An Iron Age Pit is Stuffed with 25 Victims of Human Sacrifice

27 thoughts on “An Iron Age Pit is Stuffed with 25 Victims of Human Sacrifice

  1. Satan still needs his human sacrifices but now he creates his mass blood sacrifices through wars via his human slaves like our US leaders who are all Luciferians and Masons and serve him and listen to this wicked cruel hateful force.

  2. Romanticizing the fact that these humans killed thinking Gods were doing something good, when in fact, their organs just got eaten by all kinds of insects and maggots and as soon as that was done the rest dried up into the ground gone forever….

  3. Anyone else think human history is filled with barbarism, religious warfare and utter stupidity, which is nothing to be proud of? We’ve come far, but many things stay the same. We still slaughter entire populations over antiquated supernatural fairytales(religion).

  4. *It is an example of many Human victims if Humans have faith in Many Gods and Ancestral Spirits! In the end the Almighty Lord acts by Destroying All descendants, and making the Almighty Lord re-setting the Creation of renewable Genetic Humans so that what happens to Humans who lives to the present!

  5. Thats a ridiculous theory. Clearly the settlement was sacked and the inhabitants slaughtered, with the now disused grain-pit used as a grave.

  6. No wonder people hate religion! What God or who Gods would require humans to be sacrificed and so savagely at that, to maintain their livelihood??!!!! Sounds Satanic to the core! It could NEVER be the God of love that allowed this!

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