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Hello everyone. I’d like to share with you some very exciting
news. Some of you may have noticed that a few weeks
ago I launched channel memberships on The Art of Improvement. It was a “soft” launch without any sort
of announcement but lots of you have still signed up and I’d like to thank each and
every one of you for your support. I have now expanded the membership to offer
three unique tiers with various different perks which I have officially launched today. Before I continue I’d like to reassure you
that there will be no change to the channel and I will be releasing a new animated video
every Sunday like I always do. So if you’re not interested in any of the
awesome extra perks that being a channel member provides, I’ve just published this week’s
video for you, as usual. For the rest of you, here are the details… Channel memberships are a feature on YouTube
that allow a subscriber to not only support their favourite creator but also to get access
to various “perks”. I am offering three different tiers of membership. The first tier is the supporter tier. This is the tier to join if you just want
to help me to keep doing what I’m doing. You’ll be able to engage more deeply with
the channel and connect with like-minded people on members-only posts. You’ll also see a loyalty badge when you comment
on any of the videos that you can wear with pride so people will then know that you’re
part of the community. Your comments will also take priority over
non-members’ comments. The second tier is the essentials tier. As well as all the perks mentioned so far,
members of this tier will get exclusive access to the complete illustrations of every video. That’s already over 100 images in the image
archive and a new illustration will be added every week. The final tier is called the complete package. As well as all the perks mentioned so far,
these members will receive exclusive early access to all new videos, a whole week in
advance. That means that next week’s video is available
right now. I have been looking for a way to make this
channel and the effort I put into it financially viable, without taking anything away from
regular viewers, as I did not want to hide exclusive content behind any sort of paywall. You are welcome to join or not join. I hope that with this setup everybody wins,
as all of you that have asked me in the past now have a way of supporting the channel. In short, the channel won’t be affected
at all. As I mentioned earlier, for non-members a
new video will still be released every Sunday. Now, if you’d just like to watch this week’s
video – click here. If you’d like to become a channel member
– click here. The channel membership feature allows me the
ability to offer you something a little bit extra, so hopefully I’ll see you on the other
side. Until then, have a great week ahead and, as
always, thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT | Become a member today! πŸ‘

  1. What do you think of Memberships? Let me know! And for those of you that have decided to signup, head over to the Community tab to find a special post, just for you:

  2. This is paying for not being able to wait, I can wait. . .however I would pay if more depth could be added sources references, challenges for members to take part in, give aways for members etc.

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