Amazing Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist Because We’ve Destroyed Them

100 thoughts on “Amazing Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist Because We’ve Destroyed Them

  1. Enjoying this depressing topic? Great news… there's more! Watch more human destruction here!

  2. I hate people like this how can humans not understand once its gone it will be gone forever? And there is this saying that humans cant live without the world but the world can live without humans

  3. I guess us humans blames too much…but still sit quietly in the corner and can do nothing but watch. 😧😧 Idk how long us humans will continue to destroy the beauty of the earth. Such beautiful nature with it's greens, woods and animals 😧😧 All getting wiped away. How long we are going to torture the earth until it reaches it's point of no return😧😧

  4. Not only mankind's destroying the planet now all the tours places are being destroyed as well mankind is a disaster to this world it's sad

  5. It’s a shame that the entirety of the younger generation has to grow up in a world so broken and breaking…the earth is dying and children are left with that knowledge

  6. I hate those kind of people, if they keep doing it again, there will be the end of the earth, meaning making it impossible to live on our only home planet

  7. Humans are the smartest species in the universe? Yeah right we cant even keep our own planet healthy… And when the earth is in severe danger and only minutes are left everyone is sad but who is to blame? Us

  8. I went to Torres del Paine National Park for a day in April. It was still very beautiful, but I can only imagine how it would have looked if the trees on the trail that I hiked weren't all burnt from the forest fires.

  9. Hey racist ! Don't think we didn't noticed you put all criminal as white people for all the demolished sites , not that didn't cause some but be less racist and post the right ethnicity of the culprit ! And why don't you do oneof everything demolish in the name of Islam in the Middle East as a start !

  10. If you find something nice you can take pictures but never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, share the location, it's not most people that start out to damage something but some do.

    The problem we face is that humans all have different "reasons" for wanting to visit these sites, but most don't understand the significance of what was involved in producing a site, they don't value something cause they see no "real value" because many people hype it up and they become underwhelmed so a value of nothing is made, and careless behavior is done, others don't value anything so destroy anything in their path and what it gets them is anguish from others, they are miserable so everyone else must be made to feel the same, their value is seeing the anguish of others.

    Humans are sad creatures, not because we are inherently bad, but because we don't strive to improve ourselves because most of us don't grow our mental abilities to positive ends, hence it is easier to destroy then to build, and that is why I say sad, the potential wasted in idleness throughout life.

  11. honestly, what goes though the mind of something destroying a landmark on purpose
    and can you be even more stupid to crash into the only tree for miles?
    that's like crashing into the only car in a parking lot

  12. Tourism can work…but it has to be limited and managed at all times. This is the result of not managing it correctly and letting humans do what they do best…destroy things. It's in our very nature to destroy things, we are not happy unless we are destroying things. Is it any wonder, from the moment you're born, to the moment you die…all you hear in the news and other media…is bad news and negative, and that sells papers, so it makes money. So, in theory, we are encouraged financially to do the very thing we can do naturally…destroy things. So the cycle continues.

  13. All these people who go and destroy these places should be punished an eye for an eye. Set a park on fire? Be made to set your own house on fire and pay for it to be put out.

  14. I love this and hope this continues for the world. You see. I estimate that my life will last at most and i mean at most another 30 year, unless i decide to end it on my own terms. By that time. Life on earth will be so toxic that all these instagram famous wannabes douchebag green peace vegan bs influencers and let me make that quick buck scumbag people will had killed everything on this planet that all they have left behind for generations of global warming, toxic pollutions. Stuffed animals that have gone extinct and can be seen at musuems. Nature will create a lovely hell for all you nice people.

  15. All this land that nobody lives on!!! Some can be lived on and built on, yet there is this program called " AGENDA 21", set fourth by the NWO! Hmmm

  16. I’ve said it 1000 times and I will say it again, I will never understand this is society in which I live, and I want absolutely nothing to do with it! I swear to God sometimes I don’t think I’m part of the human race, because the things people do absolutely staggers me! It kills me that I am genetically linked to a species so stupid and reckless! If it were up to me, every single person responsible for all this damage would be thrown in jail to rot for the rest of their stupid pathetic lives!😡😡😡😡😡

  17. Destroyed also was America's ONLY land-locked SEA The Sultan Sea. Gov, makes excuses to continue to cause artificial global warming in addition to natural warming/global change. reptilian assholes

  18. All those people especially those teenagers or who destroyed intentionally must be punished atleast life imprisonment for 40-50 years making serious example for those who destroys ancient relics for fun or better send them to north Korean prison camps where they their children and their grand children all will be brutally punished till enternity 😡 idiot peoples

  19. I think death sentenced is not enough to those who destroy it.

    Sad reality, there's no tight law for it.
    Sad reality, they (human) act after what already done.
    Sad reality, a lot of hypocrites says 'Let's save mother earth' but at the end of day they throw garbage everywhere as they want.
    Sad reality, mother earth use for politics.
    Sad reality, our environment cherish us to give fresh air, water and a lot of more but we returned it as destroyer.
    Sad reality, progress is inevitable.

    But we can change sad reality to a good one. Teach our children for the next generation.

    Make this blue if you agree with me.

  20. i love how we are all like I HATE HUMANS but that’s us so technically you hate your self instead of hating on yourself DO SOMETHING

  21. honestly most of this happened back in the 1900 and i am so annoyed with this because man kind had no care for the enviroment back then.

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