Angel Numbers 1111, 777, 444 and more DECODED!

Hey, everyone, I’m Nicole Guillaume with guiding
echoes the channel that is devoted to your spiritual and personal growth, and in this
video, I am answering one of the questions you have been asking me the most and it is
what is up with these numbers that I am seen all the time! So, let’s say that you’re driving to work
and you see a billboard and on that billboard is the number [1111]; No big deal you’ve seen
that number before, right? you continue driving and in front of you at some point is a license
plate that says [1111] and you think to yourself huh twice in this span of 5minutes, what are
the odds? later you get to work you’re talking to a
co-worker you exchange numbers and you look down and within his phone number is [1111]
and at that point you start to think to yourself hmm this seems like a little bit more than
a coincidence, what the heck is going on? So, let me explain that to you; the universe
uses numbers and patterns to get our attention, and so, when you see a specific sequence of
numbers popping up over and over again it means that there is some type of vibrational
match that you are in tuned to and the universe is trying to get your attention because it
wants to give you a message, usually it’s trying to give you a validation or it wants
to give you some type of warning even, and the warnings aren’t usually bad it may just
be something like hey you’re a little too into your thoughts right now let’s raise your
vibration. So, the common belief is that these numbers
come to us from our Angels which makes sense because the word angel means messenger; so,
angels are experts that given our attention and are relaying different messages to us. However, angels aren’t the only ones that
use numbers to get our attention, and God uses numbers to get our attention or the universe
or whatever you’d like to call it; our higher self our spirit guides our loved ones on the
other side can all use this repeated sequence of numbers to get our attention. So, in this video we are going to dive into
the most common number so that if you do start to see them pop up over and over again you’ll
get a sense of what they mean for you. So, let’s go ahead and start with the number
that might be most common to you but not very common for others, and it is your birth date. So, my birthday is December 13th, so when
I start to see 1213 pop up over and over again believe me I pay attention and when your birth
date starts to come up of course I’m talking out numerically, when it starts to come up
in a lot of different forms and unexpected ways of course it is a sign that you are on
the right path for your destiny. So, if you are starting to feel discouraged
or you’re wondering what am I doing with my life or should I quit what it is that I’m
doing, am I making the right decisions, this angel number is letting you know you are absolutely
on the right path and keep going, and it is a sign of encouragement for when you’re feeling
discouraged, and it also pops up at a time when you may not be able to see the full picture. So, let’s say for example that you have a
plan for your own life and as you’re implementing this plan you’re not seeing the results that
you want, in fact maybe you’re making all the right choices and doing all the right
things and yet things keep blowing up in your face and when that happens it can be so discouraging
and we start to doubt ourselves we lose trust in ourselves we lose trust in the universe
we start to wonder what the heck is going on here? like why did that feel as if the universe
is conspiring against me, and in those moments it’s really important for us to stay strong
and stay stubborn and resilient and continue going along that path anyway, because what
will happen is that we will grow through these struggles if we continue to barrel through
them. And so, yes you may be experiencing some discouragement
you’ll be experiencing some challenges, there will be some heavy things happening in your
life but if you keep seeing your birthday popping up over and over again it’s saying
this is just temporary this is just a season, you’re on the right track keep going things
are going to turn around but you have to be patient keep making the right choices keep
moving towards your goal keep moving to wherever your heart lies keep moving forward on that
path and eventually doors will begin to open for you, okay. So, take this note of encouragement and know
that things will change but it may take some time. The next number on the list is [9-1-1], and
if you live in the united states of America you’re familiar with this number because it’s
the number we dialed in an emergency when we need the assistance from the cops and ambulance
or possibly the fireman. So, when 9-1-1 begins to show up repeatedly
in your life it is in fact a warning it is telling you to pay careful attention to your
surroundings and to pay very careful attention to any contracts you may sign our agreements
you may want to get into; it can also indicate deceit on behalf of the people around you
or that there is an energy vampire in your mist. So, if 9-1-1 starts popping up and you start
to get a sense that someone in your inner circle may not have your best interest in
mind or someone is conspiring against you 9-1-1 is your validation that this isn’t just
in your head and you need to listen to your gut. So, this doesn’t mean that you confront the
person it doesn’t mean that you do anything nasty or that you become overly suspicious
of them when they’re just basically minding their own business, it means that you’ll just
be careful with the interactions that you have with them and maybe you limit yourself
without causing the scene because they could be up to something that may work against you,
so just pay attention to that. Alright. So, next on our list is [1 1 1], and if you’ve
been seeing this number a lot it basically means that it is time for you to embrace your
individual personal power; 1 1 1 is preparing you to step out of the crowd to step out of
your social group because you’re going to be on your own for a while. And while that may sound scary it really isn’t,
111 means that whatever dreams you have whatever goals you have now it’s the time to get serious
about it because you are in magic making mode and that’s a good mode to be in. However, when you’re there you’re going to
notice that your creativity muscles seem to expand your connection to the universe it’s
even brighter and when this happens we want to almost cocoon ourselves so that we can
stay in that vibe to create whatever it is we’re creating. So, the reason you may need to step away from
your friends for a season or maybe just not hang out with them quite so much is because
you want to be able to put your attention and your intention and your energy into this
creative mode. The reality is that as much as we love hanging
out with our friends if we’re spending time with them that means we’re probably not spending
time with the thing that we’re trying to create; so, if you’re wanting to write a book or if
you’re even just wanting to exercise more and get your body in shape if you’re wanting
to work on your relationship, how likely are you able to do that if you’re still hanging
out with the crowd too much. So, I’m not saying that you need to deny your
friends but I am saying that more time to yourself and more time focusing on your goal
and your purpose is going to be beneficial to you. So, 1 1 1 is a wonderful time to kind of detach
reflect and ask yourself what do I want to create because your energy is ready to create
those things or start putting a plan together so you can create wonderful things in your
life. Alright. So, let’s move on to [1111] which is the most
common angel number that people see, so of course it’s the most common number that they
recognize. Now, [1111] can be a wonderfu number to see
or it can give you [customer] and here’s why; 1111 is a sign that what you’ve been creating
via your thoughts your energy your behaviors and actions is manifesting now, not later
not sometime down the line but right now it’s coming to you quickly. So, this can be a great thing if you have
been sowing seeds of peace of magic of wonder of love of Hope of faith of abundance, if
you’ve been planting the right seeds those wonderful things are going to show up in your
life and they’re going to show up quickly. So, remember you reap what you sow. 1111 may
not be the best number for you if you have been sowing seeds of destruction of chaos
of disagreements of arguments, this is not going to be a fun time for you. So, there is a flip side to this and it is
when you start seeing [1111] you may want to start putting your prayers and attention
out there and saying alright God I know that I haven’t been in the right frame of mind
lately and I don’t want to create destruction and chaos in my life, so please at least have
a plan for me at the end of this like guide me through this because I know what I’ve been
creating hasn’t been that great and I’m a little nervous to go through whatever it is
I’ve created. So, own it own it know that you haven’t been
making the best decisions know that things haven’t been going the way that you wanted
them to because of your actions or your thoughts or your energy and ask for divine help because
they will give it to you, they’re not going to let you off the hook because there’s always
a consequence to our actions and there’s always a lesson there’s always a gift in the lessons
that we create for ourselves but they can at least give you the grace the strength the
courage to get through those troubling times. So, just something to be aware of, if you
see 1111 you can either be excited about it or you might be a little nervous but just
embrace whatever it is you’ve been creating and take the appropriate action as you move
into that space and into that energy of whatever it is you’ve been creating. So, next we move to 222, so this is a wonderful
vibration because it is about balance harmony peace and we like these things, right? So, when we think of balance I want you to
think of a set of scales; balance sometimes can be really boring but here are times and
balance is very necessary because when the scales are balanced nothing is happening and
sometimes we need to be in that area of nothing happening so we can just kind of rest and
rejuvenate. So, 222 is telling you that things are either
in balance or maybe you need to get something them down. So, maybe we want to disperse the chaos for
a little bit so that eventually we can bring in joy and hope and faith. Sometimes though, we are in an energy where
we’re too angry we’re too frustrated there’s just too many things going on and we don’t
even know what it would feel like to be in an energy of peace much less joy. So, 222 is reminding you to bring balance
into your life and you’ll want to take a look at the situations that you’re in and all the
life challenges you’re facing and just ask yourself, okay, on a scale of 1 to 10 how
stressed out am I about this situation here and what actions can I take? what thoughts do I need to adopt? what beliefs do I need to change in order
to get this little balanced? what do I need to do what do I need to believe
what do I need to think to take the sting out of this subject? Because if you’re honest with yourself, right,
if you’re thinking about money or your love life or your kids or whatnot there are elements
of that that probably hurt, they’re painful they’re stressful there’s a sting to it. So, think of 222 as a way of saying we’re
going to get the tweezers and the antiseptic and we’re going to take the Stinger out and
you’re not going to feel wonderful right away but we’re at least going to take out the things
that are hurting you so that your body can get back in balance. I did this because I’m thinking of getting
the bee stinging me here but anyway [unclear] get your body back into balance and since
balanced you can move forward and you can be the ferocious tiger that we know you are
and you can get out there and create the life that you want and be that ambitious go-getter
that you are and go live the life that you deserve. So, 222 can be about balance but it can also
be about teamwork collaboration and if you are looking for your life partner it could
be an indication that your soulmate is on his or her way to you, so there’s a lot of
different ways to look at 222 and you will know which of these messages are most likely
based on what’s happening in your life. So, if you’re seeing this number a lot you
may want to take some time to journal about what’s happening in your life and ask yourself,
is this coming up because my soul mates are right in? is this coming up because I need
to start asking people for help maybe delegating some of my responsibilities? or do I need
to take the sting out of some of my life issues so that I can be balanced calmer and more
peaceful in these areas which will allow me to make better decisions? 333 is next on the list and this is a number
that can be very encouraging regardless of what you’re going on in life, because it means
that you are heavily is supported by divine spiritual beings. So, if you’re a Christian and you believe
in the Trinity it means that you’re fully supported by the Father the Son and the Holy
Spirit right now, so they’re wrapping their arms around you they’re embracing you and
they are helping you through whatever life situation you’re going through. However, if you’re not a Christian and that’s
okay, whatever divine beings you believe in whether it’s ascended masters or different
gods and goddesses this is a sign that they are in tuned with you right now, so they have
heard your prayers they have seen your rituals you’ve gotten their attention and they are
ready to work with you now. So, the question is, are you ready to work
with them? 333 can also be an invitation to meditate
more to get serious about your prayer life to dive into more spiritual books the ones
that really resonate with you or the ones you’ve been curious about for a while. For me when I see 333 recently I’ve been thinking
to myself hmm I really should pick up some books on Hinduism because lately that has
been a belief system that I’ve been curious about. So, whatever religious theme has been popping
up in your mind or not religious exactly but you know spiritual it means that this is a
time for you to explore that because you have the attention of the divine masters of gods
and goddesses of the universe so move forward in that spiritual belief. 333 can also indicate that there is something
in your past that is currently affecting your present in a big way and if you don’t get
a handle on it it’s going to control your future as well. Now, of course this can be a positive thing
or it can ring the alarm bells; so, if you’re aware of something negative that is currently
influencing your present life it’s really important for you to tune into that and start
asking your gods goddesses ascended masters angels Jesus Christ whoever it is that you
work with for help in clearing the energy of this situation because you don’t want this
energy this mess and this hot mess to continue into the future and to start directing your
future events we want to get a handle on it now. So, just be aware of that and of course if
this is a good thing you know if there’s been an event in your past that’s affecting your
present in a good way then it can of course be a positive thing that it’s affecting your
future too, so you want to actually infuse that energy with even more positive thoughts
and positive language you know talking out loud in a way that is helpful and happy and
excitable because you want to feed positive energy into that. So, continue to ask your gods and goddess
your higher-self your angels who ever for help in this endeavor because as you’re bringing
this energy into your future of course you wanted to expand and you want it to be wonderful
so just ask for the resources that’ll make that happen. If 333 is of assignment the ascended masters
and divine beings are near you 444 is an indication that your angels want to work with you more. So, this is an invitation to get to know them
a little bit more to work with them or to dive into their energy, and if you don’t know
how to do that then pick up different books on the topic, there are so many out there
and of course there’s lots of videos about angels here on YouTube. Trust me there’s no shortage of them here
on YouTube, so check those out. My best advice though is to find a guided
meditation in which you meet your guardian angel; so find one that resonates with you,
there are some out there that are really great and there are some out there that are kind
of in, so play around with the different ones that are available see which one you like
and continue to make that a practice because the more you tune into your guardian angels
the more you tune into that angel energy the easier it’s going to be for you to communicate. So, I would say at the very least work with
them for 30 days straight, so do this guided meditation whichever one you find that you
like do it for 30 days consistently. My favorite angel meditation is called Living
Prayer by Kelly Howell, and that’s available on YouTube now so I’ll be sure to put a
link in the description area down below so you can check that out. 555 is a number that indicates change is coming
whether you are ready for it or not and it can also be a sign that change is needed. So, when you look at the angel numbers a lot
of them do indicate that there’s some type of transition needed, you know, 222 is about
balance or possibly teamwork, that’s a transition. 333 is about working closer with your ascended
masters gods and guides, that is a transition. 444 is a transition, 111 is a transition,
555 means that this is a change that is happening quickly, and so, when I think of this type
of change when 555 is coming up a lot what comes in line for me is [the tower card in
Tarot] this is a quick change that is unexpected that causes pure chaos. So, 555 is a warning for you to start getting
grounded now don’t wait for the chaos to start up before you start doing your meditations
and focusing on how to be more peaceful as you work through stress, start doing that
now because the change is coming; it is a change that is necessary, whenever change
comes into your life through divine means it is a change that is necessary that is needed
for your personal growth somehow, but that doesn’t mean that is comfortable, right? I think we can agree that some changes are
uncomfortable especially if we feel as if it’s happening outside of our own timeline
outside of our desires. So, I don’t know about you but I have had
plenty of experience when it comes to uncomfortable change uncomfortable transitions, and we want
to be sure that you are ready for that. So, start grounding find a guided meditation
that works well with you and I would also say don’t try to figure out what that change
is going to be, because you can have a million guesses and they could all be wrong, so just
know that the change is coming get grounded and I would even say start working with a
Reiki practitioner if you can, you know, start working on getting your energies balanced
and do what you have to do to build yourself up emotionally spiritually and energetically
so that when the change comes you’re ready for it, alright. Your [guarding’s] are going to start showing
you these numbers and them be like okay, you’re on your own or they’re not showing you these
numbers to scare you they’re showing them to prepare you for what’s to come, okay. So, don’t get scared don’t get mad don’t freak
out just start taking those self-care steps that you need to take now so you can ease
through the transition as peacefully as gracefully as possible. Next on our list is a number that scares a
lot of people and that number is 666, so there is no reason to fear this number it’s actually
a very good number because it is the number of luck abundance wealth and optimism; 666
is highly grounded in material things, so this means that it is closely associated with
your [root chakra]. We won’t talk about chakras too much, if you’ve
never heard this word before just do a little google search you’ll find all that you need
to know about it. But root chakras are also associated with
earth energy, and it is also grounded in wealth abundance money issues. So, 666 is a sign that abundance is coming
to you that wealth is coming to you or that you’re in the right vibration to start creating
it. 666 can also be the number of sexuality because
when you look at the number 6 can almost look like a pregnant person, seeing that look it
that’s where the little baby is. So, 666 can also be a number of pure raw sexuality,
it’s telling you that you are in vibration to have a wildly fun sexual life. So, if you’ve noticed that you’ve been getting
turned on a little bit more it’s because you’re in the vibrations to have a healthy happy
sex life and good for you that’s awesome. So, there’s no need to suppress those feelings
when they come up you just need to make sure that you’re practicing them with a safe partner
in a safe environment because of course sex can be dangerous which you already know. So, we’re not going to have that conversation
but it is telling that you can embrace it, right? own it, be an animal and let those instincts
thrive. So, while 666 is all about material things
and money and wealth and all those wonderful things that we would associate with the physical
world 777 is of course a higher vibration and this number is about spiritual involvement. So, this is telling that you are at a point
right now where you are growing exponentially in your spiritual life, and this can be so
encouraging because a lot of times we’re doing really well in our spiritual growth but it
doesn’t feel like it, right? we may feel as if our prayers are being answered we may be
meditating but feel as if our mind is wandering or we may feel as if our intuition is blocked
and when we are experiencing those type of blocks we start to think well maybe I’m not
spiritually evolved enough maybe there’s something wrong with me like oh my god how do I get
my intuition working again? And 777 is telling you hey everything’s fine
your spiritual evolvement is working the way it’s supposed to be you just have to be patient
with you you just have to work through it. And if you have been putting your spiritual
life to the side, well of course, 777 is an invitation to get back into it. So, if you’ve been seeing this number a
lot you’ve been maybe a little lazy on the meditations which no judgment here, it happens
to me too, it’s an invitation, right, it’s not a command it’s not a commandment it’s
an invitation to start meditating and praying and getting back to your spiritual roots again. So, introspection philosophy knowledge reading
singing spiritual [hymns] are all things that you can do they’re all things that are going
to be important during this time because it really feeds that spiritual side of you. So, start asking yourself, what are some things
that I can do to feed my spiritual life that’s not going to feel frustrating that’s not going
to make me feel as if I’m blocked and can open my intuition even further? But chances are that if you’re seeing 777
your intuition is on fire you’re noticing that your spiritual self maybe your […] your
energy feels brighter and bigger than usual, because if 777 is popping up it means you
are in a wonderful vibrational match for that number. 888 is an indication that prosperity is on
its way to you and it’s also an indication that you are supported in trying something
that is new. So, if there’s something that you’ve been
wanting to try but you’ve been putting it off say learning how to play the piano or
maybe wanting to take an art class or learning a new language this is a number so I’m going
to say hey go for it, what are you waiting for? just dive into it now’s the right time
for this and you’re fully supported in trying this new thing. 888 is also a number that I refer to as the
magician’s number because when you look at the magician [card and Terrell] you’ll notice
that the infinity symbol is above his head. Now, the infinity symbol looks as if the number
8 decided to lay down and take a nap, right? it’s the number 8 but on its side. So, when I say the number 8 to me I think
to myself wow this is a great time to start blending my intuition with the physical tools
that I have. So, that could mean that I am sitting at my
computer and I am opening up a word document and I am using that physical tools to start
channeling messages that are coming to me through my intuition, and if you’re someone
who likes to work with [class] it could mean that you are using those tools your paintbrushes
your beads your string whatever it is and you’re allowing that intuitive information
our universal energy to move through your consciousness, right, you’re using your intuition
to guide you in creating a beautiful painting or a new piece of jewelry or a new program
if you’re a computer programmer, right? So, this is a sign that you are in magician’s
mode that you are using both physical things and your intuition to create something new. When you see that number pause and think about
what new thing do I want to do? what do new thing do I want to create? what new skill would I love to pick up what
have I been avoiding? These are all wonderful introspective things
to ask yourself when you see the number 888. Now, 999 is the number of completion; so,
when you see this number it means either something is coming to an end or you need to put something
to an end. So, if you’re unhappy at your job if you are
unhappy at school if you’re unhappy in a relationship this is an indication that something in that
needs to end. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship
needs to end, it may mean that whatever is fueling the uncomfortableness in it is what
needs to end. So, maybe there needs to be a serious talk
where there needs to be or there’s a behavior that needs to stop. And when it comes to school it’s not necessarily
saying that you need to leave school but maybe you need to think about different options
that are available to you there; maybe you need to change your classes maybe you need
to go in for a different degree. So, think about what it is that makes you
feel not just stressed out because even when we’re on the path that’s right for us speaking
it stressed out but really ask yourself, is this sitting in my gut in a wrong way? Do I feel as if I’m on the wrong mode do I
feel as if I’m making a mistake by staying in this situation? Do I think that there’s something better for
me out there or is there a way that this situation can be better? and think about that. So, ask yourself, what needs to end? is it
a behavior? is it an entire situation? is it a relationship or something in the relationship? what needs to end? And the reason this is important is because
the thing that you are asking about is going to end one way or another and it’s a lot easier
if it ends on your terms. So, if 999 is coming up a lot and you know
what needs to end I would say take that step and being brave and figure out how you can
end it on your own in your terms, because if you don’t the universe is going to work
its magic and their ending can be very uncomfortable. So, pay attention to the sign work with it
and instead of fearing it embrace it and ask yourself, how can I bring about the best ending
and is this going to be in everyone’s best interest? Now, technically 999 is where we should end
things because it is the number of completion, but for me when I count 10 is always the last
number; so, we’re going to look at 101010. So, 101010 is a number that indicates that
you are focused and you are disciplined enough to make something happen, though enlightened
both spiritually and in the ways of the world which means that you have both intuitive information
intuitive wisdom but you’ve probably gone to the school of hard knocks and you understand
how the world works. And when you are armed with these two pieces
of information ah there’s no limit to what you can do. So, 101010 is not a number of completion when
you see it as an angel number, it’s more or less a number that is validating your wisdom
validating your knowledge and your self-worth. And if you start to see this in combination
with 3 3 3 or 4 4 4 consider yourself very lucky because now not only are you being recognized
as someone who has a lot of knowledge and wisdom in the spirit world and the physical
world, you are also wrapping that with the support of ascended masters angels spiritual
guides, so that is a wonderful vibration to be in. So, I hope that you found this video helpful;
now if you have a story in which you’re seeing a number frequently I would love to hear that,
so put it in the comment section down below. And if there’s a number that I missed or a
number that you’d love to talk about put that in the comment section down below – I’d love
to hear from you. If this is your first time watching one of
my videos I would like to welcome you to the guiding echoes community and I’d also like
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  21. Sorry Iโ€™m late to the party but… 1212 shows up a LOT for me because itโ€™s the number of the Archangels and Elohim… the Creator beings, and I am VERY close to several Archangels… in fact AA Raguel is my Guardian Angel. Great video ๐Ÿ’œ much love to you and I subbed ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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  27. We have been meditating. My husband and I see all of these numbers every day. 1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 888, 999, 000,ย 777, 666.ย  I started writing out my intentions in a notebook every time I see 1111 until November 11, 2020.ย  Especiallyย  222. When I graduatedย  college they gave me a number and It was 222.

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