ALLIGATORS πŸ˜‹ HOT DOGS! Wrestling & Feeding @ Gatorland Crocodiles FUNnel Family DISNEY Summer #

so guys we can't just like rose we can't keep Shawn so we find a nice family to go to it's a it's a gator family ok you want to see them you want meet your family okay Gator land so you wanna go with the Gators now Shawn's upset cos you don't want to go with the Gator I see I see what you see that Shawn you're gonna go with your family now you won't go with them okay Shawn's gonna go with them Shawn get out of there look at that guy oh he's so he's huge hi oh that guy's a lighthouse you're doing a mannequin challenge so is Lex there trying to copy Lex hey what's going on over here hey what's going on right here who's got over here hey what's up guys you see that here Oh fight fight fight fight get him oh my goodness you're gonna get that but oh my goodness you bout to get eat a little birdie Oh see alligators aah you want to stay with them [Applause] have you guys scared cousin his body look like he fell from like a 40-story building nice 350 for one subscriber that's expensive I thought that was real why would they mix goats and alligators buta than me buy me a bum bum be all my goodness you just zip line across the Gators for every father's the oh my goodness is a Gator Gator lunch whoa whoa no smoking did you read assignment Oh what are you doing there's a sign that said be careful of snakes you got it I got it [Applause] who's this shush shush then come over on the train those are bunny rabbit birds oh my good Jamie baby thanks for the train ride we'll see you get her mommy shoo we had to take Sean out because he was trying to eat them yeah this one little birdies got everything lexy scaredy-cat scaredy-cat Shawn's trying to eat them cuz he is a cat that's nasty like like a poopoo that was surprisingly fun right boy we got some pork you got some birdseed on your face when y'all are done with this exhibit wash sure we're gonna feed some turkey dogs to the Gators and some fish Gulshan be the Gator so you got it oh I'm gonna try Gator basketball when I have their mouths open I'm gonna try and get a hot dog in it what you think oh my god oh you missed it dude get the hot dog get it right there is that cool I miss the how I see it as well at all that gets kissed each other I'm so cute Lexie's alligator fishing Shawn don't take all the hot dogs I didn't get this throw wine Lexi caught it Oh No Lexi caught the Gator you really went Gator fishing on his nose now that's a bird whoa you see that guy he just took mommy's busy 1 2 3 3 1 2 3 copyright snake bite oh look at that scary should someone hold them you scared of ahead more copyright you got snake wallah all these dead Gators oh you like snakes come on what is that what are those little turtles geez don't touch my sneeze what's it Gators safe you hiding it busy oh you load this scribe to put on top of the video by Gatorland how would you rate your wait time for security screening Oh something they like no universal doesn't like me for some reason why Wow it's cuz I'm obnoxious

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