Alive at 25

As part of National Teen Driver Safety week,
the Mount Pleasant Police Department would like to tell you about an important safety
initiative. The South Carolina National Safety Council
and Wando High School have partnered together to offer the National program, Alive at 25,
to those students looking to drive to and from school. This is an effort to improve safety on the
roadways and to save lives. The Mount Pleasant Police Department has partnered
with Alive at 25 by providing instructors, class space, and hosting classes to train
more instructors. This class goes beyond the basic driver’s
education course by including case studies, personal stories, videos, and more. This program has been in South Carolina since
2007 and school districts that have instituted the program, have seen a 42% drop in fatalities. We want to do anything we can to save lives! Mount Pleasant Police Department Instructors
are teaching the classes on Saturdays and will be offering them both at the Mount Pleasant
Police Department headquarters and at Wando High School. To get more information on upcoming classes,
head over to to see the training calendar.

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