Another Minor Dies In Border Custody

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make sure that you know we provide extra perks for individuals who do provide more and keep us afloat as a company so how are you doing I'm good good yeah well I mean other than the news and all that look at very live in our career field oh thank you thank you I'm trying occasionally that's a little it's a little tight I'm not gonna lie to you but other than that good okay it's better than having a skinny neck right that's what I hear that's that's what in cells tell me measuring tape I need to check anyway let's go he was diagnosed with the flu and transferred to a different Border Patrol station to prevent it from spreading to others the next day he was found dead that was one of the six migrant miners who died in Border Patrol custody and the reason why we're talking about this young man again today is because Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez had an autopsy or there was a forensic forensic analyst who looked into the cause of death to try to figure out exactly what happened and this isn't important to do because we want to understand exactly why so many migrants have been dying in Border Patrol custody as many as as 24 have died so far at least six of them have been children and so Border Patrol is saying no it's not our fault they're they're showing up sick but the autopsy indicates that that is not the case and I'm gonna be completely honest before I get into the gruesome details of this autopsy this is difficult to read about it's difficult to even talk about because this was a 16 year old unaccompanied minor whose parents are still back in Guatemala and he came here you know seeking safety and the way that he was treated is just inhumane to say the least so he actually died in May and according to the Texas Monthly Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez crossed the border near Weslaco alone back in May on 3rd May 30 I'm sorry this is like a difficult story on May 13th and when he was held at that point he was held in a processing center for unaccompanied minors in nearby McAllen for six days until getting sick around May 19th so at that point he should have been taken to a hospital but he was not he did see a nurse practitioner according to the Texas Monthly and that nurse found that he had a 103-degree fever now he was not sick when he first arrived to the detention facility he became very sick with the flu and he tested positive for the flu at that point he was prescribed Tamiflu and transferred to the Border Patrol station back to the Border Patrol station Hernandez died the next morning this is the part that's difficult to even think about there was a video that was shown to the woman who did the autopsy and according to the video he's seen lying on the floor vomiting on the floor and he walks over to the commode where he sits and later lies back and expires that is according to the autopsy report that's what the forensic pathologist wrote and he was surrounded by his own vomit and I just want to give you a sense of what Border Patrol did wrong in the case they are supposed to transfer miners within 72 hours and they fail to do that they're supposed to transfer the child to the office of refugee resettlement within 72 hours not only have they failed to do that with the migrants who died but they failed to do that with migrants overall and and they're completely admitting that so they're breaking the law and confessing that they're breaking the law but there haven't been any consequences you know not for them not for them with the consequences for other people there have been consequences for the migrants some of whom have gotten very sick or lost their lives and I just want to remind you that our lawmakers just handed the Trump administration four point six billion dollars in taxpayer money with no safeguards to improve the conditions that these migrants are being kept in and that is the reason why Nancy Pelosi was so angry with AOC and other freshman Democrats they voted against that appropriations bill because they actually have a conscience let me give you more dr. judy melinek who's also a forensic pathologist said the following in my opinion there needs to be a public health audit of the policies and conditions in in in these migrant camps and a forensic review of all migrant deaths there are already laws that are being broken so I agree that there should be an audit but what's the audit gonna do if we have an administration that has absolutely no no willingness to follow the rules has no willingness to treat people humanely and we have a certain portion of the electorate who reads about this stuff and thinks all right this is what we voted Trump in for mm-hmm yeah and there's no there's gonna be consequences for the people like that for the the people as you filter down through the bureaucracy if some people die there's not gonna be consequences it's like odd and it's weird it's noteworthy that an autopsy is done in the first place and so even when something terrible happens something again which is not predictable specifically but we know is going to happen we know we're gonna get more of these sorts of cases secondly consequence for them yeah this is I apologize this is a weird thing to focus on I only say because I don't I I never lived right near the border most Americans don't near the border and so I think that when you just hear about a place as the border you think about some remote place out in the desert of the scrub or something like that but I but I noticed as they said these transfer to McAllen and my fiancee is from right next door to McAllen McAllen this might be a weird thing to say but it is a bustling place it's rapidly expanding huge economic growth and everything no Trump told us that it's a crime ridden and dangerous and full of ms-13 and drug cartels well I can't speak to that I didn't see any I can say that there's tons of trade over the border every single day if people with money passing over from Mexico and stuff like that like this is not like the how they just couldn't get help to him because he was off in the middle of nowhere he was very much not in the middle of nowhere the thing the thing that I can't get past is and I don't know maybe just to be able to handle these types of stories I need to not do this but I can't help but think of who I was at 16 and how scared I would be to travel to a foreign place by myself right and then be placed in that condition without my family without anyone I know and just at that you know you're dying right if you're suffering from that illness and you're vomiting all over the place and you're by that toilet like you're dying alone like that sixteen-year-old kid died alone yeah and I can't get over that I can't get over the fact that we're letting this happen and yeah we have 30 percent of the country who thinks it's okay they look at this and they think awesome you know or or don't want to be told about in the first place no they know they know and they don't care and that's that it had been over a decade since a migrant had died in Border Patrol custody Trump is now in charge and now we have at a minimum of two dozen migrants dying under his watch and it's sick it's sick that his base still remains loyal to him regardless of how many people died as a result now let me give you some more information about what's going on with our immigration system that should frustrate you the House of Representatives has just passed legislation that would enough in essence force the Trump administration to improve condition in these migrant detention facilities there was only one member of the GOP in the house one Republican in the house who voted in favor of this and just to give you a sense of what this bill would do I want to go to this video of representative Raul Ruiz who was the author of this legislation take a look it ensures that every individual in CBP custody receives a health screening to triage for acute conditions and high-risk vulnerability so people don't die under the responsibility of CBP it ensures that an emergency care provider is on call to pick up the phone and help make triage decisions for life-threatening medical emergencies that's it that's all we're asking for my bill also prioritizes high-risk populations you know them the most vulnerable to severe illnesses and dying to receive a health screening within six hours including children pregnant women and the elderly my bill requires very basic and necessary things like toothbrushes and diapers it includes nutrition standards to make sure that infants have formula and babies have baby food how hard is that apparently it's extremely hard for Republican lawmakers because again only one of them voted in favor of it the House passed this democrat-led bill that would require Customs and Border Protection or CBP to enact safety and hygiene standards for migrants in their custody and it was a 233 to 195 vote representative Don young from Alaska was the only Republican member of the House to vote in favor of this legislation the name should check to make sure that he's still a Republican he might have been forced out of the party season yeah and look first of all we have spineless members of the Republican Party who are much more concerned about their own political careers as opposed to doing the right thing now I might disagree with someone like Justin Amash on pretty much anything but Justin Amash was willing to do the right thing and take a principled approach knowing that it was going to hurt him politically and it has hurt him politically so far my my point is leaders as I've said before LEED regardless of how difficult it is to put yourself in that position and do the right thing at that moment and Justin Amash luckily has done the right thing now it's in a different context when it comes to impeachment in this case you have a Republican one Republican in the House who did the right thing I don't know what kind of consequences he's gonna face but we talk about consequences because this is what the Republican voters want this is what they want they like the inhumane treatment and then you're supposed to pretend as if you know they're worth sitting down and having a debate with yeah I mean when have we lost our humanity when have we decided as a country this type of behavior is okay allowing children to die under our watch something that could easily be preventable is okay so you've correctly identified the approach of the many Republicans there but then look at like take a look at that vote and think about what happened we were talking about the funding bill and you know the sometimes vocalize but often just the assumption that AOC and the others who vote against that are stupid they're stupid because they don't trust the Republicans they just do what's right without any regulations okay well when we tried to get regulations they all said no so do you think that they're going to do the right thing without those regulations if they're so opposed to it the fact that Democratic leadership viciously went after freshmen Democrats because of their moral objections to handing the Trump administration 4.6 billion dollars in that appropriations bill makes me sick the fact that Nancy Pelosi felt the need to sit down with Maureen Dowd of the New York Times and attack freshman Democrats more viciously than she's ever attacked Donald Trump makes me sick to my stomach and it makes me embarrassed honestly to to have a D you know in my voter registration to consider myself a Democrat because I don't want to associate myself with that kind of Democrat I want to associate myself with leaders and I think that Pelosi should really think about the fact that freshman Democrats right now are acting as leaders while she is essentially doing Donald Trump's bidding when it comes to handing over taxpayer money for Border Patrol without safeguards for migrants well we know what wing of the party we're you know a part of but before that wing really even had many elected representatives in it so we certainly yeah this is why they look this is why they hate just as Democrats this is why they hate and they have already taken punitive measures against anyone who considers primary Democrats because we're not alone John like we're not in a bubble when it comes to the Democratic Party there are many people on the Left who are frustrated with the lack of leadership here and look the the house voting in favor of this current legislation is great but we know what's gonna happen is it's unlikely to even come up for a vote in the Senate McConnell is not gonna bring it up for a vote in the Senate and if he does the Senate is dominated by Republicans yeah he wants to be labeled the grim reaper and the grim reaper needs dead things and this whelp to ensure some and really fast it's i god it's so ridiculous when you look at some of the votes and i think this is a great example of it that like you would think you would hope that in the past you know 20 30 50 years ago there wasn't much information about what was going on in DC now we're just swimming in it and I actually think it's worse now because so much of that information is false or intentionally manipulative you would think that there are certain things that you just can't vote against because you'll get destroyed based on right so if you were the Republican senator who earlier today blocked two election security measures designed to stop foreign powers from interfering in our election she just blocked it and didn't say why and when journalist reached out to her her staff to find out why she just didn't comment she doesn't have to because it doesn't matter you can do whatever you want you can vote to ensure that migrant children die that they swim in their own vomit and then they die on the floor of a prison cell and it doesn't matter it doesn't matter make whatever ad you want nothing gets through anymore enough of the country is horrible that you can be horrible and it will improve your chances of getting elected in certain parts of the country trump has succeeded in dehumanizing innocent people who do not deserve to be treated this way we had a system in place and and when you hear this is a manufactured crisis and I've said this before I'm going to say it again it's not to say that there is not an influx of migrants coming in there is an influx of migrants coming in attempting to seek asylum the way that Trump has handled it has turned it into a crisis the punitive measures he has taken the fact that he has decided to detain every single person rather than allow them to you know just release them and allow them to come back for their court date and see a judge that that is the way we used to do it over 80% of migrants would come back see a judge judge would hear their case make a decision about whether they get to stay or whether they need to go and he's intentionally doing this the Trump administration thinks that this type of behavior serves as a deterrent but it has not served as a deterrent taking children away from their parents has not served as a deterrent it is not working it is not leading to the results that they want and now the latest is the Trump administration is is threatening Guatemala with a travel ban if they don't help to stem the flow of migrants coming into the country people are desperately fleeing for their safety there they're leaving the country what is Guatemala gonna do what you want them to prevent people from leaving the country I mean that's happened in history before and there's every reason to believe that he thinks we share a border with Guatemala I mean that sounds crazy but he thinks al-qaeda's spilled ALC a DEA yeah this is Rehan put anything past them is trash and anyone who continues to support this type of behavior falls under that category I'm sorry that offends you get ready let's move on we gotta take a break we hope you're enjoying this free clip from The Young Turks 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either a new study indicates that as many as 16,000 individuals living in red states could have basically continued living the states could have saved their lives if the Maker's within those states agreed to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act now there were a number of red states who decided no we're gonna be defiant and we're gonna reject federal money and we will not expand Medicaid to help cover people living in poverty in our states and so as a result there were consequences and this new study that was published in the National Bureau of Economic Research and it was done by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan found that quite a few people not a few thousands of people died as a result of this decision the 22 mostly red states that refused to accept expansion starting in 2014 caused 15,600 unnecessary deaths among their residents 14 states are still holding out on this federal money they still refuse to expand Medicaid now they're mostly in the deep south and some havens of Warped concepts of free freedom such as Wyoming and South Dakota that wording by the way comes from a column in the Los Angeles Times I want to give credit to the writer here because I think he did a great job and really did speak about this or write about this in a truthful honest way with a lot of passion and conviction some states such as Maine and Louisiana adopted expansion more recently when they replace GOP governors with Democrats coincidence so no but this is this is the power of elections this is why voting does matter local elections matter national elections matter if your governor if you're in a deep red cell if you're in a deep south state right and you're in a red state that refuses to expand Medicaid get active and vote these lawmakers out of office yeah this is unacceptable these deaths could have been prevented and they don't care they decided no we're gonna go ahead and be incredibly defiant and we're gonna allow our own constituents to die as a result of it yeah yeah and the numbers are of course an underestimate because I think you said it was from 2014 2017 a study well it's been a couple more years how many more people unfortunately lived in those states and had kidney failure or diabetes or god knows what that could have been treated but the Republican governors did the fairly unprecedented move of saying no to this so one thing that I think a lot of people might have forgotten about was the original form of the Affordable Care Act mandated that states take the federal money and expand their Medicaid programs and then that was challenged in the courts like Republican lawmakers felt so passionately about this and felt so strongly against expanding Medicaid in their states that they went to court and it went all the way to the Supreme Court the expansion mandate was overturned by the US Supreme Court in a 2012 decision by Chief Justice John Roberts possibly trying to strike a compromise that would allow him to uphold the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act as a whole Roberts made the expansion voluntary state-by-state so that really did open the floodgates in the worst possible way with many red states deciding that they were going to reject that money and just to give you a sense of what could have happened I mean how this would have been helpful in saving lives one study cited by Miller's team and that's the lead researcher in the study found a significant eight point five percent reduction in mortality among patients with end-stage renal disease after they enrolled in Medicaid another study found a decrease in rates of cardiovascular disease among adults 45 to 64 associated with state adoption of the ACA Medicaid expansions and and I guess it's it should be obvious but just against the obvious especially for international viewers you might be used to like oh yeah in America there's not so partisan back and forth and everything but when I said unprecedented before if the federal government says we're gonna give your state free money it does not get turned down that just does not happen I defy anyone to come up with another example of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars being rejected now yes in three years the states would have been responsible for 10 percent of the cost they could 100% swing that or just take the money for a couple of years not doing that is it's one of the most partisan things I think I've ever seen because the benefit is so high to be able to say I brought in this money for you vote from you know they're willing to possibly jeopardize re-election to the middle finger to Barack Obama no you're absolutely right and what I also find fascinating is that when it comes to fear-mongering about Americans dying they love to exploit that issue the death and the fear-mongering when it comes to migrants right oh my god we need we need to keep them out they're dangerous they're ms-13 of course it's a demagogue demagoguing and complete and utter lies our lawmakers are killing us our lawmakers are making a conscious decision to let us die right and especially in red states especially in the 14 states that have decided we're gonna continue rejecting this this expansion of Medicaid we're gonna reject the resources that would help keep people living in poverty in our states alive yeah yeah and the interesting thing too is so when Roberts did that he created a sort of natural experiment where we suddenly had we were able to do analysis state-by-state with some having the expansion some not and we showed how important it is for people who already have less resources in their you know everyday normal lives to qualify for Medicaid obviously gonna be on the lower end of the economic spectrum how important it is for them to have health care and so then once you've established that it's easy to go one step farther and say well then wouldn't it be much better for everyone to have access to health care to have insurance maybe while the ACA obviously is preferable because the people in the states were they had access to having better outcomes maybe if everybody had better care than that then that is available in the ACA we get better benefits but across the entirety of the country I would argue most Americans don't even know about what's going on in these states so this is a perfect opportunity just to kind of go back to look there's political strategy there's policy right so we had a discussion about the policy but just real quick let's talk about political strategy if I were a Democrat in Congress I would not shut up about this like non-stop non-stop I would make a bit I would be like Jon Stewart with the 9/11 Victims Fund right I would do press conferences I would go on cable television I would talk about this study would you believe it almost 16,000 people died because of the fact that these Republicans decided to reject federal resources in expanding Medicaid they don't care about their constituents they would much rather see their own constituents die just to make a political point just to feed into political division in the country what how come we're not hearing about it how come you have to read a Los Angeles Times column to know what's going on yeah that's crazy yeah I I hope that that would be effective but we do have two centers who just voted against giving health care to the first responders and others who are willing to Stonewall it for quite a while until it became a big national story so they're shameless they're shameless they're not not to still voted against it no you're right you're right but remember McConnell it appeared had no intention of even bringing that up it seems to have worked on him yes it worked on him political pressure works Democratic leadership should try it sometime yeah all right moving on to other news he was found in a secure area of the Metropolitan Correctional Center semi-conscious in a fetal position with marks on his neck accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found in his jail cell with injuries around his neck indicating that he may have attempted suicide although a law enforcement is saying that they're not entirely sure if that's what happened there are other possibilities including self you know afflicted wounds inflicted wounds in order to maybe get moved to a different jail or facility he could have also been a victim of an attack by another inmate they're not giving us too many details but he was found semi-conscious with these injuries around his neck also while Epstein told authorities he was beaten up and called a child predator the sources said he has been placed on suicide watch so regardless they've decided to put him on suicide watch and his injuries are not serious Epstein's a defense lawyer was just recently asking a US Court of Appeals judge from the Second Circuit to reconsider the district court's decision to deny him bail there's no indication the appeals court has made a determination on whether to hear the appeal so Epstein wanted to just hang out in his Manhattan mansion as he awaits his trial and luckily that was rejected because he was considered a flight risk he had a fraudulent passport and he also had $75,000 in cash and a bunch of loose diamonds so as one does yeah I mean I guess I get the strategy of trying to use this to get a second chance at the possibility of bail but regardless of whether he attempted suicide or refused attacked it's obviously far easier to just keep an eye on him than to allow him to go out and you know continue living it if I were him or if I was his defense attorneys I would try it especially considering how he was treated back in 2007 but why not just install a camera have some security that seems simpler you mean in his jail cell yeah yeah yeah sure whatever I shouldn't be in his Manhattan mansion obviously that's what I'm saying I mean his previous sentence as you can recall was ridiculous he was able to leave prison for a giant chunk of the day and he was continuing with the behavior that's gotten him in trouble while he was serving his sentence yeah so I'm glad that his request was denied look I don't I think that he should be brought to justice I don't know what happened I don't know if he tried to commit suicide but let's speculate no yeah I'd rather not it's such a crazy case because I'm not gonna be able to remember the name but there was a lawmaker who I think earlier today in an interview said she'd received phone calls pressuring her to drop investigating this saying you're not gonna get anywhere and you don't want to get involved in this I mean who knows maybe that'll turn out not to be true or I think God knows who it was that was saying that but there should be so careful with him while he's in custody whether it's a suicide thing like whether he's telling the truth or not he could get attacked certainly that sort of person does get attacked in jail he needs to be protected because as much as he would love to some day live in you know France or the Philippines or something there's a lot of people who don't want him to reveal what they know what he knows well yeah I mean he has connections to so many people and dosoo power exactly that's that's a great point and one other thing to mention is that you know this wasn't some prostitution an issue right he was a child sex trafficker he was having sex with children as young as 14 years old and so the charges that he's facing include one count of sex trafficking minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking he should be brought to justice again we don't know for sure what happened with him or or why he had those injuries around his neck but they should keep a close eye on him and make sure that he survives to see his day in court yeah and be then be pardoned by the president don't say that that's oh my god why he wouldn't what his base would flee if he did that no come on he would do that I'm not saying he will but I'm saying could I think he'd be quite fine I feel a little sick and I think I need to take a break okay so let's do that my job then when we come back we will talk about churning point USA

23 thoughts on “Another Minor Dies In Border Custody

  1. When you have thousands of unvaccinated people coming in and out of a facility people get sick. It's not rocket science.

  2. The Real truth is the dems as much as the Repubs couldn't give a shit about those migrants. It's all political. Never from the heart.

  3. Obama armed Cartels in Mexico from "Operation fast and furious" why? So they could track them….aftdr they use those weapons to kill innocent people. Let alone the 3 million he deported back.

  4. at least they are only dying from illness and medical care neglect. At least we are not totally like Nazi Germany where we flat out kill them (gas chamber showers) or feed them almost nothing (though the food is not that great).

  5. if a kid was being taken care of in a regular facility like a boarding school or daycare center or something and died by poor medical care there would be lawsuits and possible prosecution (maybe involuntary manslaughter).

  6. This kid’s parents should be hunted down, charged, tried, and locked up for the rest of their lives for criminal negligence.

  7. 24 deaths in what time span? A week? That's a lot. A month? Also a lot. Since Trump was elected? Not significant or news without context. You are the news, I am listening to you to learn about what is going on. Can you be complete and concise for me? It is sad when people die, kids especially. You own your audience, you own the people who will be 100% in favor of stopping all deaths and saving all people without exception. Take your chosen example of mistreatment of this minor – this is how you break it down and win people to your side. Who specifically are the people responsible for what went on? I'm not suggesting doxxing, I mean their roles, their titles. Have you tried to get in touch with any of them to see why this happened? Do you seriously think or mean to imply that the people responsible for this 16 year old wanted him to die? I promise if you talked to any of those responsible they would be far more upset than you are about it. It's really frustrating for me to listen to you guys sometimes because at seven minutes in you're still just talking about the visceral and emotional aspects of this story – and I don't know why. Nobody who isn't compassionate is going to care about these aspects. Compassionate people already listen to you – and since feelings are not news, I see this as a waste of time. Anna, all the smart people who hear this stuff have already self inserted themselves at 16 into this child's shoes and we hate it. I don't pay for your premium content, so maybe it's there, but where are the interviews? Where are the journalists on the ground? Is that all exclusive? I want what Jordan Chariton and Nomiki were doing with flint and DAPL. There must be someone in ICE who would talk to you, they cannot literally all be Hitlers who want migrant kids to perish…

  8. I live i weslaco this is not acceptable at all and it's sad because a lot of us in Weslaco Texas are Mexican and we're treating our own like this this is not right

  9. Epstein's injuries weren't serious, Hmm?
    That means they were self inflicted.

    Anyone looking to hurt him, would have and have done a better job than that.
    Jail house justice usually badly injures, maims and or kills otherwise what's the point of putting hands on a man if it doesn't elevate your status.

    Leave him were he is but keep an eye on him.
    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time Epy!

  10. 16000 dead all for the hate of a black president trying to help people who didn't vote for him.

    Man that's some seriously deep die hard racist belligerence.

    I wonder how many of those were poor white republicans?

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