Animal Rescue Stories – Rescuing a Donkey

as a young child i was forced to go on sunday
drives with my family to various places in New England it was normally torture until one
sunday when everything changed things changed when we stopped one time at a petting zoo and it was kind of attached to a general store
my brother went off in one direction i went towards the donkey because i just hadn’t really
seen a donkey before you know and went and had a handful of feed in my hand and he saw
that and so he was your best friend at that point he responded immediately yes one time we went to the petting zoo and the store
was going out of business the pets were for sale as well and all the pets every week we would go the pets would disappear
little by slow the donkey he remained the owner had an idea that he would
put a sign over the donkey with a price on it and the price was i think at first it was four hundred two
hundred and fifty crossed off it eventually said free and we’d kinda grown
attached to him by that point so we %uh had a dilemma on our hands and you write
in the book free meant trouble for your parents yes it certainly did it took weeks of persuading but we kinda wore down our parents a little bit and he finally says does he not we’ll take him yes
dad says we’ll take him our family had chester for close to fourteen years before he passed
away his passing was a few years back but everytime
i go into my home town today and run across people from the old neighborhood they always want
to remind me of a funny story about chester the consensus favorite is the time he got
loose from his rope and ran all the way down to the center of town about a mile away where he fell in love with the granite statue commemorating
Mary’s Little Lamb please can we keep the donkey is available
online at all proceeds from please can we keep the donkey go to the shadow fund which was established to help pet owners who cannot afford necessary medical treatment for their pet This excerpt is brought to you by the massachusetts
school of law 0:02:14.619,0:02:15.829

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