Antifa is a terrorist group that brutalizes people who don’t conform

Trump: It’s dangerous when
radicalism turns mainstream, which is what we see happening. In fact, a conservative reporter was just viciously
attacked by an Antifa mob. Let’s take a look at this. [Crowd shouting and cursing] [Crowd laughing] [Crowd applause] [Crowd shouting and cursing] Trump: Dinesh, what’s really troubling about this whole thing is
how the media either ignored, or seemed to almost
endorse, this attack, right? D’Souza: The reporter, first of all, is a little guy. He’s five-five or five-six.
He’s gay. He’s Asian American. Here’s his offense: he has been exposing,
one after another, these hate crime hoaxes that are
being perpetrated on campuses. They’re bogus, Jussie Smollett-style
hate crime hoaxes, and he’s been on their case. This is his sin.
That’s why they hate him, and they want to beat him up. This kind of fascism on the street, fascism in the name of antifascism, we haven’t seen this
in my lifetime in this country. You’d have to go back to
Europe in the 20s and 30s to see these kinds of costumed thugs beating up people in the street and this being treated
as mainstream politics. It’s a very bad turn we’ve taken, and it’s very important that these people be held accountable. Trump: And isn’t
it a problem, Dinesh, that there is no
accountability for these people because the mayors, in
many cases, of these cities where this sort of thing takes place, really don’t do anything? They don’t press charges. They don’t ask their police
force to go after these people in the way that they probably should be. D’Souza: They’re somewhat
complicit in all this because an atmosphere of lawlessness needs some kind of sanction at the top, otherwise it can be stopped. I think that that’s right: there needs to be some sort of a civil rights investigation of all this. I think there needs to be
some federal intervention because, remember, the
constitutional right of free speech applies to all citizens. There’s a crazy debate
on social media: was Andy Ngo
really journalist or not? It doesn’t matter if
he’s a journalist or not. We all have the same free speech rights. Trump: Right, that’s a great point. We see that it has gotten so out of control in so many cases. My husband, just a little over a week ago had a woman
spit right in his face just because she didn’t
agree with his politics. He did nothing to provoke her. We see that it has gotten out of hand and that people are
feeling very emboldened, and it’s a sad place that we’ve come to. And, although not physical, assaults against conservatives
online have also grown. Isn’t this organized suppression
of conservative voices getting worse as we’re approaching 2020? D’Souza: The pretext of
all of this, of course, is the suppression of “hate,” and it’s important to realize
that “hate” has now become kind of a code word.
Trump: Yeah. D’Souza: If you criticize
illegals, you are a “hater.” Andy Ngo, a gay
Asian American, is a “hater.” I’m a “hater.” Of course, we don’t hate anyone. They just disagree with our politics, and, instead of having a legitimate debate and letting the people decide
come election time, they’re acting like they
have to rig the rules to exclude “hate.” Hate has now become, essentially, a bogus term used by political people to shut down their opposition. This is a very troubling development.

100 thoughts on “Antifa is a terrorist group that brutalizes people who don’t conform

  1. Fascist, hate, bigotry, racism–these are all terms that apply to the far left and of course they know this, and they know that the media is on their side so they use what they are to blame others of. Deflection, distraction, smoke and mirrors, and projection, this is what the democratic party has become. I am more than mortified that I was a democrat for most of my life. Never again, and to my great personal shame that I ever supported them.

  2. I'd like antifa to try that on me or some of my ex military friends believe me I'm not a bully neither are my friends , we just dont put up with people trying to force their will on others that's not how this country was founded ,

  3. The whole Democrat Party is a terrorist group – plus its media.

    If Trump were the kind of Prez that I thought he was going to be – he'd have declared this on day one and rounded up the ringleaders – pronto.

    But instead – he's a WIMP.

  4. Antifa are fascists, worst than the Nazi's Brown Shirts. The Nazi's do not wear mask but Antifa does, they assault others with clubs and hide behind a mask!

  5. "There needs to be" – this and that to contain the Left.

    Forget it! Trump's the President. He's looking to buy Greenland. That's what's important.

  6. Antifa is the new face of the KKK.  It's still a leftist mob, but this time around they wear black hoods and terrorize white people.

  7. The "Antifa" Fascist-Socialists will continue their violence as long as the Lunatic Leftist's control the media, academia and the cities.

  8. Wrong, she didn't spit in your Husbands Face because she disagrees with your politics, She Spat in His Face because She Agrees With the mainstream Media's version of What Your Politics Are! She Actually Knows very Little of Your Political View!

  9. The big battle is a spiritual one, the Lord said, we fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Satan uses his children well! But God is in total control at all Times, we are in the days of Noah like Jesus said we would be, the lost people of today are just like the lost people of Noah's time, filled with hate and self righteousness, calling good evil and evil good…Jesus is comi! That trumpet is going to sound and we Christians will be taken out, and like the Ark of Noah's day being lifted up out of the flood and chaos, we hid in Christ will be taken up and the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn with us, then the most righteous man on earth will be like a wicked thorn!!! JUDGMENT is COMING!!!!

  10. A woman spits in my face and the bitch will get the fight she was looking for! She will never do it again I can assure you of that!

  11. How is antifa different than the brown shirts. When are the democrats doing the next step and forming an elite version the SS. Create chaos make people believe that your candidate will fix it. That is how evil takes over. The devil will talk very nice. He is the ultimate con man. God bless America I hope we survive all this hate.

  12. I am starting to wonder if there was a law that said "if you wear a mask in a protest you will be arrested" might not be a bad idea

  13. Antifa have a lot to answer for in terms of their socialist, Marxist agenda, whether it be in setting men against women, conservative heterosexuals against LGBTIQ+ gays, blacks against whites,, Christians against Muslims, etc. Only when we get past the use of identity political pronouns, such as; hate speech, racist, homophobic, racist, Islamaphobic, sexist, misogynist, etc, can we really start getting down to having any form of discussion or debate and in the process resolving any issues we may have with other people with different lifestyle or cultural and thus come to a mutual understanding in the process.

  14. First time I’ve ever heard Mr. D’Souza be wrong.
    Antifa have been active in Europe for the past 30 years.

  15. They are just a bunch of Soy Boys and man hating lesbians. Hired by Soros to disrupt our elections. It would not take long to clean their clock if we ever decide too.

  16. Love to see these demoncrat domestic terrorist show their COWARD FACE to the Bikers or Vets! They would chicken out and run like the COWARDS they are! They cannot face a true confrontation! Only a matter of time until nonliberals TOLERANCE stands down to take these Nazi Socialist Communist demoncrats on!

  17. It's ironic that people so full of hate, and so capable of violence, claim that the people they attack are hateful and violent.
    America needs to fire its teachers and lock up people who write curriculum and textbooks. When people feel comfortable spitting on others or physically attacking people over politics, the education system has fundamentally failed, on many levels.

  18. If they all really turn up in Texas next month, there's gonna be a rude awakening. Probably involving acute hot lead poisoning for someone in a mask.

  19. What a bunch of board college dipshit. If you hate a person for exposing liars you are trash and are on the wrong side of history

  20. The Democrat and MSM heinously toxic mind-set is so perfectly reflected by the ANTIFA terrorist scumbag gang of thugs they so gleefully spawned and are now so enthusiastically supported and promoted by them.

  21. Watched a PBS special on facism in europe yesterday. Antifia looks and acts just like hitlers and mussolini initial supporters.

  22. So far they havent engaged in mass shootings. White nationalists have. So whose the real terrorists? The annoying and occasional violent protestors dressed in black or the white men who go into public places and murder as many innocent people as they can? Reality sucks if it doesnt fit into your ideological blinders

  23. Yes and a serious human rights violation. Especially to veterans. Just like the black woman who was fired from TSA for handing a white man a piece of paper that said, you ugly. She was fired. There are many things that need done to fix these problems. Just shameful. Black woman have never impressed me. Incredibly rude and inappropriate.

  24. White liberals are the biggest threat to our country…they feel they have the right to be “offended “ on “behalf “ of minorities …they claim to be victims…while victimizing other’s.

  25. Antifag = masked Communist cowards. These soy boys can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag unless there’s a pack of them. They only attack citizens when they out number them, and even then, I’ve seen one or two guys fight back a dozen or more Antifag wimps. Antifag is populated with white suburban punks who still sponge off of their mommy and daddies.

  26. I remember what I was told when I was a child…"When you point at someone and call them a name like ""Hater or Racist"" you have three fingers pointing right back at you". How long are we going to allow this kind of stuff happening to people out there? ANTIFA is the NEW KKK!

  27. I live in Portland Oregon an freedom of speech in public is gone in oregon. I get yelled at an called a white supremacist for saying as a mixed ethnicity libertarian jew im voting for trump because of the antisemitic left. I have to carry a gun every day because there are so many antifa antisemits in our city.

  28. Say hello to the NAZISM of America. Ask around what's left of the greatest generation. Pay particular attention to those that lived in Germany. You will see what's going to happen if we don't stop it now.

  29. Please checkout on YouTube James Hoft channel a video titled Paul Sperry: Obama has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers in Alinsky Camps. February 2017
    Proof that Obama is Behind the scene orchestrating these attacks. Why are people not keeping this news in the forefront. We need to not let this information go away.

  30. this was during Saturday's protest. How has noone picked up on this! Oh yes, antifa violently chasing and attacking a father and his teen daughter is not violence.

  31. Leftist Mayor Wheeler of Portland is a great example of someone who is aiding abetting ANTIFA. Further I suspect Wheeler a senior Capo for ANTIFA. He is clearly sympathetic to the commie thugs at the least.

    Members of ANTIFA seldom get arrested and charged. However, if you are NOT a Leftist, you are getting prosecuted for merely defending yourself against these thugs.

  32. Just like they are proposing a law to be able to sue a city/state if a loved one is harmed,raped, murdered by an illegal alien in an sanctuary city , they should also have some similar law proposed to sue the cities or states that sit idly by while ANTIFA brutalizes people. I say declare them terrorists and then send them to prison.


  34. Terrorists? More like cowardly pussies! Afraid to be men, and fight one on one, because they know they would get their asses handed to them! So they take the cowardly way out! The only thing they can do! Sucker punches (and STILL only if they have 10 of their other pussies around, or typical vagina fashion, 10 pussies to gang up on one person! And of course I still get a laugh at the fat purple haired insecure beach whale fat chicks trying to act and talk all tough, with their extremely low I.Q. Dumb sounding comebacks as they’re huffing and puffing and breathing heavy from just walking! And every once in awhile, tries to impress the rest of the antifa pillow biters by taking a cheap shot at someone while they’re not looking! I’m waiting for the day when people get fed up enough to bring 20 allies there and spread em out so antifa has no clue, and the twats start to gang up on one person and the 20 come together and just level antifa to within an inch of their lives! Praying it happens, SOON!!

  35. Common Mr Trump outlaw these bastards and you will find the low skunks in your patch and the head skunks in there's .

  36. They are a terrorist group.
    Violent, abusive, aggressive, hateful, intolerant & dangerous. They should be demasked, exposed & locked up.

  37. The main conspirators of the hate is the media it self. The years that D. Trump has been in power the media and the democrats have constantly spewed out hatred against D. Trump.
    This has been for all the world to see. It is not hidden.

  38. The msm is responsible for giving them a platform And provoking them. The haters are the Globalists that hate America's independence.

  39. Antifa is the democraps street gang. And I'm will to bet the closer we get to Nov2020 the craziness and violence is going to escalate to epic proportions 🇺🇸


  41. "Hate is more lasting than dislike!" Adolf Hitler.
    When one HATES, there is NO MORE reasoning, common sense, critical thinking, or faculties! The mind will not accept facts, truths, or opposing information at ANY cost. HATE is a drug that stimulates chemicals in the brain that become addictive and need continual "fixes" to support the habit or feelings. The Leftist media knows this, and continue to produce that propaganda at and cost to keep their listeners drugged.

  42. The anti-Socialist /Fascist group Antifa attacking. Pro-Democratic Fascist Socialist groups. Remember Nazis were and are Socialist .Why no American Democratic outcry..?

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