Animal Farm | Snowball v Napoleon | 60second Recap®

Good evening, and welcome to the first inter-Porcine
debate here at Animal Farm. I’m Jenny Sawyer, and tonight our friends, Snowball and Major,
will debate … Whether Marxist principles are best transformed
into practice through the mobilization of the proletariat … Or whether collective interests are best promoted
through centralized coordination of the people’s industry. I thought we going to talk about windmills. Snowball, the first 10 seconds are yours. We’ve fought nobly and bravely to overthrow
the oppressive humans. Now, we must build our noble animal society. Step one, build
a windmill to generate electricity with which…. Napoleon, your rebuttal. No. No, you don’t want to offer a rebuttal or
… No. Oookay. Snowball, critics of your windmill
plan say that it gives farm residents less time for producing food. You have ten seconds. This is a specious argument, and a limiting
one. After all, we’ve been farming for as long as we’ve been on the farm, while our
human overlords have kept us from a more expansive expression of our … Napoleon. No. You didn’t wait for me to finish. No. You don’t know what I was going to say. Ignoramus. Pig. Stalinist. Dogmeat. OK, thanks for joining us. During tomorrow
night’s debate … Hey call off your … AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

9 thoughts on “Animal Farm | Snowball v Napoleon | 60second Recap®

  1. You should act more serious in your videos and maybe you'll help more people. I see your trying to help but you're really annoying with the stupid pig costumes you should just talk factual and not giggly..

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