AMSA 2018-2019 Orientation Video

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I am your AMSA president for the 2018-2019 school year. My name is Salvador, and I am your vice-president. My name’s Anishaa, and I’m your 2018-2019 treasurer. My name is Taylor, and I will be your secretary. I’m Sophia and I’m your sergeant at arms. I’m Ariel and I’m your chief of staff! So AMSA is a nationwide organization that was built and is established to help pre-med students from all over the country, to have the capacity and ability to with other individuals who have the same goals – and we all work together to create an environment where we feel we feel like we can succeed and help one another. We do that with a variety of study groups, we have a great mentorship program, where upperclassmen work with some of our younger students, we have a bunch of lab tours for those that haven’t gotten their feet wet into research; we have suture workshops, CPR certifications, and we really just try to facilitate these opportunities and access to these opportunities A huge factor of AMSA, due to our national affiliation, is the two trips we take each year. In the fall, we attend an AMSA conference in Chicago, and in the spring, we attend an AMSA convention in Washington D.C. All of our members take so much from these trips and bring back the knowledge they learn– not only back to AMSA but the entire UCF community. What’s wonderful about it is that it is inclusive and it gives everybody who joins an equal opportunity to grow and establish themselves as a part of the organization. Here at AMSA, it’s just, more than academics. We try to create a welcoming and engaging environment which gives the opportunity and confidence to all our members to continue growing through this organization We create social opportunities that make this organization more companionable, like IM sports. We play many sports – basketball, football, soccer – through these IM sports, we get to meet a lot of friends. For example, I met our secretary, Taylor, playing IM basketball. We didn’t win a lot, but, the friendships we built – that was a special part of IM sports. Although AMSA is a family here on campus, we don’t like to stay within the confines of UCF. We have built a strong relationship with our UCF college of medicine through Q&A panels and personal tours with current med students through our event Coffee with the COM. KnightThon is UCF’s largest, student-run philanthropy that AMSA takes part in by raising money all year for our local children’s miracle network hospital. The actual event is a 20 hour dance marathon that is held every year in April. We also participate in Relay for Life which is a fantastic cause that’s main event is a walk, that raises money for the American Cancer Society. We are the largest, oldest, and only nationally affiliated, pre-med exclusive organization on campus. We meet every other Tuesday, at 5 to 6:30PM in the Key West Ballroom of the Student Union. We hope to see you all there. If you want to get more involved with AMSA, we strongly suggest following all of our social media. We have a facebook, an instagram, a twitter, and a snapchat. You can also visit our website: for more information about your officers, and your future directors. Directors cover topics such as research, social media management, operations, newsletter, global health and outreach, and so many more.

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