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we are back into our series of walking through the Gospel of John I don't know if you know this but we started this almost a year ago on the first weekend in August of 2018 we will be done right before Advent this year we promise you that and so we are working towards that we've taken breaks of course for all kinds of different series but what a great opportunity to walk through a gospel together verse by verse chapter by chapter and so we are in John 14 verses 12 to 17 and your chair Bible if you don't have a Bible with you I'd encourage you to grab a chair Bible right in front of you and open it up to page 901 and so if you would stand with me for the reading of God's Word while you do that I'll find my text as well all right chapter 14 verses 12 through 17 truly truly I say to you whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I do and the greater works than these will he do because I am going to the Father whatever you ask in my name this I will do that the father may be glorified in the son if you ask me anything in my name I will do it if you love me you will keep my Commandments and I will ask the Father and He will give you another helper to be with you forever even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him you know him for he dwells with you and will be in you may God bless the reading of his word let's pray so God we thank you for your word and the way that it speaks to us the way that it convicts us in the way that it shapes us into who you would have us to be so God working us we pray through your word we pray this in Jesus name Amen amen god bless you can be seated Mandana but always pray so fast I never have enough time to get ready we actually joke about that kind of stuff that among the pastoral staff and when Josh harp was here he pray I could go out for coffee before I started so we actually like laugh some people pray and preach sort of like landing a 747 it just takes sort of forever and other people like Donovan or like a helicopter they just land and then we're on so then we come back to the Gospel of John and I want us to sort of get our heads back into it a little bit because John the Gospel of John this first-hand account that John gives us he tells us in chapter 20 verse 31 exactly what the purpose of writing this gospel is he said these things have been written so that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that by believing you might have life in his name I love how John lays it out like this is the reason I've written these things and so there's a purpose behind his writing and that is belief and life those that read it would have belief in Jesus and by believing they'd have life that's God's goal for you and for me as we read through this tax he wants us to believe and he wants us to have life and so the part portion of Scripture that were in Jesus's public ministry has ended and he is now headed towards suffering he's going to go back to the Father through suffering through the cross he will go back to the Father and so it's interesting these these moments which may have all happened around a Passover Feast the last the Lord's Supper bore or at least some time in this this last closing moments but Jesus sort of pulls in and it's interesting he focuses his time on those who believe his disciples so here he's had about three years of public ministry he knows his public ministry has come to an end and he spends these really crucial moments with those that believe his design polls and so what he tells them this is sort of called this great discourse so this he goes he does a bunch of teaching here but this teaching is towards those who believe his disciples and what's it powerful for us is that these are words that really bear on us because we too are his disciples were modern-day disciples and so what Jesus was telling them some of it was prepping we have you know the the incredible vantage point of being on this side of the Resurrection this side and the giving of the Spirit this side of the written New Testament right we have all those vantage points but these disciples were going into this blind even though Jesus is preparing them he's giving them everything they need but they're going to have to walk through the suffering and death of their Lord the bewilderment of Resurrection I mean we look at it go WOW but it was they were bewildered the waiting and praying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit what this means that suddenly thousands of people are now following Christ they're gonna go through all of these things and Jesus is spending his time preparing them for what these new realities are going to be and so these words this discourse bears directly upon your life but also our life together as followers of Jesus so I want to talk to you just a little bit about just using this this thought until the whole earth is filled with his glory when we when we look at the Gospels and we look at any text it's always good to put it in the context of the entire Gospel message so I'm even though the Gospel message goes beyond just the four Gospels the Gospel message is everything from creation and new creation right and so we have to understand because that is the redemptive plan of God this that is God that is the redemption story that we are gang up in and so when we think back of creation and we think of God created every creating everything and that the whole earth was full of the glory of God like before sin before rebellion before the curse heaven and earth and heaven more than just streets of gold and mansions think of God's rule God's lordship that the command center of all things where God rules everything heaven and earth were together and the whole earth was full of his glory what does it mean glory it's it's it's Shalom it says his infinite worth was publicly known throughout all creation if we pause here like we just sort of stare because like you and I don't know creation that way do we we only know it and it's brokenness we only know it under curse we only know it with heaven and earth having been separated but at creation I mean that's God's intention and we have to know God's intention for creation because there's a new creation coming and this is where it's all headed right so the more we look at creation the more we know what's coming creation isn't just some old tale to leave behind us so often we sort of cut off the ends of the loaf of bread creation and new creation and we just focus on the middle but creation tells us where new creation is taking us where everything the gods Redemptorists our that's where it's going and so in the in the beginning God's infinite worth was publicly known and then humans are the crown of his creation we bear His image his glory is seen through mankind because we bear his image and so the glory of God is this public display of his beauty of the worth of God that all creation bears it this is why even those that would never acknowledge God all of us have moments in our life especially when we travel maybe you took a trip that where you see the glory of God in creation now if you're not a follower of if you don't believe in God then you're just you're just amazed at creation right which man the scripture talks about that there's especially that there'll be many that worship the curry that created but not the Creator and so when you when you see the beauty of creation there's a creator behind it it's screaming of the glory of God so if you've ever been in wonder or in awe of creation it is it is even in the brokenness and the curse this world it is screaming the glory and the worthiness of our God those of us are our followers of Jesus and when we're in Christ and we know God and believe God we see it don't we right like when we see a sunset we're like god you're so good when we see the mountains we say gods are so good when we get to be the ocean god you're so good when we get to be cooler than 110 degrees god you're so good right so we see the glory of God in creation but there was a time where all of creation there was this public knowing of God's worthiness in all of creation I say s63 says the whole earth is full of your glory his holiness is his worthiness his perfection flooded this globe and and we know we know the curse well we we know rebellion well we know brokenness we know already Cain and Abel and murder and all of the the brokenness of this world we know this brokenness and and yet we see in Jesus so John is writing that the glory of God is full we pleased and revealed in the person of Jesus as as God takes on flesh in all of his glory and dwells among us and Jesus be is the full revelation of God's glory and so John is trying to say this is this moment the glory of God that once flooded the earth and that once again will flood the earth is totally and perfectly packaged in the human flesh in Jesus Christ his glory comes bursting through this is why he steps into darkness his beautiful light begins to shine and so the glory of God is revealed in the person of Jesus and so this is the end of his ministry his public ministry and he sets in motion a far vaster movement than he is led during his three years of public ministry like life God's glory has been seen in Jesus but God's glory will now be seen through the works of the disciples the glory that was pleased to dwell in Jesus will now be shown through his disciples and through his people God's mission of the church to all nations begins to open up here as Jesus says greater works will you do than I have done and sometimes we sort of look at that and go well let's let's go to the signs and wonders so he raised people from the dead he walked on water he turns water into wine he heals the blind he heals the Deaf and we usually think of that right away and go well how do we do much more than that but what it's really talking about here is he's talking about how his ministry has been on this narrow stage of Galilee in Judea for a few years and now it's gonna be multiplied on a far wider stage to the very ends of the earth for a lot longer period than three years and now the glory of Jesus that will be revealed on the cross and through his resurrection is extended to the world through the believing words and works of the Church of Jesus like the Ministry of Jesus the glory of Jesus that's seen in his crucifixion in his resurrection is now going to be extended through all of the works of believers how in the world is that possible and this glory of Jesus will now be extended through the believing works in words of the Church of Jesus until once again the whole earth is full of his glory how's it gonna happen well it's only possible through the coming of the Holy Spirit it's only possible through the coming of the Holy Spirit Jesus refers to him as another helper we'll get to that in a moment another helper but the power of the Cross the power of the Resurrection will now be available through the works of the Church of Jesus this is God's plan for redemption acts 1:8 you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you from on high you are going to receive power and this is for all believers sometimes I I really think that people think well this is for pastors and veteran Christians and missionaries and the super spiritual that's that's who gets that kind of power but what did he say whoever believes what was John's goal of the gospel that we might believe and have life and here Jesus says whoever believes in me this is part of the life that Jesus wants to give us whoever believes in Me will do the works I do like there's there's there's no like opting out like you can't go mmm decline we've heard a lot through the Gospel of John of this whoever believes in Me but John 6 whoever believes in Me will never thirst John chapter 7 whoever believes in me out of his heart will flow rivers of living water we're told in John 11:25 whoever believes in me though he die yet will he live John chapter 12 whoever believes in Me will not remain in darkness sometimes we think about the Great Commission where Jesus says go into all the world make disciples teach them baptize them we think of it as a command and there is a command but I'll tell you this first comes as a promise this isn't just a command like oK we've been commanded we have to go it first comes as a promise this is a promise that the glory of Jesus will be given to us through the spirit and given to others this is this is not just a list when we think about whoever believes will do the works this is not a list of just some spiritual elite or some things that are just maybe possible this is the normal Christian life the normal Christian life we will do the works that Jesus did I'm a pastor and I've been privileged to travel as a missions around the world for a lot of years but it's still a stretch for me I think this is normal life to minister like Jesus did we are powered for missionary work and ministry now across the globe so Jesus says I'm gonna give you another helper another helper this actually is a word Minh the original text called Paraclete which really means advocate comforter and counselor and we think about advocate he's advocate is really like a defender like I think of a courtroom defender and here these disciples are gonna be going out and we know what happens wonderful things in the book of Acts wonderful things in the New Testament but they're also gonna be drug before magistrates and rulers they're gonna be in prison they're gonna be persecuted and they have this advocate this one who will defend them in the midst of persecution in the midst of resistance in the midst of death threats because of their faith they have an advocate another another helper and and when we think about that there's this ministry this advocate of Jesus this advocate Jesus is our helper so this isn't like we're giving you're getting a totally different person how many vino Jesus is our advocate comforter and counselor and so it's more of the same the Spirit of Jesus is now given to us and so I want us to think about how this is not a fact to just be known I mean as I struggled with this Texas whole week what I've struggled with is that I'm giving you a context for Jesus's conversation context within the whole gospel but here Jesus is saying I'm going to give you another helper an advocate a counselor we know that he's talking about something that is soon to happen in Acts chapter 2 right and the Holy they were gathered together they're praying together and and and and waiting and the Spirit of God is it's like the birthday of the church the Spirit of God has poured out upon those that are waiting and they are empowered they are empowered with boldness and glory they are gifted for the ministry of the church the glory of God shows up and acts 2 in a powerful way that the people that are looking on are bewildered and they are there going these people must be drunk we never seen anything like that and Peter the same guy who says I don't even know who you're talking about denies Jesus three times stands up with great boldness and preaches one of the greatest sermons and thousands are saved because of this Paraclete this helper if there's if there's a if there's a cry of my heart as I as I pray for us as a congregation as they pray for you and and every morning Susan I pray together and I'm going to talk a little bit about my practices in just a moment but one of the things I pray about is that we aren't just filled with knowledge like right now you can say okay so Jesus Jesus is leaving and he gives us the spirit and the Spirit is mine and he said there's a fact how does this play out in reality for us every day how do we move beyond just believing these facts to actually living and participating in practicing this every single day how do we how do we go beyond just going oh I'm going through really tough times but I know that the Lord is with me that's true that's good but I'm always like press into that a little bit further the Lord is with you though the Lord resides it that the Spirit of God resides in you and and and when we when we think about the Spirit residing us in us it's more than just knowing that it's more than just acknowledging that but it's it's it's communing with the Spirit of God there's there's an old hymn and I actually don't like the little tune of it but my mom always liked it it is it's he walks with me and he talks with me I don't even know that old hymn right he walks with me he talks with me he tells me that I am his own and the joy we share as we tarry as we hang out there no other has ever known he walks with me and he talks with me if there's anything that I wish and pray for each of you is to fully understand that if you're in Christ he's really with you and it's not just enough to know oh I know I'm not alone he's with me but you've got to talk to him you've got to speak to Jesus and the spirit of Jesus the glory of Jesus resides in you and this is a dynamic relationship he he's there he's when you speak to Jesus and you acknowledge Jesus you're here not not just and there's a place there's all different types of prayers and but the prayers today I hear so much or God I know you're there you know my needs please help him with my needs and we just make this petitions out to God and we are to make our prayers and our petitions or requests known to God because he cares for us but there is a communing oh he walks with me and talks with me there's got to be a con station you have not just pouring out your requests to God but you've got to go to the point where you actually talk to Jesus like a friend you've got to have conversations with Jesus and here's what will really trip you out he'll speak back he'll tell you things that you don't know on your own he takes his his written word that you've heard that you can rattle off and finish verses and the spirit causes it to come alive in you and suddenly it changes you and he gives you revelations of who Jesus is sometimes he gives you wisdom you would have never had because you're communing with him and conversing with him there's times even in our public worship that I sense that we are there and we're reading the words and we're singing this song and like if if we get the right modulation and it's a good build or a nice bridge we get excited and we raise our hands that I'm seeing people interact with the music but it's not interacting with the music my friend it's Jesus like III long for us I say it this way sometimes to close ourselves in with Jesus to to sort of there's this moments even in worship where I close my eyes like oh Jesus you're here speak to me reveal yourself to me like show me things you want to change in me show up today heal things in my life you're the guilty then you're the giver of life you are the source of life give me new birth where things are dead convict me of my sin give me words to say to bless somebody help me to have a better perspective on these things in my life that I don't like and never signed up for old-time Pentecostal Saints and I still have a good friend that still talks about this I'm actually doing new teaching on it new old teaching practicing the presence is what some of the old Pentecostals used to say practicing the presence I don't even know if I fully understand what they meant by it but I do understand every morning almost every morning about five days a week I walk and I walk at like 5:45 6 a.m. so sometimes it's dark sometimes it's already sunny sometimes I'm watching the sunrise and I walk and then I go to the gym and and finish working out but in the morning it's it's well the first things I do and I I talked to Jesus there sometimes I'm under the stars sometimes I see the glow coming up over the superstitions and I talked to Jesus my practices I pray in tongues every day that's like a whole nother subject I'm just gonna tell you it's a gift of the Spirit and it's still alive today and as I as I as I pray as I acknowledge there are times where I'm walking I have had tears coming down my face because I'm I'm struggling with some of the realities of life and where's God in this I'm giving things to him and there's times where my knees get a little weak and leadership here at via and I'm praying for strength and boldness and there's times I'm interceding for you there's times I'm grieving because people leave our church or I'm grieving for things that are happening in the kingdom or I grieve for my kids there's whole bunch of things that happen and I pray but it's not just me laying out my cares there's something deeper that happens there's this fellowship with Jesus there's this conversations with Jesus and he speaks to me and I speak to him and there's times the staff knows as much some I will come in and I'll go I just like the Lord showed me something today or he gave me he gave me an answer to something we're struggling with like the Lord speaks to us there and I would tell you to go beyond just making your list before God and praying before you eat and sending a little a little social media thing all the lords with me I know it like talk to him practice his presence he is with you the same glory that was on Jesus and has revealed in Jesus on the cross and his resurrection dwells in you and I I feel like we are neglecting the spirit I feel like we neglect this communication with the spirit because the Lord has more for you and His Word will come more alive to you and and we were singing that song before blessing as sure as he goes this is my story this is my song praising my Savior all dealing every time I read them like I can't there's been very few days I've ever praised him all day long I'm sorry I enter into the cares of the day and I have to have meetings and I don't know how to do that day in and day out all day long I always feel like it's a lie when we sing that but this goal praying without ceasing and that's not just constantly giving requests it prayer is two-way communication my friend and there are times that I I'm just gonna say this when I I sense that when we gather that some of you though you believe the right thing your week is so filled with prayerlessness that even in the midst of lyrically rich moments and communal worship with God you aren't even closing yourself in in this moment and recognizing the power and presence of Jesus with you you're going through the motions you're saying the right words you're saying the right things you raise your hand at the right moment but if you told him you know one can do this for you if you don't commune with Jesus he you might look at your life and go I wish I was more of a man or one of God I I wish that I you know could give victory in this or get victory in that or I wish that this was different in my life but if some of you have heard enough sermons and if it's not fixed by now you ought to be going what's wrong with this it isn't the power of the gospel that's wrong it's the fact that you haven't commune with Jesus because he does this and the privacy and the intimacy of your heart and he brings new life to you as you pray and as the spirit intercedes through you and as he talks to you and he shows you things that's what changes you from the inside out not sermons from the outside in not just worship times trying to try to change your way this is not a call to a Christian life this is a call to Jesus when you commune with Jesus like this that's the Christian life the Christian if you just try to mimic the Christian life I mean there yes I'd like to as a as a pastor I wish the statistics were different I I I think there's things we need to lean into I think there's things of our culture that have absolutely infiltrated us and corrupted our understanding of the gospel and wreaks havoc and what God really wants to do in us but I'll tell you it isn't going to just be toeing the line on Christian behavior it is going to be God's people seeking his spirit and the spirit speaking to you not just oh my pastor's been preaching about this and I really got to work on it Oh my church is talking about it yeah I think it's probably right no the spirit of Jesus wants to speak to you he'll tell you what to say before you have to say it he'll give you a desire for the things of God he'll transform you from the inside out wake up and start talking to Jesus Church wake up and hear the voice of the Spirit be continuously filled with the spirit is what we're told continuously like we're leaky it leaks out of us I've got this fountain in our backyard and it's in twice a day it goes on with a pool pump and it drops a sheet of water it's really cool but but it's it's work because you got to watch this fountain because things go wrong and it's a pool pump and things get stuck in it and I'm always trying to keep the birds out of it and I got bleach in it I'm always working on this thing but but there's a there's a there's a cistern on the side of our house that has a level with a little float in it and the same level of that is the same level of the fountain right and so the cistern receives water and when the fountain loses water from evaporation or the wind blows it when it's on or something like that it fills it back up okay it's a beautiful system and so this this constantly stays full but there's there's as we go as we go through life when we ignore the presence of Jesus in us it just begins to evaporate house it just bleeds out of us until we need to be continuously filled with the spirit like a constant flow of affright ways to say a fresh outpouring of the spirit why do we need a fresh outpouring of the spirit cuz we leak in a sort of dries up we need something fresh today and it's out of that living water flowing out of us it is that bubbling spring of life in us it is that baptism and immersion of the Spirit it is that communion with Jesus that talking with Jesus and hearing Jesus's voice and him working at helping us our advocate or comforter a counselor counseling us through the sin and the muck and the mire of our lives so that his glory can be seen in us again it is through that by which we minister to others like we can we can proclaim God's Word but if we aren't being filled with the spirit if we don't have new life with the Spirit we are just ministering dead words we go through motions and we're missing the very power of the Spirit of God in us because we're saying all the right things but we're missing this dynamic the spirit of Jesus my friend the glory of Jesus has been deposited in you and you know what it is it's a guarantee of your Redemption because there's a day where a call of God's the whole earth will be filled with God's glory again but in the meanwhile God's plan today is that he everyone who believes will do the works that Jesus did by the same spirit of Jesus and I would just call you that I pray that there's that there's different kinds of prayers when we worship I pray that we'd close ourselves in it and that some of you would maybe come to an altar there's something about kneeling and prying and closing yourself in and saying God I'm seeking you this comes from seeking the Spirit of God in your life this this seeking out God I need a fresh revelation from you today I need you to make your word come alive I need you to do your good work on me we need to be doing this in our homes and in an August in a couple of weeks we're going to leave the Gospel of John again because there's some things that are really on my heart and as I came back from Thailand I came in within a couple hours of landing I got with Donovan and Dave our executive team and said here's some things that are on my heart that we have got to focus on and so we're gonna take a few weeks we're gonna talk about technology in families but and we're gonna talk about just where the gospel is to say about immigration and begin that conversation a bit but then I'm also going to talk about family worship practices and some things that really have to happen in our homes and some things that I think God wants to do in us but but guys I pray that the Spirit of God would begin to just move in us as we ask them to that we would begin to commune with the spirit of God but every day every day why we choose to ever spend a day without doing spiritual practices of a closing ourselves and then seeking the Spirit of God I don't know why we would ever do that I would never go a day without brushing my teeth I would never go a day without a shower I do it every day and you're glad spirit of the Living God fall fresh on us there's not enough good preaching good preaching is good but it doesn't change a life great programs at a church they're good and they're helpful but Jesus transforms lives classes how to grow in your faith and reading Scripture needed but the Holy Spirit is the ultimate disciple er and if you start praying and you start listening to the spirit you start practicing his presence you spend some time every day Jesus you're here and just start pouring out your heart I need to see you reveal to me who you are again pour out fresh upon me give me wisdom speak to me again cause your word to come alive in me like these our prayers that should be just rolling off of our tongues every day and when that happens you're gonna grow in your faith in ways like you have never seen and you're gonna start to see things change and other people gonna see things change in you you have a heart for the gospel the other heart for the things of God you'll have a heart for the Capitol churches Capitol seed church of Jesus around the world like suddenly you'll have a totally different perspective just lean in to the Spirit of God so god I've shared my heart and I I pray right now that anything that just was out of order you take it from our minds but spirit of the Living God and try home to us that which you would have for us I pray we just repent God for going through our day just trusting in our ascent to the right beliefs at times and not really communing with you God forgive me of that and I pray that you would fill us with your spirit that you would gift us with gifts that the glory of Jesus would be seen in us that you would speak to us that we would understand what that means to walk with you and talk with you and experience joy as we gather together with you each day change us from the inside out we pray Oh God cause us to be people of your spirit knowing you we're gonna partake of the Lord's table and we're gonna serve it to you today the elements or is the greater Church of Jesus often calls it the Eucharist yes these are symbols that yes this is remembrance yes it's celebration of the work of Christ but even Jesus is teaching here that we just read today most likely happen in the midst of the table and the bread and the cob and this is more about presence of Jesus than anything there's massive the outlet of theological debate that's been going on for a very very long time but how much is the presence of Jesus in the elements I don't think it matters all we need to know is that Jesus the presence of Jesus is always here in a powerful way when these elements are present and when we when you hold this bread in this cup like countless people have done for over two thousand years in all different cultures and all different contexts with all different types of elements as you look at the cup in their bread today I want you to just sort of whisper and say Jesus you're here Jesus you're here and as real as these elements are in my hands be that real to be in my spirit and reveal Jesus to me and as you get the cup and the bread today hold it we're gonna partake together and just before you partake of it we'll pray together I'll lead you through that because I want us to pause and recognize the presence of Jesus as we have these elements of Usher's come you

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