An Introduction to World Socialism – A Post-Capitalist Society

The Socialist Party is a democratic organisation of equals. There is no leader and there are no followers. Our aim is to build a movement with the single objective of creating a world socialist society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of all the earth’s resources. This social system will be one in which goods and services are produced voluntarily and made freely available to us all. Wealth will be created directly to meet our needs and not for the profit of a few. This is not a utopia but a practical solution to the problems we all face. The present economic system is based upon the class ownership of the means of living. It is not geared to meeting our needs but
to making profits for those who own the world’s resources. The gap between the rich and everyone
else is now greater than ever before. Oxfam reports that eight people now own as much wealth as half the world’s population. National and local politicians are just running capitalism in the only way it can be run as a system where priority has to be given to profit-making over meeting human needs. It’s the system that’s to blame, not those
elected to run it. That’s why changing the politicians in charge makes no difference. Changing governments changes nothing. It will be like this as long as the profit system
lasts. And so there is no point in voting for parties that accept this system. Across the world capitalism holds centre stage. Its cruelties and inequalities are too numerous to count, yet almost everybody imagines it’s here for good. In the wings, however, a new society is waiting. It is not supposed to exist, but it is there just the same, the next stage of history, the one that comes after capitalism. This society is different in one basic respect from all that has gone before It’s based not on material scarcity but on abundance. The new society is one without leaders. Just as it is one without owners and wage-slaves. It is a wholly democratic society, one which can only be achieved when you – and enough like-minded people – join together to bring it about peacefully and democratically. That’s what the Socialist Party stands for.

76 thoughts on “An Introduction to World Socialism – A Post-Capitalist Society

  1. Nice video… but it speaks of platitudes… it has been discussed abundantly… communism and anarchcomunism failed…

  2. Idealistic nonsense. "A practical solution" give me a break. It never works. It's can't work. All it causes is suffering and death on a larger scale than capitalism ever will

  3. − IMAGINE

    − Imagine a political party which does not promise to do anything for you.

    − Imagine a political party which says if you want to live in a better world you have to combine with others to bring it about yourself.

    − Imagine a political party with no leader, where the membership have control over everything which the party does.

    − Imagine a political party which has never had a closed meeting in its history, so that everyone is welcome whatever kind of meeting it is.

    − Imagine a political party which has produced a monthly journal without fail for more than a hundred years, solely by the voluntary efforts of its members.

    − Imagine a political party which warned at the outset against the futility of the Russian revolution and the oppressive regimes it fostered that did so much to discredit the idea of a socialist society.

    − Imagine a political party which advocates a revolutionary change in our world but insists that this can only be brought about by democratic and peaceful means.


    − Isn't it worth finding out more? Contact us at:

    [email protected]

    52 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UN

  4. I have an economic strategy for how to initiate an economic chain reaction that will revolutionize our a capitalist society and leads to something that might be socialism or might not. I'll share with you, an economic business plan that works in a capitalist society using the profit model, but also transforms the economy and the behavior of the people in that economy and introduces socialistic principles and actions into the capitalist mode of production.

    It's actually not a secret, but everyones been conditioned and indoctrinated to hate the idea by capitalist and even socialist dogma. So understand, that most of you won't like this idea for various reasons in your first impression because of your preconceptions. The secret strategy is to make a sliding scale price tag that is convenient and ubiquitous. The "Hours Equals Price Project" has the mission is to design and build a better sliding scale price tag that is convenient and ubiquitous. A sliding scale price tag charges more to rich people and less to poor people for the same product. Surprisingly, this makes the seller profit in many markets but since it's currently inconvenient to use, you can't buy a coffee at Starducks on a sliding scale even though that would make Starducks more money. According to our economic theories, if the public in large numbers practice frequent practice of charging on a sliding scale price tag, it will result in a reduction to income inequality and change the nature of profit seeking behavior in the marketplace. We want to explore how it might affect you personally if things you buy on a daily basis were sold on an income adjusted sliding scale price. Find out more by watching a detaled slideshow and completing a reader response form that takes about half an hour at

    Now lets talk about how the existence of a sliding scale price tag that is a convenient and available tool for buyers and sellers to choose or not choose to use. How would that affect the youtube presentation?

    ———- Here's the revised text of the slideshow. For comparison you can find the original text in the video description. ————–

    The present economic system results in the class ownership of the means of living. It is not geared to meeting our poor peoples needs, but to making profits for those who sell in a market. The gap between the rich and everyone else is now greater than ever before. Oxfam reports that eight people now own as much wealth as half the world’s population.

    National and local politicians are running capitalism in the only way they understand as long as it is consistent with increasing their personal profit – as a system where priority has to be given to individualized profit-making over meeting human communal needs. It’s the system that’s to blame, not those elected to run it. That’s why changing the politicians in charge makes no difference. Changing governments changes nothing. It will be like this as long as the profit system lasts in it's current form. And so there is no point in voting for parties that reject this system because they don't have a successful working demo model to replace it. BUT, if you can change the form of profit seeking behavior then all the other things will change.

    Across the world capitalism holds centre stage. Its cruelties and inequalities are too numerous to count, yet almost everybody imagines it is here for good. In the wings, however, a new society is waiting. It is not supposed to exist, but it is there just the same, the next stage of history, the one that comes after capitalism. It stands impatiently in the shadows as the world grinds on regardless. the society that can give birth to this hypothetical socialist society is different in one basic respect from all that has gone before – it has the technology to give sellers worldwide a convenient and profitable way to sell on an income based sliding scale.

    The new society is a dream of socialist, but we have a a simple solution to great a new reality that works kind of like socialism and probably evolves into something more like socialism with time and the input and adaptation of the public sellers and buyers of the world.

    The Sliding Scale Price Tag Party is an Anarchistic non-profit organization based on free access (anyone can freely buy or sell using a sliding scale and anyone can freely contribute or not to our cause), no leaders(individual sellers and buyers choose whether or not to use a sliding scale price tag), no government necessary (but none prohibited) and economic feasibility (we can do this now). There is no leader and there are no followers.

    Our aim is to build a movement with the single objective of creating a world with less inequality quickly.

  5. Great Video. At the end the choice is stark – either we move onwards and upwards to the kind of society this video outlines or very likely we will likely descend into state of catastrophe and barbarism. The writing is already on the wall and we are rapidly running out of time, in my opinion

  6. If your okay with the gov telling you which portion you shall be getting, you should be okay with socialism, if you believe in abundance, that we all have the means and right to tap into infinite source, in any ingenious way we see fit, it's not lol 🙂

  7. This sounds great. Except for the fact we as humans are largely flawed and selfish, and some will naturally try to exploit the system in their favour. If only there was a way round that.

    Still, there has to be SOMETHING better than the system currently in place. Anyone can look around today and see the corrupt shitshow that is capitalism. The rich getting richer only leads to easier manipulation of the masses…

    Capitalism is the gateway drug to Dictatorship.

  8. good idea but look at Russia , Cuba , China it always fails it always just ends up like the capitalist society from before . China has got better because of capitalism .

  9. Jesus,I can't believe there is so many people on YouTube that actually believe this could work… America as tried socialism twice and it failed both times… Other countries have tried socialism and its failed… The latest democratically elected socialist country is Venezuela… The richest country in South America and now everyone is starving… If no one is held responsible for their own needs… Then no one's needs are met and everyone starves… So much of the youth already want free food, free healthcare, free college. Next would be free housing, free electric, free phones… But there wouldn't be phones, phone service, electricity, houses, college, doctors, or food to eat… Because who's going to work if everything is free… Parents have spoiled the youth so much that 43% of people under 30 want everything for free. Only 32% believe work is the way to success…
    That's why so many kids live with their parents…
    Wealth is made to fit our needs… The more you need the more you work…

  10. This literally is the kind of chaotic band of dissonant thinking you’d expect from a gang of 8 year olds. Democratic but with no leaders? How? What??? If there is no leadership & no government then what is the Democratic element about? That by definition is a government. If a democratic anything has no leaders or no structure then it simply doesn’t exist. Then what you would be describing is just absolute individualism. Abundance? Where is this abundance going to come from? Are you guys magical wizards? Are unicorns going to fart rainbow ice cream while you guys lay drugged out in your front lawn?

    Seriously, how can humanity be so debased and pathetic to actually generate this much stupidity & call it thinking? This has to be the mind of a teenage, drugged up slacker trying to wish with magic fairy dust a world where he never has to work, think or do anything but pleasuring himself. Congratulations, you’ve joined the league with the greatest deadbeat slacker of all time – Karl Marx. But the one scary thing is knowing the mind that is promoting this is likely to be that of a genocidal megalomaniac just like his genocidal fathers before him.

    Don’t fall for this kids. Where are the details on how this thing that can’t exist would exist? There are none offered at all. Why? Because this is just a ploy to win you as a minion in a pathological quest for totalitarian power. Socialism is evil, stupid, diabolical, murderous, discriminatory, racist and soaked in the blood of millions. It has one aim – domination, and one method – unleash greed to the point of consuming violence. These are evil people who are empty shells of darkness void of anything remotely resembling humanity. Socialism is death; it must be utterly & completely destroyed.

  11. You bunch of sick, twisted fucks. Fucking religious fanatics. Are you really this ignorant or are you fully aware of the level of total fucking evil you represent? Fucking retards.

  12. Innovation happens through competition. How can there be competition in a socialist economy? I don't understand this in particular.

  13. What an utterly stupid video! Be honest with me, is this a comedy skit? I thought it was funny! Thumbs up for making me laugh!

  14. great, but the whole peaceful democratic part seems wholly naive. The means of production have never shifted ownership peacefully.

  15. You make the false assumption that people will stop trading, it is innate to humans (and many more animals, like monkeys and apes) to trade resources and skills. That is why the only way to employ socialism is with violence

  16. "There is a new society that comes after capitalism" yes, the one in 1984. No thanks. How can anyone believe this nonsense after 100 000 000 deaths of starvation in socialist countries is beyond me.

  17. Well done. Expertly put together. When you fully understand socialism, there are absolutely no questions as to how utterly ridiculous it is.

    I'm willing to discuss it with anyone who would like to learn.

  18. Nope. The present economic system is based upon the individual ownership. With socialism, actually it's communism what they're talking about, everything you have doesn't belong to you and might be taken away from you any time. Basically, it's like life in prison.

  19. No leaders? Who were Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, etc., that lead with all the riches but some how the people were left equal… equally poor.

  20. So when everybody is entitled to food, medicine, housing, what have you… What is the incentives for them to actually do their part and help produce?

    And if people do not receive recognition and benefit from creating new art, media, technology, medicine, Etc… then Society will stagnate, humans are inherently selfish and with few exceptions when someone invents a new product they want to profit off of it.

  21. Sure this works… If you're prepared to live in a Mad Max movie….
    Socialism has NEVER WORKED look at Venezuela as a perfect example of that fact…
    And if you believe anything this video is trying to sell you….
    You've probably already given the Nigerian Prince your banking info…
    SO lets break this down For all you Bert and Ernie's who think socialism works with a few basic questions…

    #1 Who do you get anything done in a group of people without a person n charge?
    More so,, how do you get hundreds, thousands or even a million people to work in the same direction without a command structure? ( command = people in charge…Lack of a command Structure + anarchy,, NOT Socailism)

    #2 If you spend all your income on producing something, are you going to give it away for free?
    # why would innovators be willing to work harder than the next guy to Not profit from their hard work?

    #3 How long are YOU going to bust your hump, while they guy next you who does NOTHING,,, and gets the same “equal fair share” you do?

    #4 Name ONE SINGLE COUNTRY WHERE PURE SOCAILISM WORKS ( Hint,, Sweden, The Netherlands, Iceland and Norway are NOT socialist based Countries or economies…But Venezuela IS )

    #5 How you you propose to legally strip those who work harder /smarter and saved / earned and have more than the next guy who did nothing of value?

    #6 If YOU have more than the next guy, how are YOU willing to keep what you worked for from being taken from you and given to somebody who refuses to do their fair share?

    #7 How do you determine somebodies not holding out and hording more that “their fair share”? And what to you do to them if they are found out?..

    #8 Are YOU willing to attack the False Prophets of Socialism ( Comrade Bernie Sanders..) and demand he gives up all 3 of his multi million dollar homes and live like you ( what do you think HE will do and how far will he go to protect his finical interests?… HINT,, The ruling upper class of Venezuela use Police and Military FORCE to keep what they have, and to take YOUR SH*T too)

    I can ask simple realistic questions all day long punching holes in the entire flawed concept that is known as “ Socialism”..

  22. Great idea when there's no corruption. Great idea when there's no genocide of those whom don't agree. Great idea when there's no more drug addicts and criminals. On second thought, not such a great idea.

  23. Ha-ha-ha you socialists are mentally ill. And very good liars. There has to be 'leaders', and a 'boss'. Someone HAS to be the one to decide what gets made, and by whom, and where it goes to. And just like there will be a boss and leaders there will be slackers — the lazy person who does nothing, contributes nothing. To 'correct' that lazy person, you need a boss, a leader.
    And thus far in human history where socialism has been tried, that leader 'corrects' the lazy person by ….. you got it, KILLING HIM! Because that leader is the only one who has a gun!!!
    Last but not least, where ever Socialism has been tried it's NEVER helped the poor get richer, it's only made the rich person (The Producer of goods) poorer.

  24. WHAT A CROCK! Care to hold up any fine examples? Yeah, thought so. IT NEVER WORKS, let alone on a global scale and never will. This is globalist fascism being made palatable for mass consumption. They make it sound so good in theory, but, in practice, it is monstrous. "No leaders," ma derrière. Time to wake up. What the globalists want is for us to be slaves and they the masters, grinding us down even more than they do now. Meanwhile, the fruit of our labors would still go to the elite. You really think they're gonna give up their affluent lifestyles? The good news? They are losing.

  25. You need to show this to Venezuela, they're messing it up somehow. You need to help them, there has never been a successful Socialist society so everyone is doing it all wrong. Of course, we could give it a try in America; the rich people will give me money, you'll go to work for me and I'll sit at home and think about how great this is. Let's do it!

  26. I was briefly a member of The SPGB in my naive early 20s. At their AGM the membership argued about party finances virulently and a member who was using the party’s resources. I realised then instinctively that socialism as the SPGB “define it” (in fact they have problems defining it) would not work. Further by logic and natural law/ philosophy, one can show that it is immoral and impracticable. Yes IMMORAL.
    I am not saying by the way that the present state of affairs is desirable.
    IMO monarchy is the best system (based on common law protections).
    I am broadly in agreement with Prof. Hans Hermann Hoppe who is an anarchocapitalist but who demonstrates that monarchy is more productive and fairer than democracies.

  27. We do not have capitalism if we did there would be no bale-outs or company subsidies.

    What we need is real capitalism where banks fail and money is not controlled by central banks that blow up bubbles by setting interest rates to low.

    We need freedom for everyone to live how they want to live without having half of their income taken by force.

    We need competition helping to bring down consumer prices, allowing even those on low wages the change to live like kings.

  28. Socialism/Communism has not failed it has never been tried. Sad how ignorant most of the comments are on here. They confuse state run capitalism with common ownership, but who can blame them when they believe hook line and sinker the crap on the mainstream media. China Cuba soviet union N Korea in all these nation states the workers remained wage slaves selling their labour power to the state in return for a salary. That is Not Common ownership. That is NOT Socialism/Communism.

  29. ​@UCm4usDjTWu_MK-BFRQNorFA
    One hundred million dead!
    One hundred million dead!
    Get on your knees
    And give me head
    Because, one hundred million dead!

  30. oke world socialisme … what is it with the muslims …they hate non muslims they will fuck you in the name of allah .. socialists will stop if the world is socialists … and the muslims doing the same ..if all socialists are death the muslims will be happy .. so fuck you you idiots scumbag antifa,s with you rich daddy,s and mammy,s .. you have never work,d and will never ..gaming is your work in daddy,s
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  31. I love how all the trolls have alot to say about Socialism but I have to admit, they have no meaning what so ever, nothing but strawman and tired old "but socialism killed bizilllions".

    In short these people no nothing and they explain it well, they haven't looked into Socialism, the various schools of thought and ideas different types of Socialism.

    Its abit like a child screaming loudly because they know their wrong and don't like it, it's a default defensive strategy to combat new ideas challengering the old.

    Try looking into Socialism basically, try looking up the principals of the SPGB.

  32. It's a lovely dream but an ugly act. Simply because people are different. From the very beginning of human being started and is to be ended on this planet the differences existed and will exist for ever. Remember that the history of so called socialist countries’ practice has  no one been succeeded! Before doing it,make sure you guys understand what is human being.

  33. The corporatist way of labour management no longer meets current technological developments and social needs. There are new means of production that will change society forever: rise of robotisation and automatisation, descentralized hierarchies, delocalization, citizen empowerement through knowledge and technology, democratisation of labour

  34. Socialism is a return to how humanity used to function. Cooperative groups of individuals working in their discipline providing their skills to the benefit of all. I would take this over the invisible hand any day or should I say the non existent hand given the state of affairs.

  35. Why is it that the left is so jealous of other people's money? I don't give 2 shits about how much money other people have. I have worked hard in my life to not be poor and I have achieved my goal. It was hard and took a long time but that is my life and I have learned so much along the way. I wouldn't want to be rich because people would just hate me because of it and always try to take it. I don't want to own my own company or even be a boss. Others do want to put themselves out there like that and should be rewarded for their efforts. I do not want that responsability. Yes I think it sucks that there are politicians etc who cheat and steal to get where they are and that's on them. They have to live with the creature they are and that has nothing to do with me. I personally like that I am a humble person who helps others out whenever I can after I have helped my family out. That makes me feel good about myself and that's all I care about. How about just stop worrying about others and just make sure you are doing what is right.

  36. After seeing how capitalism has worked the last 30 years, I'm willing to try something new. Capitalism has no morals and only cares about profits. Most of us are left in the dust. We need something different.

  37. Supply and Demand is not eradicated by this system. How can someone ensure their basic needs are met? Oranges are grown in warm states. How do cold states get them? How is food distributed? There are no answers. No thought put into the realities of human survival.

  38. There are millions of decisions made everyday by Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand within our economy. How are these Supply and Demand realities addressed. This video offers the most broad brush concept without any practical mechanisms to make it work.
    I submit, anyone forwarding such a concept is purely a subjectivist who conflates “feeling” for “thinking.” You feel you are right, but have not really thought through objective realities unavoidable in the real world.


  40. I'm working on developing a map for how we get there. The idea is to use centralized communication and transportation infrastructure (the global nervous and circulatory systems) and decentralized (bottom-up, emergent, natural, chaotic, free) individuals and their free-form, consensual communities, to direct all of the various awesome stuff we naturally create to where it's most appreciated and useful for improving the overall health of our world and all the people (animal, vegetable, mineral, whatever) on it.

    The real key to making the centralized part of the system work is in finding ways to rank our personal priorities — for what we want to give and receive from our friends, family, neighbors, and larger system — so that the system can effectively match offers and requests. Money tried to do that, but failed, because it's too simple and zero sum. But now that we have computers, we can have a healthy, complex, positive-sum (exponential, even!) quantified representation of a better life, so that we can use logistical networks to move resources around from where they are lovingly created, or simply no longer wanted, to where they are loved, or recycled into something that is loved.

  41. You're talking about a world where all is free – it just couldn't be and only a fool would say that. Collectivism has been tried in every guise – it ALWAYS leads to the same things – poverty and repression. Give me one example where this is not so. Don't give me that 'It'll be different this time'. It's ALWAYS ALWAYS the same old bullshit !

  42. Ignore this garbage. Socialism has never worked. NEVER will. It's the step to communism.
    Socialism is where you line up for bread. Capitalism is where bread lines up for you.

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