Android Pie's DIGITAL WELLBEING In-Depth Review & Installation Guide

so Android 9pi just dropped and there's a ton of videos out there that are really great and are going over all the different changes with Android Pi but they keep missing one key feature that many of you within that this is tech today community and Beyond have been asking about what about digital well being so let's take a deep dive into digital well being and I can also show you how to get your hands on it today right after this hey friends this is Brandon here where this is tech today your source for honest tech reviews how to's and the news make sure to subscribe and hit that Bell icon to be notified when I post a video and let's get right into it first if you want updates on all the changes that came with Android Pi I've been following its development in the beta form and you can check it out in the post up here now what is digital well being it's a feature that Google has been working on for a while to help you understand the different ways that you use your phone so you can focus on the things that matter you can focus on relationships and adjust the notifications on your phone and it'll help you with winding down every-night digital well being and split into three different categories the dashboard the app timers and window to find digital while being in your settings when you load it up you'll see the overview screen as well as the three areas of focus within digital well being when you look at the overview screen you'll see how much screen on time you've had today and that's not the same metric that you'll find in the battery settings this is how much screen on time we've had within a 24 hour did you're able to see your commonly used apps and continually see how much of your time is using which app when you click on a specific app you can go into a more detailed look of your use of that app within it you can see how much time you've used with that particular app by day an hour you can even look at previous dates in your usage by day of the week and see whether you're more prone to use a certain app more often on the weekends than the weekday and below you can see how often you check your phone under unlocks or how many notifications you've received for that day now let's check out the dashboard and app timers with the dashboard you can access it either by clicking on the time in the center of the overview screen or by clicking on dashboard under ways to disconnect under the dashboard you can see the data it has collected for day in the blue bar you can actually toggle between screen on time notifications received and times opened the app timers show up in the list below and it will change depending on which option you choose with that list you can choose how long you can use each app if you set a time limit and you reach that limit it will not only agree out the icon to grayscale but to give you a warning saying that this app isn't available Instagram is paused because your app timer ran out to change settings tap learn more you can go in and change the timeline of course you can always go in there and change the setting it's not like a math problem or puzzle that you have to solve like my alarm clock that requires me to do math in order to wake up it's brutal but it's good anyways you can actually go into the settings and either adjust the time limit that you have set for that app or even remove it altogether and then you can allow the app to continue crushing your soul now let's check out one down under one down you can toggle it on and off and this is a setting where everything on your screen becomes grey this is one of the solutions given by Vox in their video it's not you the phones are designed to be addictive so this will help you control the phone rather than the phone controlling you within a winddown you can set a start and end time from when it goes to grayscale and even control your do not disturb settings there's even the option to adjust the settings for your nightlight and that's where you're able to you remove the blue colors from your screen and it adjusts a colour temperature so it's a bit warmer that helps you go to sleep a bit easier when other feature of digital well being is a centralized location for managing your notifications you can go through every app and either turn off all notifications for an app or specific components of an app in most cases you can go into the advanced notification settings of a specific app and make changes ooh does digital well-being make you feel maybe a bit anxious and vulnerable I think it's probably a good thing but I'm wondering what you guys think go ahead leave some comments down below on how you feel about all of this and maybe even some features that you found that I didn't talk about oh and if you want to download digital well-being you can either sign up on the actual digital well-being beta website where they'll send you an email to join the beta for me I signed up at 11 a.m. and I got it at 5:45 p.m. and if you're not the patient type you can download it from a PK mirror right now it's totally a super safe website to download apks and it's run by Android Play so you check every file to make sure you're safe when you download the apk if you haven't already you'll have to give your phone permission to install it there's just a setting in chrome that you have to check once you do that it'll show up in your downloads by default and you can install it there there's links down below in the description if you want to explore either of those options oh and one more thing and I'm going to put down my script here I just reached 1 million views and I just want to say thank you so much to all of you who have watched me over the course of this year and a half I just did not expect this to happen in the middle of January of 2017 I just started making videos just because I wanted to help out and to talk about tech things that I love and they have creativity and an opportunity to learn how to shoot video and mess with fancy lights and stuff and to be able to have an impact with all of you and that you appreciate my voice and the things I do I'm so appreciative of it all this stupid light anyways I'm incredibly grateful for all of you and I'm humbled by it and I'm really excited for what's ahead so stay tuned make sure they hit that like button share the video subscribe hit the bell icon if you haven't already and yeah oh yeah check out one of check out my s 9 plus video off to the side and yeah thanks for watching this is stuck today until next time thank you

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  1. ๐Ÿ“ข TWO QUESTIONS OF THE DAY: 1. How do you feel about digital wellbeing? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? 2. How did you first find my channel? ๐Ÿ™Thank all so much for ONE MILLION VIEWS. I'm so thankful for all of you.

  2. Question, I was able to download the app on my note 9, is there a reason why there isn't an option to set app timers for my apps?

  3. Congrats man! You deserve every good thing that comes your way. I was pulled into your channel with the PIxel 2 XL tips video and subscribed immediately.

  4. Congratulations yo! I started watching you once I got my Pixel 2 XL and you have made some great videos thus far. Looking forward to what you do next.

  5. This is a nice add on. I spent a lot of time just unlocking my phone for no reason. I'm sure once I see the metrics for how I use my phone it will change my habits.

  6. hey dude you are awesome and your s9+ display video is also awesome i have s9+ and i'm going to purchase note 9 and i have one request can you please make video on note 9 display.. note 9 have display issue or not… Thanks Dude Keep Going๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  7. Congrats on 1,000,000! Your videos are so informative. You ang mkbhd are my go- to for phone tech. Keep up the good work.

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