ALLIANCE vs Beastcoast – SUMMIT 10 – DAY 2 GROUP DOTA 2

you about the intros my man Oh on the radiant side it is gonna be lights in the same you gonna be playing that line we are gonna have the slark down there as well played by Mickey Mason what like he isn't even streaming I mean I'm training as well 40 i 1000 yeah I need to train 24/7 my friend of course of course looks like they're doing a sound sir oh I was surprised I didn't like that all I explained even they have no way of actually forcing anything Oh myk's myk's up top now but he is getting bonked on right now this is owning does get crit needs to be a little bit careful Moo's obviously can't teleport up here once it's off and there it is it's off cooldown now they get the stun and this should just be a kill on and it looks like give me that Intel my god you know that Brian played a d1 basketball in college like come on man that's true sorry sis I don't why are they why is Fury on chasing on Mike's dead – why is Burien spacing the Enigma and slark lion get a free land in lane one of them – and now he's dead again it looks like maybe he's definitely in trouble there will be the last of the manna from line used but that's done he's gonna try to Juke in a juke out he's in the trees will he get blocked and give me another give me another agility creepy one door give me that's intelligence you know it's like what happened this game is not your first yeah well watch looks like they're gonna get a kill in a battle costume for Mike this man smart moves is here but he backs out you know this game is like one of those coloring books right I'd like to have this beautifully outlined picture and like you just like take a crane it's like just all over the paper just like they complete on whatever is going on like that's what this game is heroes Brax again looking up they will find one top now it will be boxy but I guess sitting behind them there's taking a tower Brax is here now will they be able to get a catch on anyone x-23 Oh looks like xxxxX always doll the plight or oh and he gets them they should have a roar as well he is a very Anke boy though there's gonna trap him in here he's gonna spin he might you gotta be careful they're fine now does get the hot kill Oh bikes Mike they see and they're paying him we'll get Drummond well here comes the permanent agility thank you and now they find another one cracks just kind of chillin uphill will he be able to make it out doesn't look lion that's another guilty and another kill Mike is level five you guys want a scent I feel like I expects Neverland all like I remember when I was in kindergarten I actually had a pretty traumatic moment on the bus so I was a man on my favorite winter hat and had like the bolt the little yeah bald top and this one big guy came out to me is like I like your hat and you just took off my head I was like yo give him a hat back give me a hat back what are you doing he said it's mine now and I told the bus driver in the bus driver didn't do anything so I just called my house phone for me and that's when I learned that bullies exist and like I was powerless I couldn't do anything dude when I was in kindergarten I definitely didn't talk like that the you that's the man you were in an advanced school huh what kindergarten I was like you just said kindergarten yeah I was like what were you doing cuz I'm a hat back how's that Vince my head back what are you like 1 years old when you're in kindergarten what you're like you're dirty aren't you or 4 5 I thought can he run was for kindergarten is 5 for sure sure 4 to 5 actually gonna get out here yeah it's gonna be an ax Praxis here as well there's gonna be the boat we'll end up hitting there isn't standing behind him oozes here as well has that solar Chris now will trap in the lie in for now so we can't try to help his friend too much now we'll be killing bogs and they should be able to get blue there's another axe coming out the rest the team is here though in East Coast Oh Rio a big-boy crib they're gonna try and turn around there's the orchid another trap cuz he blinked in they're all just gonna get out scot-free psyche the Conca he's in vis but on the back side thus largest bean Ike's Mike down and all my his shadow blades wearing up needs to be a little careful at this stage in the game why don't you just upgrade your stick tool well I was thinking that too but even then it's not reliable oh they are gonna find tell you there's gonna be the ulti clean from mows there it is black hole goes but the global instantly moose should still go down here mech hey he's just right-click and once you get that killed the solar crest is owning there's gonna be the boat it will hit but another great dark pack that's just trying to run away but uh-oh insane yeah he goes in box he only gets a call into one they trapped min again he will just look for Mike Mike's are too used his ultimate he doesn't really care there's a bound your room for Axl scooped it up there's gonna be double Ultimates coming out from the ax as well as the queen of pain and now Leo you talked about it where's your man at Dawg he has 10 stick charge and it's not enough it's 160 they're all the torrent will end up missing and now he does think they go for the kill the will they get it to leave a cleave doesn't look like it and that's gonna hurt there's the axe call as well and they're gonna mop him on up one hit away from killing that's lark but don't matter they felt real bad oh now it looks like slug is coming over to move he's gonna get a pretty easy one there's the inhibit in there there's the kill maybe not he traps himself in there try there's the grease how many he is 12 already holy smokes Brax goes down he just bought his blue there so hey well he gets diffused and guess what he's just gonna lose all his mana here to this slark and give me another agility baby 13 at 20 what is that 21 man Michael oh no let the boy go home and well he will oh that's actually true I'll take that for the game too no anger though yeah there's gonna be a boat coming they will at least get one on the Enigma here roars gonna go out he's still alive the boars trying to chunk it finally get some Mike will pick it up there's an old tiga i'm ryoya is just getting beat down so much a jillion there's gonna be the man to take off the global gets another kill he's pretty much is one shotting everyone at this point man he's gonna try to run will he make it back please he'll be cheap and he gets them there's give me the call get posted now machi steals it and there's the GG Willie at least my back someone should yeah yeah you know the finger wasn't that BM but the non bye babe it was like a gentlemen's agreement like if you're jogging out he's got an ultra kill you buy back the storm for Selena I feel like storm is actually good for Selena this was a really good more flea Pig I don't know if they know that's like good versus Bristol but it's a good more fleet okay smoke coming out of your beast goes guys let's watch out let's keep our eyes on the guy he doesn't gonna get it ruining the game for his team again I expect a v8 but I'm back of the game here yeah morphling is really really bad the first few levels and I'm like you can do stuff like this just run item just good gonna be a turnaround on uh-oh mosey she gets blocked by his own teammate now they're gonna throw out the dark well it's only level 1 stun not the longest but should get a little bit more harass here gets routed down alright he's gonna have to Juke he's gonna have to drive stun comes out this is gonna be another kill possibly Tyga gets it port rotation from alliance because usually at they like make sure you kill the SF cuz he has so much damage turnaround potential yeah I think both both stop horizontal from the Bulls team okay Leo there thought he avoided it but he just runs right into the root and now moves he wants to get this kill at least taiga will just run away get healed up slowly by the flames just back out all their mana used to try to get that in there we go there's gonna be the rotation he's getting it pulled back in there's gonna be a route he will get routed down he's gonna go for race doesn't even get it off and I see you later Ewa this channel Oh Rio yeah a little bit of trouble again Ike's Mike please help me says but no doesn't make it behind the trees and now guess what there's a giant rotation of Mandy what the hell are you doing here – Mike might be the next one to die he will be they can't even run up that hill it's just a two before make it at three here comes in say Nia and there's the chain feed I didn't get hit the store all I know is that Max is dropping a wiener on these kids with Grant would say yeah my boy max I mean you guys probably don't know him it was like yeah as much as me and Mason so called quickly yeah whose dog home by his first name guys I'm best friends with max that is technically an illegal serve if you don't open palm the ball are you gonna beat them all right I'll get them with the rulebook laughs dude I mean if there's a tournament I would but you know we're just playing for fun out here on ping-pong not dota they are gonna get ahold will they be able to get this kill second Ray's coming in and they finally get it root almost ended but guess what there's gonna be a rotate oh they're gonna try to train around on this Rasta Rasta we'll get slowed though and just gonna slowly get beat down here it looks like body block from boxy and see you later thank you you think about games I don't know if I can see this on street oh is it one of those hentai novels the visual novels head time ease head time ease oh I got more crap three thirty hours feed okay that's not bad they're gonna go through in this storm is just taking over the game at this point there's gonna TV in from leo YZ dope doesn't run into the road who are they gonna find stun will go out it actually it's the storm gets his might as supper they're gonna have to back it away Brax he's here how many people you can just go on but here comes shadow fiend as well has do you olds now get it moved through gonna beat the old tea from dark willow only hits on the shadow Dino we're gonna try to turn around ochre is getting beat down so tanky as a lot of your tea is will they get there in time sure looks like brats will make to the trees though do flies out nothing's gonna happen here it looks like storm on the back lines again though it's more fans don't lose the black balloon they're going in we're they gonna find looks like Brack seasoned a little bit relly the tanky boy but not when there's five other heroes here and there's gonna be the split brats still alive not anymore they find another and oh oh goodbye Mike maybe not can the man live is he one of the Great's of all time he's got this he might they're surrounding him oh why didn't I feel like coaching's a job that is incredibly stressful oh and I don't I'm not saying I'm not like insulting people who do coach I just feel like I don't want to do it myself look at this have another kill late he's feared he won't be able to old T himself goes down again they get a hold will they be able to get the storm no they won't and uh-oh way out of position again this morphling he does lose his Lincoln's on the Curtis flying in Ria's give you the next defaults a trip will give him the rampage even though man he's nowhere near they're gonna plan the Bristol whore – yeah there you go and there's gonna be another kill quite but picks it up and they're just down did you ever play did you actually play Hungry Hungry Hippos that game was so trashed because it was always like you know the part like the home the person who owned the game they like they they definitely rigged it where they like kind of pushed down so then the balls always rolled inside I can't say what hungry hungry hippo tournaments at centers in like you laughs ringing my Hungry Hungry Hippos well that's why your ask relevant here we go they're gonna go in there looking will they build a brain now instead we'll get saved up by Ike's Mike here under the shrine so he will heal a ton oh they're turning around will they be able to find the will oh no see when the shadow of dumbasses will get the fear off and they're all running there goes the route gets routed up moves dead leo soon to fall slowly getting beat down by this ogre and there's the kill must be how do you get fat milk is it like you cut the cow blubber and put it yeah yes integrated in the milk oh no John the port oh there's give me the and here comes Leo he does God swing they are getting a little bit nurse he will jump Ford see a whole environment that was storm just gone and now they're beating down there chasing box here that you'd be able to get to kill them they do and this Mandy he's doing this thing they're chasing for dikes Mike me want some more that is gonna be the old T but look at this as that's here has that you'll spot doesn't matter there's the Shadow Realm it's got like almost enough time son takes the vortex pole and there goes storm flying in guess who it is it's my call quick but he gets the link inland a stun no they won't find one it will be Ike's Mike dying there's we can be puppies chasing after mech hey who is that ogre right now throwing blood less than ever in there goes insane yeah yeah might pass for bad from you schools yeah they're trying to get out and well most of them do unlike the shadow shaman and now just it's actually just a morphling the ogre and the Panda here cuz guess what they're killing Mandy elsewhere just over by shrine farming up and that's a pretty bad death no buyback eighty Saints spend by himself alright and there's an arcane ruin for the storm as well I really hate how Worf is turning into like everyone except the dark know me case looking so he's the player going to TI right ah he was the one that's tired of athenian not blood lusting him so he's like I'm gonna do it myself they must have heard us someone do the yellow away no I don't even know what it is I was just like spamming your checks makes me laugh is literally just going don't you get like every game Mason because we're bad [Laughter] are you sure he said bad see I was like holy I just got body like say to that well they're looking to end the game here that you want a couple more kills you're not gonna ggl you're gonna get camp that's how life is yep alright well I'll go in the fountain right now it's your fault they are gonna try though they're sitting in there so to be the multi cast I just want to see that again Oh we'll get saved Oh Ike's Mike please don't hurt me will he be able to live before the throne dies they're actually turning it around right now and there's a kill insane you goes down as well no see so I feel like every if they fight on their vision whoa hello whoa whoa whoa there's Lincoln's yo I don't know yo yo yo what will happen maybe this won't matter he gets held in place but doesn't have any men don't get any double Ray's on the backside it get it riemeck Hey he comes and he busts it down will he get any more kills marelia he actually gets to kill on quite fun the back lines with that ulti and now he's going for Mickey now he's been getting the hell out of here now it looks like both an we're gonna end up going up rax is here though now turns out it's just gonna be a plus one plus one plus one feed and stuff coming back to Weiss and here we go what can he do with this Aegis he's got no right clicks and he's dead and well yeah I don't have a dark seer mansion lemon with the storm hammer oh here is the TP it's longer he's trying to clear the crates he wants it now he's just getting feet down here old buddies please do it did they do it this close is close I couldn't even tell if you how closers

24 thoughts on “ALLIANCE vs Beastcoast – SUMMIT 10 – DAY 2 GROUP DOTA 2

  1. these big brain viewers cant tolerate a bit of meme in the casting lul! ur watching the wrong tournament if u expect in depth casting

  2. Worst looking and worst game ever dunno how it beat fornite a month ! That’s ridiculously this game is ridiculous

  3. as much as you people hate envy, as you can see… beastcoast game is sloppy af, idk why they kicked him… sad

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