Amelia’s story: exercising for wellbeing

In terms of how much it helps with your like well-being, it was invaluable last year. It was amazing Why did I start? I think I started mainly
because of the active residences one. So, it was right in the middle of my halls, literally like 10 meters from my door so I didn’t, I felt like if that was the one
to try it was gonna be very easy to like just go in for an hour and then come
back. Once I’d done one I kind of got more and more into the swing of it. It
was just trying to get back into the swing of exercising without it being
like a sudden leap into like a gym membership or I’m gonna join
this society and I’m gonna be really good because I was just rubbish everything at
that point. And the sport that was offered, like the students that I met in the
classes and just what you’re kind of doing, like you’re going in and for an
hour you don’t think about anything, you don’t think about the stress of your course
or any worries you have, you’re just like really sweating with a load of other
people who are also wanting to really work and push their bodies. The benefits that you feel are so much
more than just like losing a bit weight or gaining a bit of muscle. It’s more
about the fact that you are gonna be more productive in terms of how much
work you’re doing because you’ll be able to concentrate more if you actually have
this gap where you’re like, your brain is just focusing on something else
completely. But once you kind of arrive at one class and take part in one you see
how easy it is. It kind of encourages you to go to other ones. But by the end of
the year, you could do the hardest version of every move because you’ve
been going and doing it every single week. So I think you see progression
pretty quickly in the classes. Seeing so many other students kind of
try and cope with the stresses of uni and things do happen while your here
that you didn’t expect or maybe you did expect them and but they happen anyway
and they’re really stressful and you’re like coping with them, it’s not the
easiest thing. Seeing people go through that and not have anything to really
hold on to in terms of the course can sometimes be the root of the problem or like their uni social group is the root of the problem and that’s what’s
stressing them so much but like exercise is something that you’re going to be
able to fall back on. It will reliably make you feel better.
That was a message that I really wanted to put out. Like last year it was so
beneficial for me and but so many people didn’t even know what was going on. I
think being an activator is just like getting that message out there and being like, use it, it’s free, like it’s amazing. You will learn stuff, you will feel better. I think knowing that there’s such a vast
range of classes available and like swimming options and gym options
available. That there is something no matter if you’re like starting at the
absolute baseline in that you you cannot lift anything and you struggle to open
doors, all the way to you’re a performance athlete. I think noting that in terms of
if you have a heap of deadlines it’s kind of tempting to be like, I’m just
gonna stay inside and I’m gonna work until they’re done. But you won’t be as
productive as you would be, with the kind of gap and it’s an incentive to finish
it if you’re like in the SU and your working and then you have a class in
half an hour. You’re going to work harder for that half an hour than if you’ve got
seven hours of work ahead of you. So I think knowing that you can like, that’s
available and accessible and taught like you don’t have to teach yourself. Someone else is going to help you do it. You can do it whenever you want. Like if you can, if you can start it
you’re on the right track like, if you can go to one you can go to
two and the more people you meet the more like incentivised you are to go and your paying nine grand, like, you may as well use the free sport and like if you hate
it you never have to go back. You’re not signing up for life, like just go, go and
try them and if you love it, it’s for you. Perfect. Or find the one you love you
know, there’s like a huge range of what’s going on. Your boxing, your yoga and you can do everything in between like there’ll be something that you like

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  1. Exercise really is the best medicine in outperforming almost every medication in terms of its overall impact on our health — everything from colds to cancer is effected by it. You also feel better too and it doesn't cost a thing.

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