AmgenTeach Ambassadors National Videos: Renata Sidoruk Soloducha

My name is Renata Sidoruk-Sołoducha and I am one of the Amgen Teach ambassadors for Poland. What has been the impact of Amgen Teach to your teaching? It is an interesting experience to use the IBSE teaching method as well as experimenting while teaching natural sciences. These are not what you would call ‘predictable’ lessons since they focus on increasing the student’s independence. Group work is also part of the programme as well as developing the ability to ask questions, make hypotheses, experiment and explain natural phenomena. This is why, thanks to Amgen Teach, knowledge and learning has become painless for the students. What is the impact of IBSE on your students? Through experimenting and participating in various projects outside the school environment and applying the IBSE method (i.e. inquiring and asking questions). We know that even from pre-school, children have a high level of cognitive curiosity, which allows them to explore their lives and the surrounding environment. And the creative teacher and instructor will strive to maintain this level of curiosity with teenagers so that they are also willing to explore the world, ask questions, experience and develop, and as a result, deepen their knowledge and skills in natural science. Why is it important for teachers in your country to start implementing IBSE? In order to focus on creativity, the multi-dimensional development of young people, to foster an environment where they can ask questions and experiment without fear of failure. Through this, we improve and learn from our own mistakes. I think that IBSE is the ideal teaching method, especially for natural sciences.

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