Anthony Scaramucci On Trump's BIGGEST Weakness

joining me now is Anthony Scotto Moochie forward White House communications director current hedge fund operator Anthony welcome to The Young Turks eighth grade to be here I'm out in Southampton enjoying a beautiful summer night okay okay so Anthony here's my first question to you who are you and here's what I mean by that you supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the past then you supported Jeb Bush and Scott Walker in the 2016 elections then you said you hoped that Hillary Clinton would win and then you raise money for Donald Trump and then you join his administration for about ten days so who are you well I mean yes that's misinformation so I mean in the in the early part of my career all I was was an entrepreneur I was raising money for myself and my funds management company and so you know by 30-second career I'm Tufts Harvard Law School worked at Goldman for seven years and then built a registered investment advisor sold it and then started skybridge in 2005 so never had any political ambition never frankly was on TV until I was 46 years old but from time to time when a client would come to me and say hey I'd like you to give a political donation to somebody I said sure who is that and in one case it was senator Clinton back in 2000 when she was the first lady and running for the her first time for the Senate in another case frankly was Chuck Schumer it's been a eclectic mix of Democrats and Republicans but I was by and large saying politically agnostic in 2007 one of my closest friends from Harvard Law School said to me hey do you remember Barack Obama I said no not really I was class at 89 from Harvard Law School he was class of 1991 he said well he's running for president would you come to a fundraiser with us I went to that fundraiser and I was very impressed with Barack Obama's then-senator Obama and so I gave him a check and and I said to hey listen we didn't really know each other that well in law school but if I double the amount of the check and I tell people that we knew each other he laughed and said if you double the amount of the check would you take it right back to Hawaii so um that was my first four-way for Rey the presidential fund raising when President Obama got elected again I'd like him a great deal as a person but it was just not the policies that I thought made the most sense for America in terms of growth deepening the economic opportunity for middle-class people and for blue-collar people like my parents work and so I returned to what was more traditionally my roots which is on the Republican side and the weird thing about my dad saying he was a blue-collar worker but in the Nassau County area of Long Island the unions were really controlled by the Republican Party back in the 60s and 70s you could ask senator alfonse d'amato or Peter King so my dad was in the Union he was a Republican so therefore I was a Republican returned to my Republican roots with Mitt Romney um and he had an unsuccessful run for president and then I got close to Scott Walker and so because of a personal friendship I said no problem I'll go out and raise you money and then President Trump then mr. Trump I've known him for a long time he asked to meet with me was the day after the Apprentice finale he said he was running for president I last I said there's no way he is I said hey I would like your support and I said well I was already tied into Scott Walker he said well after I kill Scott Walker what do you say I said well I'm gonna be with Jeb Bush that's where most of my clients are so so I went through Walker and bush and but I did promise then mr. Trump that I would support him if he became the eventual nominee and he beat those guys so you know we asked me who I am I'm a practical entrepreneur and I probably have political views that don't fit any box you know I could never really be a politician because I'm Way far to the left on social issues like abortion gay marriage I was one of the hedge fund managers 10 years ago and the supported the gay marriage initiative in New York there were four or five of us that helped to get those Republican senators to switch their vote to support gay marriage I worked with Chad Griffin from the Human Rights Campaign on the national gay marriage movement mm-hmm wait I'm Way far to the left on stuff like that and I'm probably center-right otherwise I'm talking for a long time but I just wanted to give you the whole thing yeah to say it's hard to say who you are in like two minutes but yeah that's more or less away I got you so speaking of which let's go over names real quick so you go I already calls you mooch but like do your friends call you mooch should I call you Anne no should I call you moody well I mean it's either Anthony or mooch I mean nobody ever called me Tony because my first grade teacher called me Tony and imagine my embarrassment and horriffic ation when my Nana and my mother marched on the school and insists that I be called Anthony and so in very big black magic marker letters it was on my school record for the rest of my my K through 12 school and so it was either Anthony my gym teacher called me mooch because my last name is scare Meucci yeah and that sort of stuck that sort of stuck when I was an athlete in high school and early part of my college career yeah that makes sense and and this seems pronounced like a.j in my case was changed but Jake okay all right so now look mucha as you were explaining it it sounded pretty transactional when you were giving to to politicians and to be fair Trump said the same thing on the debate stage she said look I'd give two money to politicians and then they would do what I want so in your case did the politicians do what you wanted I don't know they never do it you want it yeah I mean and by the way I was never really even looking for favors I wasn't lobbying anybody for anything but let me just emphasize that it was not just transactional it was transactional opportunism and so what do I mean by that clients of mine asked me for favors obviously I was looking for favors from them I needed more money for my fund in the case of Governor Romney though was more of a philosophical thing I thought his policies would lead to more growth for the country therefore be better for me my family in my business the the present the Trump situation that was more personal relationship with him liking him as a person never thought I would be in politics Jake never I was hosting Wall Street week for the Fox Business Channel when the president won and anybody that was on the campaign who would tell you they thought he was gonna win they're smoking it none of us thought he was gonna win including the president he he was very honest about that after the election and gave more than one speech about that we we saw numbers the evening of the election night and even the Fox News decision desk was calling for President Trump or than candidate Trump to lose Florida so so I didn't think I was gonna get sucked into anything but what he won he made me to his executive transition team and then he asked me to be his chief networking officer which is effectively the OPL director inside the White House the office of public liaison I am a neophyte the politics very naive about it but I love my country I've lived the American Dream in the country and so you know where I said so get great I'll go do that but I didn't really understand what was going on you know Reince Priebus wanted to cut my throat Steve wanted Steve ban and wanted a hatch at me in the back and I'm probably a stupid guy I'm willing to admit that I didn't realize that they were going to do that to me I thought we were all friends and what I tell my my rich friends that are in the donor class these guys want your money they don't want anything else they don't want your time or your energy and they're also worried if you're not a person that can be bought by them well then they don't really want you in the boat with them you know I'm not really a guy that can be bought I don't I personally could care two cents about their shenanigans so when he asked me to do that then they made up some stories about me and block me and then I did something ridiculously stupid which I would caution young people not to do never put your pride and ego into your decision-making and so I put my pride and ego into it when they went to go kill me I called the president and said these are very bad guys when you're ready to get rid of them let me know I'll come in and take care of it for you six months into his presidency he called me and you know my mistake pride an ego your emotions go high when you've got your pride and ego into something and your intelligence goes low and I made a mistake on the phone with a reporter it's my fault I own it totally a fireball defense but thankfully I got Spicer Ben and imp Rivas blown from the White House before my suicide vest went off so so for me it was an accidental entree into politics but you know now that I have a little bit of standing and I have a little bit of a better understanding of what's going on um I have no problem being a pundit I have no problem speaking out and calling balls and strikes and frankly you know sometimes the president likes that and a lot of times he doesn't like that but you know too bad you know I'm my own person yeah and you'll genuinely love the country and I've got five children and we have to be capable of doing better than we're doing right now I know if you saw that circus or that Kabuki theater in Washington today but you know we got to be we got to be better than this has to be better than this so Andy you said about Steve Bannon though in the article I got you fired that he likes to fellate himself do you think that he's still doing that and and why were you almost the ban in the first place that was probably a little bit of fake news on my part I'm sure the guy can't do that I mean I've like no chance that but it's fine I mean look I mean you know that but that's like the Joker reporter right you know I thought I was off the record with him his father was good friends with my dad I obviously didn't say this is off the record you know how he Kurtz from media buzz said to me he's been in Washington or she'd never seen anybody do that to a White House official but you know look he did that talk about transactional that was very transactional but look you know it is what it is I didn't have an issue with Steve actually in the beginning I thought would Steve philosophy his writing style and my interaction with him I got the gist of what he was saying about the desperation economically for white blue-collar workers and so I wrote a book called the blue collar president which referenced a lot of those things but when I missed about Steve and again I have to own this as well was the megalomania the ego centrism the notion that he was the hand puppet and the puppeteer you know the puppeteer for the donald trump hand puppet if I if I should say so so all of that stuff I miss and then I also missed the diabolical lying the backstabbing and the leaking but again I was not a target of Steve bannon's until the president said hey I want you to come in to the administration you know when I when we were working on the campaign if you had asked me point-blank are you gonna go work for the president if he wins my answer would have been no wasn't until Trump won and they said hey I want you to come and work for me that I started to change my thoughts on that so I didn't become a target of Steve Bannon or rights until I entered that circle if you will so Anthony during the campaign before you joined the Trump team you had some harsh words for Trump himself you thought that he was going in a direction that was stoking racial tensions and recently when he went after before just the Democratic congresswoman he you once again said that his comments were racist period full stop you had disinvited from a Republican event after that so but earlier you said in this interview that you liked him so I'm not saying which one is it I'm just asking you like what are your feelings towards how how do you like a guy if you do that that often says racist things right so here here's the thing I think our politics now are so divided and Trump for some reason there has to be a 100 zero litmus test on him so you have to agree with every single thing he says otherwise the Republicans from Palm Beach County will disinvite you from their Lobsterfest but in the meantime the President himself kind of walked back the senator Bakk chance and the Oval Office the day after they were rendered so I'm just wondering if the Palm Beach County head of the Republicans would disinvite the president from walking back the chance you know it's it's so bizarre Jagr and it's so hypocritical and so nonsensical um I do like the president I don't think the president is a racist but I do think that he is also a transactional list and I do think that he will sometimes say and do things that he thinks is going to ignite the base and engender you know higher voter participation for him of the people that voted for him in the past so you know I don't like some of it and I will totally speak out about it you know if you want to call representative Omar an anti-semite because she said that for Jews it's all about the Benjamins or you want to call her racist because she has said some racial comments no problem with that she stands on her record like everybody else but to send to call her you know not the caller but to say send her back or she needs to return to the country that she came from that is a racist trope that's been heard by every ethnic American myself I'm an italian-american my grandmother used to be in tears when we were kids talking about that she produced three children one was my mom but two of them one was involved in the Normandy invasion in June of 1944 and the other one fought in the Ardennes and the Battle of the Bulge should they have sent my grandmother back because they didn't like her or they wanted to racially slur her and so for me those comments are ridiculous if you like the president and support the president you should get in his face grab his face mask and say hey knock that off that's ridiculous stuff but you got a bunch of cowards and babies inside the Republican Party you know they're so afraid of him that he may tweet about them or he may you know they may get primary by somebody that's more trumpian than they are and all this stupid nonsense so these guys have thrown all their principals out the window instead of calling something for what it is and and sticking to it they're very politically expedient and so you know but let me just finish it I think this is something you need to understand why do I like the president I'd like the president because I've been in the room with him and I know he's genuinely trying to do the right thing but he is embattled by the media and in my he is overreacted to that in Battlement and I think that's where he's getting into trouble verbally on some of the stuff that he's doing so first I just want to clarify Ilhan Omar never said the Jews like the Benjamins she ordered that she quoted a song again where lobbying okay sorry yeah so that's that's okay so you didn't tweet that out yeah I got the he tweeted out it's all about the Benjamins and put the the song you know symbols next to it like well give it now you sound like the people that are defending Trump in parsing no not at all no mooch you just said it yourself there a second ago look all this lobbying is transactional right and you did it for your clients and in the connections are important etc she's calling out the lobbying Trump called out the swamp and so that's that's just the fact you're saying that she didn't say something yet they submitted no I don't think she said something anti-semitic at all no okay okay all right well I mean there's a lot of people to feel as she did I'd have to do more research on that you know again I don't really even care I mean I I don't like those four people I think that some of the policies and things that they're saying or off the wall but they have a right to say I mean they're citizens they're democratically elected representatives of the United States three of them are born in the country and so they absolutely have the right to say that stuff and I respect their right I would just like to debate them in the free marketplace of ideas oh yeah no problem with homework I'm representative on more maybe she didn't say that and so I would can take that back but you know bizarrely I was defending them last week because even though I may not like some of the things they say and or do um they have a right to say and or do those things Jack yeah no I'm with you and I appreciate that that you defended them because it does show that you actually have an independent mind and you're not just going along with whatever the Republican Party says so so would you have a do you still have a relationship with present Trump do you ever call him does he ever call you so you know the last time I talked to the president was probably six or seven weeks ago he's not gonna call me at this point he's probably red-hot mad at me you know he doesn't like people to go against them even for a minute or a second you know and again it has to do with his embattled personality you know he had an opportunity to be very forgiving of ambassador Dirac the UK ambassador and he decided not to and he froze him out and you know I wrote an article in one of the London papers explaining that that was a mistake because whether you like the ambassador you didn't he was a friend of the United States and he gave the president everything that he wanted during that UK state visit and so you know Franklin Roosevelt ignored some of the nasty critiques that Prime Minister Churchill had about him in order to accomplish a broader goal you know salmon P chase the secretary Treasury a viciously attacked Abraham Lincoln more than once while he was in the cabinet Lincoln elected to ignore that as well again for a much bigger ball and so for me you know again I like the president want to support him want to help him win reelection but if he has this like 100/0 litmus test he's gonna lose a lot of support and I'll tell tell you this I said it on CNN last week if he continues to use racist strokes in the campaign and racist chants like send them back it won't just be me that break off from him there's an entire iceberg of people that are gonna move away from the president and and and you know what I don't want to get into details of this but more than one person has called me who used to be and our current standard bearers of the Republican Party that it said okay look you know we're with you on this if it continues so let's see what he does I hope he stops it but if he doesn't stop it you know the weird thing I'll tell my fellow Republicans and since you're a progressive channel about many Republicans on the channel but you know some people say that Barack Obama helped to create invent and elect Donald J Trump Donald J Trump before progressives could be the best thing that ever happened to them because if he continues down this road the anger and the voter participation will be such that he'll he'll likely help to elect the first socialist president which I hope frankly doesn't happen because those policies fail but I think that the style and how he's doing certain things very damaging in the country you know what he's doing in terms of policy has been very positive but it's it's it's not good the style and it's not good be the way he's approaching certain things and what I'm shocked about is that people that actually like him are not telling him the truth you know you and I aren't friends we're meeting for the first time electronically but if you were my friend you had a booger in your nose I would tell you I'd say hey Chang take the poker out of your nose I know what I would appreciate them mooch I would want you to do the same for me but I don't understand why these guys are such freaky cats and such babies I mean you know look I respect the office of the presidency and I respect President Trump and his accomplishments in life but he's just another person so you know you got to talk to him straight if you you want to see a level of improvement and by the way people have to talk to me straight I've mishandled myself got myself fired I've owned it and I've learned a lot about it and obviously can take coaching going forward or how to make myself better as well yeah but you know when you when you have a situation where you're frightened to talk to somebody or you alter your behavior when you're with the person it leads to a downfall that happened at Lehman Brothers you know Dick Fuld was an intimidating guy people didn't want to tell him what problems that they saw and so you know the Emperor they told him that he had clothes the emperor had no clothes and was the largest bankruptcy in US history I would never let that happen to my company I tell people smack up and kiss down be nice to my system but you can smack me if you think I'm doing something wrong yeah so look much there's a lot to appreciate about the things that you've said today right so I like that you're open-minded I grew up on the East Coast very I grew up in Jersey with a lot of Italian guys like you that's that's why I was kidding around about like really you're Italian yeah 100% Italian I mean problem yeah 23andme would say otherwise but I got raised in an Italian culture yeah and you know I will say that ray I love the country and so part of loving the country is to have some level of courage in some level of perspective right you know so but that's that's why I want to ask you one last question so look again I like that you're open and honest here and and we disagree on things and there's nothing wrong with that you know I don't think the progressives running are probably in the in a category you think they are when you say socialists etc but that's for another day but but as I look at Trump you've got that deep insecurity which you're basically acknowledging you're saying that it's you know he's embattled by the media but if you're a strong person like you gave the example Lincoln etc and I have the same leadership style you do that you know anybody can say anything to me because it yeses don't help me knows help me to get to a better understanding etcetera but the president isn't like that because he's deeply insecure and he says racist things over and over again you think that he's trying to get his base which by the way indicates the base is racist and and on top of that you add that he's not that bright and I don't know if you'll acknowledge that but when you put all that stuff together it doesn't make for a very likable guy so what is it about him that you like given all those terribly negative earlier you know what I said earlier in the room where it happens where I had been not again just for the 11 days but for a year on the campaign twelve weeks on the transition when we were selecting and interviewing cabinet members and in conversations with him before I got the comms job and after I left the comms job you know I believed that his heart is in the right place and he's trying to do the right thing you can't say he's not smart he's more differently dynamic he's parked differently than academics you know he he went from being a reality television star to the American presidency and Slade 18 establishment Republicans in 17 months so you got to have some level of intelligence to do that just maybe a different form of intelligence a down form well since I like that I do Wailord Freeman yeah the except that there's something going on there that's intelligent um but you're asking a very good quiet one I know we got no little little time to go but I just want to say two things number one the father of progressivism the United States was Teddy Roosevelt's who was a Republican yep and when I think about progressivism I think about it the way Roosevelt thought about it which is and there is a need to help the lower and middle-income people and I supported the president because whether you guys like it or not there was a vacuum of that support from establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans and by the way I went to several Bernie Sanders rallies Jay mm-hmm very same group of people I mean maybe different ideas about how to fix the problem but the same group of economically desperate people so you know I I want to be on the side of bridging that gap I want to be on the side of picking and choosing three or four great ideas from the left that will help improve it income disparity but I still want to keep intact the free-market principles of the country and the right to self-determination and the elements of the meritocracy that you and I have both lived because my dad was an hourly worker and I've been able to build an amazing life and live a very large part of the American Dream in the US and I would certainly want that for people as well so I don't want people's identities or incomes or aspirations capped either so yeah so to me if there's more interaction you know I can't tell you the number of Republicans said oh my god you're going on The Young Turks that's horrifying you're Benedict Arnold you're a traitor and I'm like laughing we should be talking to each other and what what I don't understand is that when the left says well I can't talk to the right I'm gonna lose my base and the right said well I can't talk to the left I'm gonna lose my fish what about losing the country fellas how about losing the country you know yeah so for me I would love to sit down with you and find where there's common ground and see if we can craft a coalition that improves the policies of the United States that leads to better growth for future generations yeah all right well I appreciate them and I appreciate that you came on and talked it through and we I do agree on some things and obviously dis I just want you to know that I put my best clothing on for you yeah sign of a big compliment to you that I'm sitting here in my dining room talking to you you know okay I got my I got my met sunglasses though too you know thank you although they they're a terrible team it reminds me of p oz a little bit so alright mooch thanks for joining us man I appreciate it I appreciate being on I look forward to catching up 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  1. When The President said send them back, people took it out of context. He was saying go back to your country and fix them then come back after you fix them and tell us how it was done. He didnt say that in those exact words but that is what he was saying. The President did say "then come back" so if you took it any other way you are not being honest. America is falling apart because of these radical people that have gotten into our Government and do not believe in the Constitution. The President is trying to get back to the Constitution, that was when America was at its best and for people not to understand that means you do not understand the Constitution. That document is for all Americans no matter race, religion male or female. Free markets create the most wealth and it has been proven, the people that feel they have been left behind is because they don't take advantage of the free market and try to suck off the system. Socialism has been proven to fail so many times it should be obvious to people, and the President was referring to those politicians that are trying to push America toward Socialism.

  2. I loved the exchange of ideas and the honesty. I support Pres and Trump but have no imaginings that he's perfect in every way. Respect.

  3. Cenk was owned by Shapiro, tucker and almost put out of business by Sam Harris.
    Maybe he shouldn’t be calling anyone stupid

  4. This comment is coming at the 5min mark, but before this interview the mooch was a cartoon character. Not saying I like or respect the guy, I appreciate how open he is to the transactional nature of his relationships, but there is more depth there than I thought.

  5. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes a truth . Trump’s Law . This was borrowed from the communist playbook written by Joseph Lenin. Well what do you know ? As if ?

  6. "Smack up, kiss down," is progressive af… he should debate Cenk on policy. He might realize he's actually not a Republican lol

  7. I think that Mooch doesn't want to be seen as a bad guy and I wonder just how much of his rhetoric he actually believes? If I take him at face value, I think that his fondness for Trump is that he gave Mooch some fame or infamy depending on how you view him. I think that he overlooks Trump's degradation of everything because Trump made him someone. I truly hope that his conflicts with Trump's devout racism become more of a focal point because he too falls into Trump's category of non-American. I think that Mooch is an opportunist and plays both sides of the fence but I don't believe that he is all in with Trump's insanity! Trump demands that his underlings praise him for everything and anything because of his mental illness and Mooch has got to stop sitting on the fence and call it how a decent human being would call it and stay there! You can not let a pig destroy the country with racist attacks and brainless policies and then still say that you like him?

  8. There nothing 2 like about TRUMP HE is a big con man,bigot ,coward,LIAR & if he says a nother RACEIST comment u said u were not going to support him rediculous & he is a full blown bigot & u said u don't think he is bs u now he is & anyone thats around him is to,👎

  9. Hedgefund operator? Seriously? Cenk once again proves that he knows nothing about finance. Scaramucci is a laugingstock in New York he ran a private equity seeding platform and is basically an average sales man (he sells other people's funds).

  10. If the way Trump is treated makes him act like he is insane, then president Obama should have been a terrorist. What a crock of s**t. Thumper is not a nice guy.

  11. Well, he's a 'socially liberal, fiscally conservative' opportunist who claims the center and joins up with fascists, but hey, at least he's got his looks. On looks alone, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to (awkwardly, but respectfully make an advance towards him, get rejected and respectfully move on). I still respect his honesty here in this intervi–🙄 Say "Free marketplace of ideas" again! Say "free marketplace of ideas" again, I double-dare you, motherfucker! Say "Free marketplace of ideas" one more got damn time! 🤣

  12. tRump's biggest weakness is his complete cluelessness. He was raised in a bubble. He has never worked a day in his life. To this you add his ignorance of anything to do with real business. Everything he does fails. Now he's running our great country into the dirt. The sooner he's gone the better. Screw this dirtbag 'Mooch. He's a cockroach. Just goes whichever way the wind blows. What's in it for him. Slime bag. No wonder he supports the shit bag Dumb Fat Donny 6X.

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