Amazon Influencer – Sean Cannell (Think Media)

my name is Sean kennel and I run a YouTube channel called think media that's all about healthy people with the best tips and tools for building their influence with online video and I am an Amazon influencer well my youtube channel I talk about tech here and I talk about lighting and cameras and microphones for helping people create video and so the Amazon influencer program is really cool because all of those products are on Amazon and so I'm able to easily share those it's been a powerful experience how you're helping your audience and the audience you currently have it's really really cool and it's been not easy to do I got my store up and running in a matter of minutes this is an essential for pretty much every online influencer it really is just adding value it doesn't make the products more expensive is it's already the best site on the internet to find everything at the best prices everybody wins my store is going to a whole nother level and I'm excited to keep building on the program

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