Analysis: How the Cultural Revolution changed China

19 thoughts on “Analysis: How the Cultural Revolution changed China

  1. After the victory over colonial occupation and the traitorous government under Chang KS in 1949, America and her vassal boycott on China with economic (war) sanction resulting in the failure of the Great Leap Forward. Chairman Mao`s strategy was good but the implementation from the provincial officials and cadres complicated the results – i.e the enemies within.

  2. Being in China today, walk in someone’s house: no art on the wall; few books in the house. People in China, and world still deprived and suffering from Cultural Revolution to this day. 😒

  3. Total Nazi holocaust: 11-12 million people.
    Mao’s Great Leap Forward: 30-45 million people!
    Why do Western academics glorify this communist stuff!?

  4. 45,000,000 people died in the Great Leap Forward this is no where near the amount of people that the Japanese killed in ww2. I don’t understand why people hate japanese so much when their own leadership inflicted more damage.

  5. The great proletarian cultural revolution put China on the path to no return to feudalism …to say the least…

  6. Please enlighten me. How as this the lost generation when middle schools increased to almost double/tripled the amount. If they started at 11 years old and some as young as 8 to my findings they would still be old enough to attend school. The older part of this group 16- 18 yes, lost generation but didn't they begin working on factories. I feel this this is all sad due to lack of education. However, the life expectancy group. Women got equal rights for the most part. This has to been something. What film would you suggest about the revolution? Thanks for sharing.

  7. what I gather from researching and learning about the cultural revolution was that Mao fucked up so bad with the great leap forward that he fell out of favour with the communist party and the people of China, but instead of admitting his mistakes he got angry at the people for disliking him for his fuck ups, that's like when you hurt someone and instead of apologizing and making right with them you get angry because they were upset at what you did to them

  8. of course it changed China…for the worst. it's like eliminating all that is good and holy and replacing it with satan. this is the end result.

    don't know what mao ze dong was thinking. hope he burns in hell.

  9. Most Chinese people seem to talk about the Cultural Revolution with no passion… like anthropologists examining their own Holocaust as a blip on the historical timeline. They have no problem being passionate about what the Japanese did to them.

  10. the thing is the younger chinese generation believe everything there government tells them.they have no individual values or rights

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