Alexis Orozco | Fall 2019 Presentations on Impact | Public Allies Arizona

Hello everyone. My name is Alexis Orozco I’m the specialist at Science of Sport Science of Sport is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to developing curriculum and programs for science
technology engineering and mathematics also known for short as STEM. My journey with Public Allies again in February of this year Now I want everyone to think with me about what you were doing in February what was happening. What you felt. what you were looking forward to. now I’ll tell you at that at time I felt totally lost I had recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree and felt stuck in a job I was comfortable with, but not happy and and I was constantly asking myself, “what was happening next?” along with my dad On an extra turn I wasn’t used to having, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up some books. One of the books happened to be Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming.” as I read, I reflected – and without
spoilers I’ll say she had a dilemma she realized she wasn’t fulfilled with what
she was doing and began to see opportunities within her community to help Now I wasn’t at this point in my career, but something clicked I realized I wasn’t fulfilled and I wanted to help my community. but now the question was, “How?” so I kept reading and eventually to
mentioned an organization called “Public Allies” Public Allies has partnered with
grassroots movements and other organizations to develop leaders within
the community to advance social justice and equity by engaging the various
leadership to sustain now I immediately went online to see if there’s an opportunity to join in Arizona what I found at first was a job listing which felt like a sign. So I immediately applied. I interviewed with Jake and Fernanda a couple of times and then eventually got in contact with my supervisor, Megan at Science of Sport now I already mentioned that science of Sport is an organization dedicated to developing curriculum that supports science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known as STEM. this curriculum can be implemented in
the classroom for an after-school programs. with both of my parents as
teachers I love education I’ve always liked watching sports. it was a perfect blend of what I was looking for. The process kinda felt like rushing a sorority because you wanted the organization to pick you back. luckily they did, and now I’m here
there might work with this organization I have experience with curricula,
volunteer outreach, event planning and set up, survey creation, data entry and
reporting all while working with a superstar team I couldn’t be more grateful for. thinking back to the student I was, I’m
guilty of being that student in school who wondered about the real-life application
of STEM subjects but now I can demonstrate at least three educational activities about the trajectory of ball flight catching percentage, to the area of your batter’s stance. I attended professional development workshops for teachers and events with kids as a STEM showcase and fieldtrip day there’s something about watching a kid try ten times to measure their vertical jump and having the most fun doing it that
makes setting up and tearing it down all worth it. And I’m going to try to do this in heels, but a vertical jump goes a little bit
something like this You bend your knees low and hop up It’s correlated with Math stats the most impactful experience I’ve had so
far it’s working with curriculum that teachers will use in the classroom or in after school programs The idea that the content is inspiring and it could change the student’s perspective on STEM for the rest of their lives is meaningful to me in a way that I haven’t experienced in my professional life. my entire life I’ve been surrounded by
teachers and spent more time in classrooms than I can remember. when we think about our teachers, 1 or 2
we usually come to mind. what they taught us the impact they left and a fondness
of the memories in that class. Teachers help create the next generation of workers and raise us up to be better and to always practice continuous learning. Science of Sport raises teachers by providing them with additional tools from stem interested in STEM careers science of sport aims to
make a connection in the classroom that motivates students to see the
correlation between stereotype standard real-time application by using sports as a way to peak interest and then advance it into a possible career path.
we’re able to measure the growth of students through weekly assessments and
see what areas they learned and to see what areas could improve. by the end of the summer, Science of Sport had hosted four youth summer camps in four different states and delivered 40
assessments with valuable student improvement. At the end of the summer, students created projects that reflected their STEM efficacy and displayed them. Now I’m not a person who normally compares apples to oranges but in comparison to other jobs I’ve had, this
one has been the most impactful. Impact to me before this job was making sure that they have the highest customer satisfaction surveys of my co-workers with science of sport the impact is in creating contact lists to reach more
teachers in different areas to get them and their students involved in our work. It’s in the community events we post in different states.
it’s in our team reviewing and updating our curriculum. recently, Alex here learned about the
power of her own story. how she believes in understanding of the work that we’re doing. Tonight we are each presenting one story. In a very multifaceted environment. the work we are all doing in here in
this room it’s helping the community. now what is my base take away in all this? The community we are building together in this room together. Together as Allies. Together in Arizona. I want to thank my placement organization, program
managers – Cathryn, Jake, Fernanda Madeline and of course, Terry; my dad, brother,
and sister And I appreciate you all for coming. I can’t thank you enough.

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