AmgenTeach Ambassadors National Videos: Marta Panisi

I’m Marta, the Amgen Teach Italian Ambassador for Italy. What has been the impact of Amgen Teach to your teaching? Very positive. I learned how to structure lessons more effectively and have found the format helpful for delivering lessons on the latest scientific developments. What is the impact of IBSE on your students? The result is outstanding as it improves productivity with students participating more actively during the lessons. As lessons progress, they show more and more autonomy on how to tackle different problems. When I introduce a topic, they decide what method to try. I notice that with time, they need less and less support. Why is it important for teachers in your country to start implementing IBSE? In Italy, we need to approach science empirically; even though a school lab differs from a university lab with some of them having very basic equipment. However, the IBSE method allows teachers to use simple materials to create useful experiences through rigorous methodologies. I believe that this is improving the practice of teaching and, with it, the overall classroom experience for students.

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