Alt-right in Germany (AFD) – VPRO documentary – 2016

We don’t want our children
living under Sharia law… …or having to wear burkas.
We just can’t have that. I’m against Islam being used… …to change our German culture
here in our country. We don’t want to become the party… …that forms a small opposition
in parliament, like a junior partner. We want to have the majority. I regard the democracy
as it functions in Germany today… …as an utterly failed
form of government. Deport! Deport! The many resistance networks
in Germany and the AfD… …are all part of a great movement… …to protect our identity,
our wealth and our freedom. A symbol from ’89.
We have a few minutes. Do you mean you had
already joined in 1989? And that you…
I don’t want to be filmed. In ’89 I walked in the famous
demonstration in Leipzig. This newspaper always ended up
in the wastepaper bin. But I kept it. It has some well-known phrases in it. The demonstrators…
I’ll show you. …are ‘routed’.
That’s what you hear again today. FREEDOM IS the right to say
what others don’t want to hear It struck us that many people
are afraid to speak. It’s the same in my family.
– You’re right. I can’t say where they work,
but they told me clearly: ‘At work we were told
not to join Pegida… …or there will be consequences.’ I’m out here for my children
and grandchildren. I have no other option. We grew up in a dictatorship. We know
what happened at the workplace. You had to be careful. Many of us say:
We’d never have thought… …that this would happen to us again.
That we have to go again. You asked why there are
so many pensioners. That only confirms it. Young people
are scared to lose their jobs. They must make a living. That’s why we pensioners are out here.
They can’t hurt us anymore. We can’t lose our jobs anymore. We don’t want our children
living under Sharia law… …or having to wear burkas. When politicians say: ‘Germany,
piss off’ or ‘Germany, never again’… …it makes me sad
that German politicians… …give preference to foreigners
over their own people. We just can’t have that. I tell you: AfD is our hope. I used to be a classical
social democrat, like my parents. But I noticed that nothing got done. I thought: That’s no good. AfD began as a hype.
People were all fired up. Today the party
has a radical right-wing image. It’s said to despise people. That’s bad. I’m not sure I’d do it again, but… When I stood for office,
for the Dresden council… …my boss rewarded me
by giving me the sack. That’s how it was.
I have a new job now. Being city councillor is a job. I’m not complaining. It’s good. You said: If I had to decide again,
I wouldn’t work for AfD. No, I didn’t
express myself correctly. I wouldn’t become
a member of AfD again. Isn’t that the same thing?
– Not quite. AfD is having its reputation blackened.
We don’t know what will happen next. So you support the party objectives?
– I have no problem with that. But you don’t like it being blackened. No. Nobody likes to be called names. Nobody.
– Do they call you names? Yes, to my face and also indirectly. When I give a speech, or I tell
the mayor I’d like to say something… …someone from another faction says:
The Nazis take the floor again. all the power
comes from the people Hello, take a seat. Our institutions no longer reflect
what people really think. They do what they want so much… …that folks like me
begin to vote for AfD. They always pretend these are
stupid people who are deprived. But I make plenty of money. I went to college.
I have everything I need. Can I help you?
– I’d like the programme. Do you have it?
– Our current party programme? I don’t like that.
– Sorry, we’re from Dutch television. Makes no difference.
– Our election programme. It’s up to date. Do you have a license to film here? I’d like to see it. I’m the owner.
I got no requests. Such people…
– One moment. You’re not allowed to film the building.
If you have a license I’ll believe you. You didn’t apply for a license.
You’re making a propaganda film here. Explain it to me. Continue? Now she sees how we’re always
approached in a negative way. Now they’re tarring her
with the same brush. We’re always having to deal with that. So what happens now?
– When in doubt, they call the police. When in doubt, yes. You can see the polarisation
in this country. You know at once what kind of person
he is, the way he behaves. People are all so aggressive
to one another. Both sides should think about
what they’re doing. So it won’t come to physical violence. It’s really the left against the right. Everyone thinks
their truth is the only truth. That way you get lots of people
who stop at nothing. Germany is a country
that receives refugees kindly. And I must say I’m proud of that. I refuse to play who can be the most
unwelcoming so they won’t come. Fear of attacks. Does the threat
of terrorism keep you indoors? The unlimited and uncontrolled
migration created dangers. I’d rather not have a ghetto
like Molenbeek in my town. The first refugees arrived on August 4. A huge removal van drew up
at 11 in the morning. Two apartments in our building
were filled with furniture. Two beds, two wardrobes, two tables… …all the basics for a home. And a small kitchen unit. A few days later we were having lunch
when the door suddenly opened. Two men came in. Strangers. They said: We’d like to see
the empty apartments. We’re moving some refugees in. We thought: How is this possible? We had always chosen new residents
ourselves for years. And now strangers were moving in. We’re a commune, a kind of family.
You can’t put strangers in. We were stupefied. It’s your answer
to the Word of the Lord. And then the sixth secret: That Jesus Christ
was received in God’s glory… We were in shock. We said: How can we possibly have
20 young men walking around here? I thought: My wardrobe is in
the hallway. Things will go missing. I moved all my things into my room. It was really shocking that our landlord
treated us like that. Our contacts, through Mr Adler,
had been fine for years. And suddenly they throw this at us. We were horrified.
– I can imagine. Brigitte and I went to look
at the furniture that was brought in. Brigitte burst into tears and said: I raised five children and no one
ever gave me a new bed for free. That is strange.
– Very odd. You took your clothes out of
the hallway? Thinking: Oh, dear… I thought: We won’t be safe here
anymore… …with strangers coming and going,
taking up our kitchen and living room. We had no idea who these people were. I tried to get in touch with the landlord
three times that day. But I couldn’t get anyone
on the phone. Then the person who’s responsible
for our house… …phoned me early the next morning. I put my complaints to her. Then she said: Yes, Mr Adler… …you’re having refugees
in your house. I don’t know who. And I don’t know when. But it will only enrich your commune. Merkel must go. Merkel must go. I walked in the demo twice,
to see what it was like. Once in December, when it started.
There were lots of people then. I found the atmosphere to be
very serious and very… There was a lot of anger
and disappointment. What was your conclusion? That you should take these people
seriously. And not try to marginalise them. Find a way to have
a conversation with them… …to see where they are right or wrong. Don’t enhance their fears
by not taking them seriously. It’s important
to draw the right people in… …and to acknowledge that not
everything on their minds is bad. The AfD had a party conference. The antifascists
hacked the AfD internet site… …and put the participants’ addresses
online. Home address and mobile number. And some idiots even added: ‘Once these are out of the way,
we’ll have peace.’ But on Facebook… I have a lot of Facebook friends.
They’re decent people. They criticised Merkel and were
then removed from Facebook. Anything can get you removed. But nobody cared
about that antifascist action. I hate such actions anyway. Should it be prohibited?
What’s your solution? I hope we realise that
if this doesn’t stop… …there will be a serious risk
of civil war here too. My children are such angels. I’m just afraid… I’ve had it good all my life.
Peace, safety and prosperity. I want that for my children too.
I don’t want them being forced to flee. When you surf the net
and see what people say… …it’s tempting to just
ignore it completely. As a consequence, it has become
smaller and more radicalised. This is an era of polarisation. There are major differences of opinion
among relatives and friends. It’s ruining friendships. That’s new. People who are not opinion makers
shake their heads. They give up, and everything
comes together. It often starts with criticism
and irritation. And then something happens that
catalyses it, like fuel to the flames. Things that smouldered quietly
suddenly turn into a blaze. It sounds like the genie
is out of the bottle. I’m actually shocked… …by the opinions and discussions
you hear these days. I never thought it would come to this. Two years ago I’d have said:
The country will be calm, like it is now. But at the moment
there are radical developments… …that I never expected. And I’m worried about the future.
Because I have children too. I don’t read newspapers
because I don’t trust them. I don’t believe them. That’s why I don’t read any papers. Which words to use for that… I don’t want to use any words
that might hurt people’s feelings. But I don’t read or trust
the newspapers. Do you think many other Germans
feel that way? The number of subscriptions
is going down. Either people are going off paper… …or they feel the same way I do.
I don’t know. I can’t really judge,
and I don’t want to. You hear it anyway,
what the papers say. People at the Citizens’ Bureau
tell each other what’s written. Then you’re supposed to have an
opinion on the article. I don’t want to. I spare myself that.
Life’s too short. The press are lying.
The press are lying. Don’t let those self-important
so-called comedians… …those green, left-wing, satirical
opinion leaders… …confuse you
when they make cheap TV… …by making a fool of you. We haven’t had a right-wing populist
party in Germany so far. AfD, now in parliament, is a party
serving exactly that group. Anything right of centre
or right of conservative. Pegida is the road to AfD. Isn’t it an insult to say
the press are lying? We were really upset at first. We want to bring news that is true. As one should in journalism. But now I don’t listen anymore. It makes no difference what we do.
Like I said: If we write about criminal
foreigners, we’re not liars. But if we’re critical of Pegida or
right-wing extremism, we’re liars. He has a criminal record
going way back to 1990. In the late 1990s he was sentenced
on 16 counts of burglary. Funnily enough he avoided punishment
by fleeing. His supporters don’t care. When Lutz Bachmann
tells his supporters something… …to them it’s like he preaches
the word of God. We are the people. We are the people.
We are the people. Tatjana Festerling,
one of the leaders of Pegida… …was once an AfD member,
in Hamburg. They made her leave.
She was too right-wing. But now AfD has taken a huge
step in Ms Festerling’s direction. Their points of view are
more and more clearly right-wing. Pegida is the only concrete form
of resistance in Germany… …which also makes it
the only visible one. How else are you supposed to
offer resistance? Once every four years you get a chance
to fill in your ballot papers. To feel sovereign.
That lasts exactly three seconds. That’s the time you need
to tick two boxes. The rest of the time you can attend
election rallies, of course. But the individual has no opportunity
for official protest. Students are bullied
when they’re seen with Pegida. All German students are expected
to shout ‘refugees welcome’. Without any ifs or buts. There’s moral terror,
there’s opinion dictatorship. There’s a one-sidedness
to what is morally correct. It makes any open debate
and any form of protest impossible. That’s what we learned through Pegida. We are patriots.
We fight for the interests of our nation. And we combat the anti-German politics
of the establishment. Look at Neukölln in Berlin,
or parts of the Ruhr Area. Marxloh in Duisburg
is always mentioned. Hagen, where I live…
I don’t recognise it anymore. We had parallel communities there
for decades. We Germans never demanded
that people must assimilate. I use that word on purpose. Because the Turkish president,
Erdogan… …rejects precisely that. He radically rejects
that kind of integration. And now, give him a big hand:
Hans Thomas Tillschneider. This is a great honour for me. Pegida has done wonderful things
for our country. The days when we accepted
Islam as a fixed part of Germany… …are over once and for all,
thanks to Pegida. And the days when we just
accepted… …what one Angela Merkel
told us from the top… …that we had to allow mosques
in our cities. Those days… Those day are over once and for all,
thanks to Pegida. So today I say: Thank you, Pegida. There are regular stalkers out there
who often tell me on Facebook… …that I’m a Nazi slut
and I should be gassed. Even that I should be locked up
in a concentration camp. It used to upset me at first. Because I’m not doing
anything unreasonable. I dedicate myself to freedom.
I think that’s our highest good. I’m not right-wing or a Nazi
or anything like that. I’m reasonable. I’m against the Islam being used… …to change our German culture
here in our country… …to push it out and make it look evil. It’s the duty of all Germans
to oppose that. And… Resistance. Resistance. There’s an increasing censorship
caused by political correctness. So you become afraid
to say something… …that is not currently
in line with public opinion. I think that’s a bad sign
because it actually heralds… …the end of a democratic culture. Opposition is part of a democracy. That involves making room
for unpleasant opinions. You can never say:
That opinion is bad, evil and wrong. Even if you might think so
from a certain perspective. The real question is:
Where did that come from? Why does a person feel that way?
Why would someone use violence? No one is born a Nazi
or a violent criminal. It’s always the result of influences
during one’s upbringing… …or relationship trouble
or social problems. For politicians and the media
and public figures… …it’s always a good idea… …to ask themselves in those cases:
What went wrong? What’s our mistake?
What did we miss or underestimate? What should be done… …to stop this radicalisation
from growing? That’s the task. Mobile Citizens’ Bureau What would you like to have?
Please come in. Could you take the camera away?
– I only film your hands. I’d rather you filmed nothing. Don’t film my face. The back of your head, is that alright?
– Yes, OK. I’ll just launch straight into it.
My father is a refugee, from Syria. My mother is from Bolivia.
You want to kick refugees out, right? Yes. But refugee is a word
that needs to be distinguished. Economic or war.
– Yes, there are different notions. Economic refugees are not refugees.
They’re immigrants. Every country has the right,
and should have the right… …to determine who is useful.
It sounds dumb, but it’s true. A business doesn’t hire just anyone,
only qualified people. It’s the same for a state.
Why should we invite people here… …or allow them to come in
if they’re going to live on welfare? You flee from persecution or death. Or poverty.
– That’s not a real refugee. Yes, it is. Look, I don’t know you,
but I’m pretty sure… …that you never experienced
real poverty. In Bolivia it’s not even all that bad. And yet you’re always on the breadline.
That’s called poverty. That’s why we came here. We fled. It wasn’t like:
Hey, let’s take a look over there. We are refugees too. Our means are limited.
– That has nothing to do with it. It has a lot to do with it.
– But a human life is more important. Let’s take a simple example.
Think about your own home. How many people could you take in? How many people could you feed? How many bowls do you have? Some days there were eight people
living with us. There are limits there too. Don’t you see what the real problem is? The real problem is that people…
– Money. That’s the problem. 2% of the world’s population
possess more than… The problem at hand
is much more fundamental. The problem is not Islam,
and it’s not Pegida either, obviously. They both highlight something else: We must realise the economy
can’t go on like this… …with its unjust and unfair
trade and exploitation. We must find a new,
social way of living. We’re in a critical phase globally… …of a struggle, you might say
a social world war… …between the rich and the poor. There’s been colonialism
and exploitation. Now the tables are slowly turning.
Those who were disadvantaged… …and exploited and forced to live
in poor circumstances… …will no longer put up with it.
Which makes sense. The flow of refugees
is turning towards Europe. They finally want their piece of the pie
and share in the wealth. It’s understandable. And then it becomes clear that
there are limits. This doesn’t work. So there’s only one possible policy: Not to work on integration for refugees,
not to let everyone in… …but to make sure
the inequity is solved. It’s the cause of poverty
that must be combatted. Because it’s poverty that creates
such a flow of refugees. You said earlier you’re a little scared. Yes, I’m worried about
too much foreign influence… …and about our generosity backfiring. So our young women can’t wear
miniskirts or low tops anymore… …and we’ll all be forced
to wear veils. Pegida is against islamisation
of the Occident. I don’t want us Christians
to have to conceal our opinions. I don’t want us to be intimidated
by mosques and minarets. I worry about that. Can’t they go together? You’d think so.
But people aren’t like that. Ideally everyone would live together
in brotherhood… …and all religions would work together. But I think that
in many of these camps… …there are extremists too.
Fundamentalists. I’m afraid of them. Since not all our residents
had made their peace with the idea… …I said: Listen. There’s no avoiding this now. Let’s welcome them this Saturday
with coffee and cakes. We invited them all
into our communal living room. We had waffles, cookies, chocolates,
hot chocolate, milk. And it was a very harmonious event. I saw someone walking towards us
down the long hallway. It was a very young woman
with a tiny baby on her arm… …in a nappy. The front door key was dangling
off her finger. It was Momena. And Momena had a baby
who was five days old. Are you making injera again tonight? That’s delicious. Our guests are from Eritrea
and Somalia. My family is from Iraq.
– Iraq, yes. Up here there are three men…
– Not related. Kurds. My mother speaks Arabic
and a little German. Do you understand Pegida saying
it can’t be done, it’s dangerous? I feel ambivalent about that. On the one side I like our refugees. We get along really well.
It’s nice to have them here. But the big picture is
all those millions of refugees… …and us maybe having to work
to the age of 70 to cover the costs. That worries people.
Where do we get the money? Who’s paying for this,
at the end of the day? I’m afraid the taxpayer
will be saddled with it eventually. Part of the Pegida movement… …feels very strongly about nationalism. They’re afraid the German nation
will dwindle. That more and more and foreigners
will be born… …and Germany may be destroyed.
As I understand it. Our cultural heritage is
what our ancestors gave us. In New York they have many
nationalities and cultures co-existing. We see the same tendency in our big
cities in the densely populated areas. It’s no longer a community,
but a multi-ethnic state… …like Yugoslavia once was.
And we all know what happened there. We’re not an immigration country like
the US where people come from all over. We have a high level of civilisation. And our high civilisation
is entitled to be preserved. They said on the radio
that the numbers are going down. 16,000 in April,
against 20,000 in March. The numbers seem to indicate it. But no one knows how many people
are on the move. If I understand the UNHCR data
correctly… …they’re similar to last year. How many of these people
will end up with us… …remains to be seen.
It’s up to the politicians. Completely normal.
– Unbelievable. Have you been here before?
– Only outside. But did you see what it was like here
a year ago? What’s the capacity?
– This facility is for 500 people. They reduced it, I’m happy to say. So no more refugees arrive
now that the borders are closed. Won’t that solve the problem? Last summer we also hoped Pegida
or right-wing populism would vanish. And then that wave of refugees came. That made Pegida grow again. So I’m not making any predictions
about Pegida. No idea if they’ll
still be around next year. Maybe it will turn into a sect
of a few hundred people. AfD realised that earlier.
They focus on Islam now. Refugees are still an issue… …but they’re looking for another one,
just to be sure. Something alien, something un-German
that they feel doesn’t belong here. And that’s Islam.

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  19. So much Zionists propaganda in this video. Although I agree the video is brilliantly and professionally made.
    The content is ridiculously ideology brainwashing Zionism and anti-German suggestions.

  20. Being patriotic does NOT make you a Nazi or fascist, it means that you are trying to preserve your country's customs and way of life. Left wing liberals always try to portray conservative people in that way and it is ridiculous, we have the same problem here in England. I have no problem with controlled immigration, it's the sensible way to do it, but allowing your country to have no control over immigration is a recipe for disaster, It actually causes more problems. Merkel is responsible for this chaos and she should be held accountable for it.

  21. And in this tidal wave of uncontrolled immigration came many, many Islamic radicals who have carried out terrorist attacks all over Europe. Add to that the financial burden that taxpayers have had to take on, it's no wonder that people are turning to political parties like the AFD.

  22. No subtitles? This is difficult to watch a documentary when you do understand what the people are saying… I don't want to leave it to the narrator to weave a certain web.

  23. Muy bien no es posible que si le están dando asilo a refugiados e inmigrantes ilegales y legales de estos países donde se practica el Islam estás personas quieran instalar sus normas y leyes de la sharia desde hace tiempo europa se ha identificado como una zona de libre elección y expresión así que den gracias por qué Alemania les abrió los brazos de su país y que se adapten y respeten la cultura y leyes alemanas y europeas y sino que se regresen a su país a donde están acostumbrados a esa forma de vida EUROPEOS DEFIENDAN SU CULTURA Y LIBERTAD

  24. AfD is NOT Alt-Right! The Alt-Right believes in pure Ethnostates, the AfD does not, they are just against mass-immigration.

  25. Good luck Germany get them out send them back to where they sprung fae and jail Merkel for treason support from Scotland UK 😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍😀😀😀

  26. It is true, Merkel did a lot of damage for Germany and the germans. Therefore the AFD is an very good alternative for Germany. They indeed clear up a lot of political dirt .

  27. min 46 – this disgusting guy – a reason to reactivate the death penalty – in form that mr. katte – a german hero, had to endure. für diesen abschaum
    geh ich in kein deutsches cafe mehr – bin dt patriot. !

  28. The uprise of the socalled far-right is the result of leftist policy of Merkel and her supporters – mainly driven by the historical wrong decision to open borders in 2015 to accept uncontrolled invasion of illegal immigrants.

  29. This documentary is very one sided, it pretends the people are going to the streets for nothing. The Turk and other migrants, first, second and third generation, who make up less than 10% of the population, make up 80% of people in prisons, they are extremely violent and dangerous. They are about 60 times as likely to commit a rape or a murder as native Germans. On top of that Merkel has let in over 1 million people from war zones in Afghanistan and Syria. These people are about 360 times as dangerous as native Germans. Knife attacks, murders and rapes have almost doubled due to these dangerous people but Merkel is doing nothing.
    Instead people who have been denied asylum are not being sent back home, instead, they are allowed to live on welfare and get their families over. This means 1 million will soon be 8 million and Germans will be a minority in their own country in the age group of 20 to 30 year olds. This can only end in civil war, but Merkel and her CDU/CSU/SPD grand coalition are just smiling and denying it is happening. They spread lies about crime rates and other things, state TV do what Merkel wants them to say, it has become a farce.

  30. So alt right is everything right of the center. AfD is not alt right, it is simply a conservative party like the Republicans in the USA. The problem is the new left fascism, who work to get people fired simply because someone is a member of the democratic AfD party. The left has completely lost it. And this will have consequences.

  31. El altruismo destruirá las naciones, nadie está obligado a ayudar a alguien,eso es esclavitud, el boliviano se queja por que en europa están cerrando las puertas, pero es el mismo discurso de los países populistas de América Latina que el repite y ha hecho pobres a estás naciones.Imaginense todos esos inmigrantes escudándose de su pobreza, cuando los pobres son una mayoría en el mundo, si quieren algo trabajen por ello, malditos parásitos, dejen de votar por populistas.

  32. The problem with Islam is that it rejects Freedom of Speech and without Freedom of Speech there is no Freedom of and from Religion.

  33. Can the homeless German can go in those place i'm guessing the answer is no?How the hell white people start hating them self i dont understand you dont have to be supremacist but at least be unashamed of being white.

  34. The CONSERVATIVES in every nook and corner of the world are the same. Whether it is the Taliban, the Tea Party, the Tories , ISIS , the Republicans,  Boko Haram, the National Front, Likud, BJP, PCP,AFD or other Right wing groups They use faith or religion as camouflage, attend churches, mosques, synagogues and temples regularly. They have little or no knowledge of science, strictly adhere to archaic traditions, customs and rituals. But they are devoid of any conscience,  compassion or empathy the most important attributes that set humans apart from the rest of the animals .They are self centred and are apathetic to others' suffering, ready to kill even children and have all the signs of sociopaths .They have total disregard for the environment, the fauna and flora or the planet we inhabit which sustains life, with the mindset that everything there is to be exploited. They are the only animals or sub-humans who are unable or unwilling to live with nature and constantly fighting against it, hell bent on making NATURE history. In addition they are generally Nationalistic, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Sexist, Misogynistic and Racist. Human race, except the Conservatives has evolved and progressed with the passage of time. The Conservatives are stuck in a time warp and have remained the same since the Romans.😊

  35. 37:04 Nachdem sie nie etwas zum diesem "Kuchen" beigetragen haben. Das dind Schmarotzer, nichts als Diebe. Die haben niemals wirkliche Armut erlitten. Arm waren die Leute in Deutschland zur Zeit der Industrialisierung. Wir sind dabei deren hart erarbeitetes Erbe zu zerstören und es ist eine Schande!

  36. I think Germans are the best.
    But on my last trip to Europe. I found it full of Muslims and Africans. Please keep yourself European!

  37. Dumbass russians protesting with racists… they thought you were “untermenschen” back in the time. Pathetic how the opressed of yesterday are asslickers of today.

  38. Since this film was made, AfD is on its way to being the largest party in Germany.
    Italy forbids "rescue" boats to enter its ports, and has promised to deport half a million "refugees". Hungary will not let muslims enter the country.
    Merkel is in disgrace.
    Macron too.
    The Scandinavian countries are coming to their senses.
    Geert Wilders is challenged by someone more anti-immigrant than he is, himself.
    If this keeps up, then there is hope for the future of Europe.

  39. Excellent documentary showing all sides to an ever increasing crisis. Dutch VPRO should teach the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Company) #VPRO #RealJournalism

  40. Good people are sick of the politicians forcing there personal BS on them like letting the foreign scum into their country

  41. Please translate to English what to old woman says Most of the European don’t know German Language

  42. Europe belongs to the Europeans. Germany to the Germans, France to the Frenchmen, Poland to the Poles etc.

  43. Why do the emigrants specifically emigrate to Germany and Sweden? Why not any of the neighbor countries like, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Pakistan where there is plenty of peaceful areas? Including Spain and USA. Why specifically Germany and Sweden? The answer is obvious and logical, they want the welfare, solid infrastructure, cars, washing machines, blond women, free education, free hospital service, TV, and most of all the high payment check on welfare. That is the truth! Exit EU!

  44. I think people are right about economic refugees when you think about all the people the left behind, and I think it points out that the United Nations does very little about development and the country's don't do anything to appeal to the UN for that to occur probably because of racism and so it's a never ending cycle of people trying to improve their lives which makes perfect sense but has no solution long term

  45. Can you imagines Germans going to Saudi Arabia and demanding "it's our right to drink beer here"…? european openness is turned against us.

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