Anonymous Members Arrested – FBI Fear Mongering?

twenty five members of anonymous have
been arrested across europe inderpal arrested them apparently they have an
insider that uh… was with anonymous but is a turncoat he’s known as the real sabu uh… on
twitter apparently and he helped uh… these international uh… organizations
catch uh… anonymous hackers not only in
europe but also in the united states as well now even have a debate as to you know uh… criminal of laws that they broke
and whether they should be arrested well you know and what you have in the
once they are estimating that is a widget amid debate okay by now has two what the f_b_i_ is saying about them that part idle file a german i’ll tell
you while you meetings etc wants uh… robert miller is that director of
the f_b_i_ any says first quote it in the not-too-distant future we
anticipate that the cyber threat will pose and number one threat to our
country and just warming up there and it’s over the time rhetoric because
i thought the terrorists where the number one threat because they kill
people like john nine eleven all those people dead but now they say cyber security that they just left it at that looks
iris purity is a real threat you know if people break-in whether this
is the allied entities or they get in the government you know a cancer surreal issued by the
government has to deal with bright the letter there its part of course is a prelude to robert moore
saying next we need to take the lessons learned front terrorism and apply them to cybercrime there we go now what we’ve done we told him you know they pass these
laws say all we got to get the terrorists and their associated forces all the sudden they would start
expanding the definition of terrorists and we showed you in one case they were
like twelve the drug gangs i mean they really terrorize people they’re pretty close a terrorist and now apparently cybercrime virtual crime not to say that it’s not a
real crime but it’s all up is apparently equivalent of terrorist
but he continues once isolated hackers have joined forces to formal criminal syndicate they were used to be isolated but now their criminal syndicates their mobs
their mafias their terrorist he said he has these people are whatever we do them a spa beastly
justified and this is i’d think particularly
troubling ’cause now he’s addressing this the
private corporations pieces remember when they broke into strap for another
was dead and found out all the things we’re doing
two hoots private corporations with the u_s_
government and they found your intelligence there
to any tells them quote we must work together to safeguard our property to safeguard
our ideas to safeguard our innovation we must use our conduct emiti to stop
lows who seek to do us harm if anonymously seeking to do private
corporations any harm to their property well that terrace aren’t that and here’s our f_b_i_ director pelham private corporations why don’t we fifty billion more connected anybody know what it’s called when
business and state merges and they know what that political term
ends i don’t know how i’ll let you look at and he says let’s get even more
connected ed hackers political hack in this get into your private corporations and
find out any of your information at all always think any of your property is
damaged don’t worry will call them terrorist and lock them
up forever fantastic anonymous through their twitter account europe and on news said quote so
according to f_b_i_ as new logic hacking accompany is worse than an event like nine eleven which resulted in thousands of deaths hash tag fear-mongering as exactly right not enough it’s not just fear-mongering
for the sake of fear mongering it’s also done to make sure that they could be applied
maximum penalty the people who for the find the most
building dot the most of the earth committing violent crimes the most
guilty of violating but poor part of our government which is the spot secret information that they have and how they work with private business
interest the further private business interests that’s a information they’d desperately
don’t want you to know and if you go to that forget people being killed forget
al-qaeda forget real terrorists if you’re back wall they show people how your government
sells you out day in and day out for an extra buck for their friends in those private corporations well then
you’re the terrorist and you got to go away for a long long time what’s happened or government is a travesty i don’t know how we’re gonna get it back
uh… i do know the one thing we have so we have to do is separate businesses state and separate our government from the inflows of money but it’s also really corrupted that are f_b_i_ director is talking
about how we need to have more kind activity between business and government and make sure that none of the citizens actually find out
of sequence

100 thoughts on “Anonymous Members Arrested – FBI Fear Mongering?

  1. OK I am tired of people talking shit about the police ,FBI ,ect… if it were not for the police our country would be like Iraq or some other country where you can not walk outside with out getting shot

  2. The government call us terrorists so they can make the people believe that they are favoring bad people! Its all lies and they twist our cause for there benefit!

  3. Well Cenk, the best way to fix the government is to join Let's get money out of politics.

  4. Money and politics has gone so overboard that it wouldn't matter whether they are democratic or republican. Either way, the corporations are still in charge.

  5. Corporations may be lucrative but we should understand that they give people millions of jobs. They may have billions but they use this funds to secure ppls jobs and they're business afloat. They buyout Private business, evidently there are thousands competing each other which eventually will close due to overpopulation. We don't need a general thought to decide the fate of society by. Multiple ideas that will later on contradict the main purpose.

  6. Everything has a reason, and anonymous is a majority thought that will falter like moses and the golden calf. We need a Moses not a vast majority who thinks only about filling their boats with fish which only god can provide

  7. Yeh it's really sad that Anonymous is such a faggy club tho. It'd be cool if they changed their image and had older people in it instead of these carbon copy fourteen year old clones that spill out the same rehashed phrases.

  8. Nothing lasts forever. Even a worldwide organization. As a Christian I do not want to argue with brute force, so its up to you to believe my statement.

  9. The word Plutocracy comes to mind! Plutocracy (from Greek πλοῦτος, ploutos, meaning "wealth", and κράτος, kratos, meaning "power, dominion, rule"), also known as plutonomy or plutarchy, defines a society or a system ruled and dominated by the small minority of the top wealthiest citizens.

  10. @john doe
    The only people worried about anonymous are the people that don't know anyone who is well informed the way they should be is aware that the government Is where the problems lie

  11. not terrorist, they are a group of activist, that are not afraid to say what needs to be said. Anonymous is the true activist group that will change the world
    Fuck you! Fuck the government! everything that the government is hiding will never be forgotten! Anonymous <3

  12. A well known Australian actress was recently given a hard time when going through US customs. She was carrying a handbag that was thought to be a copy of a Designer brand. It is obvious that the US government is far to close to big business, and to concerned about protecting their interests. Anybody that opposes the status quo is now branded a terrorist.  Good report, thanks.

  13. Some of the people who are sharing comments on your channel are trying to sound smart. Unfortunately, they do not know how to spell or use correct grammar and punctuation thus making them to look more like idiots, for example look at the posts of  zSkulla. 

  14. Anonymous is not a syndicate, or a terrorist cell. Anonymous is an idea, an idea anyone could be a part of. It's true democracy. We are all anonymous 🙂

  15. People in the comments anonymous is a joke. The only power this harmless cult group has is perception. They try to make you think your part of the bigger thing fixing what's broken but let's face it they are a group of ignorant assholes who crave attention. Don't be anonymous be youself.

  16. Allt som sägs här är så mycket mer avancerat att inte ens världen förstår.
    Jag tror inte ens att dom som har tagit maskerna på sig förstår.
    detta handlar om klimatet och hur världen kan förändras snabbt utan att ens dom som leker med världen förstår vad som händer.
    med mindre ord.
    Förändring  kan gå ur spår även om man har bra avsikter eller dåliga.

  17. Everything said here is so much more advanced that not even the world understands. 
    I do not even think those who have taken the masks on themselves understand. 
    this is about the climate and how the world can change quickly without even thous who are playing with the world understand what is happening. 
    with less words. 
    Change can go off track even if you have good intentions or bad.

  18. I think I'm going to walk around town for a few hours wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and see what happens. If I get arrested, then, well, I will prove the point I'm trying to convey.

  19. If youre true anon it does not matter with where and what you experience
    …for what matters is how you stand during the unfortunate times we face. UNITED!

  20. Anonymous is not a threat to our country, they are a threat to our corrupt government. Fuck the FBI, Anonymous is trying to reveal the truth to the people. They are trying to wake us up!

  21. Leve them alone anonymous is helping us and i am to so stop for
    We are anonymous
    We are legon
    We dont forgive
    We dont forget
    Exept us.

  22. Anonymous is no threat they fought for our rights! the government is a threat they can't make our rules happen people have to agree too! It needs to stop! We've been slaves all our lives and we didn't know it! When will it get through peoples heads we are human beings NOT dogs! We should be equal! All of us!

  23. You know I hate the government more than the next guy, I find it to be full of idiotic morons and should all be band from ever having their jobs back.
    the fact that ananymous are a hacking ORGANIZATION does infact make them a terrorist organization. they have hacked into Chinese nuclear facilities and have made blunt statements such as "we will attack" "you will fear" and "you will forget". Those are all statements that a terrorist group would make and if they chose to act as such they damn well better be willing to accept what happens to them.

  24. anon is kind of like the dark knight of the web. get the man, not the symbol. Overall, I have no issue with anon. They have ( to my knowledge ) attacked something that might be ethically wrong. I dunno, kinda like batman on the web. Rather them than nsa when it comes to me personally lol.

  25. This is proof that America is trying to take away our freedom Anonymous stands for total freedom isn't that what the U.S stands for

  26. Give them no signs of aggression. Take a silent stand, turn your back, take away their ability, to make excuses for violence, resist peacefully, resist silently.

  27. NBI don't understand what we are fighting for! They misinterpret our goal. They want us all to get caught coz they are afraid.

  28. We want peace not war we protect in peace not violence

    Help expose the truth support anonymous
    We are a legion
    We don’t forgive
    We don’t forget

    E͟͟X͟͟P͟͟E͟͟C͟͟T͟͟ U͟͟S͟͟ we are Anonymous

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