Announcements and Items of Interest – Rudy Pozzatti (May 2015)

Rudy Pozzatti:
Let’s try to wrap up now. There are a few items of interest and announcements that I
want to bring to your attention. We have three reports from the American College of Medical
Genetics and Genomics, American Society of Human Genetics, and the National Society of
Genetic Counselors. These are a list of their recent activities that are relevant to their
societies. If you want the latest of what’s going on in those organizations, I would recommend
those reports to you. I’m going to read the conflict of interest statement, and again,
this refers to the applications that you will be reviewing in the closed session. “You must leave the room when the applications
submitted by your own organization are being individually discussed. In the case of state
higher education or other systems with multiple campuses geographically separated, own organization
is intended to mean the entire system, except where determination has been made that the
components are separate organizations for the purpose of conflict of interest. You should
avoid situations that could give rise to charges of conflict of interest, whether real or apparent.
For example, you should not participate in the deliberations and actions of any application
from or involving your spouse, your child or recent student or recent teacher, professional
collaborator with whom you’ve worked closely, a close personal friend, or a scientist with
whom you’ve had long-standing scientific or personal differences. NHGRI staff will determine
the appropriate action based on recency, frequency, and strength of such associations or interests,
either positive or negative, and will instruct you accordingly. In council actions in which
you vote on a block of applications without discussing any individual one,” this is the
on block action, “your vote will apply to any application from institutions fulfilling”
— “your vote will not apply to any applications from institutions fulfilling the criteria
noted above. Please sign the conflict of interest and disposal of confidential materials form
which have been provided to you, and they will be collected at the end of the meeting.” So that’s the end of the open session. I
have just one more thing that I would like to say, and that is at the September meeting,
we’ll be introducing a new crop of program analysts to you. That means this summer, roughly
half of them are departing. And these are special people; many of you have probably
had interactions with them: lots of phone calls, lots of documents. We rely on these
people. They do a lot for us in operating the background. I’m happy to tell you they’re
going off to medical school, they’re going to grad school, they’re going to law school,
they’re going to genetic counseling programs. It’s an impressive group, and for those of
you that are still in the audience who are leaving us — not going to attempt to name
everybody — but would you please stand? Jackie? Thank you all. [applause] [end of transcript]

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