know as much about my family
as I do about some celebrities. Social Media is always there,
it always will be, but your family won’t always
be there, so, take advantage. Grandma! Through some friends
we had in common. And then, we have prepared
a salmon…

100 thoughts on “Anuncio IKEA Navidad 2018 – IKEA

  1. "La familia no están para siempre y las redes sociales si" mentira niña las redes sociales al paso de los años mueren

  2. No le damos la suficiente importancia a lo que tenemos real mente a nuestro lado y nos preocupamos de lo de afuera en vede de observar lo que uno tiene …no es el anuncio es el contenido lo que hace reflexionar

  3. Es triste tenía pensado compartir este vídeo con mi familia, y ya estamos a febrero, que pedo y lo peor es que estuvo aburrido mi fin de año.,😪😒💔

  4. Cuanta tontería sentimentaloide y simplona. Estas gente debería hacer como Ikea y pagarle a facebook para saber más sobre sus familiares. Bueno, es broma… cuanta tontería para vender mesas de cartón

  5. no hace falta saberlo todo de tu familia, se ha de respetar el derecho de privacidad… y si no se saben estas cosas se hablan i se preguntan en cambio de perder el tiempo echando gente de tu comida de navidad por no saberlo todo al 100 por 100

  6. Realmente Hermoso me encanto el mensaje y en realidad es verdad cada día sabemos menos de los nuestros 💔😔 alguien por favor me podría explicar que o quien es Albertisment🤷🏻‍♀️ Gracias 😊 bye.

  7. Hola, soy francesa, seria posible que me mandasen el script de sete anuncio por favor? Es para poder estudiarlo, gracias.

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