"AK Kicked my Ass – Please help…"

hi guys today we're going to learn something tons of questions still at 2019 about the recoil management on a case and I wanna talk about it because this is the issue which drives me nuts a lot of people complaining how basically to control that rifle to better absorb that recall from 7.62 by 39 it is a powerful round no question about it but as you can see here I got the basic vapor in 7.62 by 39 with the beautiful RPK furniture but look at this here we got just they're basically SLR 107 fr pimped by Krebs and I have no problems doing a follow up shops shots and things like this with the standard this is standard Arsenal break so what is happening huh why I'm doing so well and I'm no good or anything it's just the trigger time behind those rifles and science so what is the science of the recoil on a Kay first thing you have to understand you dealing with out two forces when you pull the trigger yes there is a shockwave coming out based on that round moving forward and you have the shockwave going down the rifle towards the buttstock from that shot that's not everything if will dig in deeper and pull out the dust cover of course we have a bolt carrier and the bolt carrier on a Kay it's a completely different animal versus what you have learned or nay learned on the a or 50s or even a or tents you have that huge mass traveling on the rails like this and pushing you back but as you can see it's a very linear motion because the bolt carrier is guided on the rails so you have that impulse pushing directly back hu so people when are shooting when they are shooting call ake a life was there expecting kind of the same recall as from ar-15s or AR tense first of all the 556 by 45 round is less powerful or maybe not less powerful but has a less recoil by default then 7.62 by 39 but also as I said because of a different design it's it's totally different Horicon inputs and a lot of drive by a gay guys who grew up on a do not talk about it when they coaching classes or or you know doing the dub doing the training videos they do not dig into the physics and as I explained the physics are a little bit different on a rifle so how to absorb it in order to absorb that recall you have to really lean forward towards the rifle and take it like a man to the shoulder this is basically the best posture either if you're shooting from kneeling position or if you're shooting from standing lean forward as much as you can towards the front end of the rifle in order to absorb that mass of the bolt one more time look this is what's going to happen this is going at you this is going to to stop somewhere here and bounce back because then that recoil spring is absorbing that energy and pushing the bolt carrier forward but after the initial shot you have all those gases straight from the muzzle traveling your way and that's that's the recoil impulse but then don't forget there is another shock wave coming from the bolt carrier and the bolt carrier will basically create that another impulse hit on your shoulder after the shot so the only way how you can absorb that energy because this is all it is it's an energy management with energy from the physics of law from the law of physics you know that the energy has to go somewhere the only way to absorb that energy so lean forward towards the rifle as much as you can to absorb that energy and then you'll have a better control of your life of course the things to help to medicate medicate recoil will be upgrades to the muzzle brake you can use halls or regulated gas blocks like one from definitive arms or Pistons are like from K&S but basically even the standard issue a que you should have no problem with controlling the basic Oracle impulse until do the quick follow-up shots on it and on target and have some fun I'm not saying it's going to be easy but it is absolutely doable and you can control the basic life without any upgrades just like this upgrades help on the muzzle devices upgrades help with the regulate the gas box but as a baseline you should be able to control properly made a que without our any issues I can talk about this subject for hours guys about the recoil management how to stay on target and how to get more out of it but I don't wanna bore you to death if you have any questions please post underneath of the video and as always thank you for watching and thanks for supporting a cooperator signal

26 thoughts on “"AK Kicked my Ass – Please help…"

  1. You should hit up Brandon Herrera for a akg47 for testing. I'm really interested in a 3rd party test of the akg. Brandon seems very proud of his product and I want to see if it holds up to your testing.

  2. Great video..hold it tight in your shoulder..also most rear sticks on most AK rifles have smaller surface area on the butt plate resulting in energy being concentrated to a smaller area..Great video

  3. Per Chuck Hawkes … (look it up) recoil energy in pounds: 5.56 x 45: 3 lb; 7.62 x 39: 7 lb.; and 7.62 x 51, .30-06; 7.62 x 54r, 8mm Mauser – 15 to 20 lb. 12 ga shotgun – 20 to 75 lb depending on the load. 10 ga is 60 to 80 lb. if you can’t handle AK recoil, you’re not shooting it properly; or are old/frail or too young to be shooting it.

  4. PUSSIES. Real men love shooting full house 12 GA and 7.62 NATO. Bet not one of you wusses were ever in a real fight, either

  5. My goodness, There was on average 100 -120 lbs Vietnamese firing this rifle in full auto back in the 60s, and 70s during the Vietnam conflict, and there was no report coming out that theater about them getting their ass kicked by recoil, and ..no Average American who weighs between 160 -210 lbs should be acting like pussies when it comes to being an AK Operator. Lean forward, get your pull up counts up, do some Bench pressing..for crying out loud …DONT BE A PUSSY. ..Out

  6. Listen man. Keep an open mind here. And before you say "learn to manage recoil", it's not that at all. I've never shot a gun I didn't like to shoot. 7mm Mag, 270 weatherby mag, 50ae, I don't care. I've shot 10-15 different AKs and love them. Dad has a Norinco Mak90, buddies have yugos, WASRs, etc. My AK with the Magpul Zuhkov stock is ridiculous though. Its like a mule kicking you in the cheek. I'm strong, my shooting platform is solid, and unless I literally grip the gun as hard as I possibly can, the stock will bruise your cheek after a couple mags. Everyone laughs until they shoot it and then they're like wtf man!? Weirdest thing ever. It's not the rearward recoil that is the issue. It's the whip and rocking motion that I've never seen before. Standard slant brake on it.

    99% of people probably don't understand recoil management. But my AK is the 1%.

  7. Can you please make a follow up video for the century arms ak63d, 5000 rd review please? I bought an unfired ak63ds i havent shot as my 1st ak but I dont want to spend the money to "make my undefolder great again" if it's not going to last 5000 rounds. I'd prefer a video on the stamped version I have but I understand it's easier to use the milled one you already have. I'm just deciding if I should sell it and find a wasr or keep this one I like and customize. I'll let you use mine for review if you give me a working ak47 if you break mine.

  8. 40 round mag dump on a pre ban bump stock in slav squat taught me very quickly to lean forward into the ak. I did end up on my back and no I did not shoot my feet off. Was still dumping in turtle down mode. Lean forward!

  9. Thank you! If you get the chance, check out Nakita Ababiy. A young, up & coming welterweight boxer out of Brooklyn NY who hits like a heavyweight. Parents are Russian

  10. I am an AR guy all day long, but I love watching this guy and hear him talking. One, he sounds more American than many homegrown people. He also knows what he is talking about. And, he is unbiased.

  11. Jeff Cooper said “ If rifles didn’t have recoil, they would be no fun to shoot”. Once you ingrain that thought, recoil never bothers you again.

  12. Since you, now, also have the cz 58, how does recoil and follow up shot compare between the two different 7.62 platforms?

  13. If 80 pound Vietcong girls could handle it and you think it recoils too much you should look in the mirror and ask if you should have a gun.

  14. Totally different recoil impulse from 5.56 to 7.62. You still have to pull the buttstock fully into the shoulder pocket and LEAN FORWARDS into the recoil!

    I don't know how many people I have seen that were leaning back or were on a 45 degree angle rearwards from the target.

    Even with a .22, you lean forwards into the recoil and shoot.

    I have shot trap and skeet for decades and the best tip I got was left foot forwards, lean into the shot and then follow through.

    Most recoil from my rifles is a 30-06 in a 7 1/2 pound rifle. After 60 rounds, I want to quit.

    AK and AR or SKS I can fire all day with a small amount of ache. Could still do pull-ups and push-ups after 200 rounds.

    Either man-up or go back to your video games.

    Let's not even get into what your LBV weighs. I have two: One for American load-out; one for Eastern Bloc usage.

    Ammunition varies from types of weapons. US: 7.62, 5.56, .243, 22-250, 30-30, .270 Win., 300 Savage, 22WMR, 22LR.

    Russian or Soviet is predominately 7.62×39.

    Pistol is anywhere from 22LR to 41 Rem Mag.

    I dare you weak-kneed jackals to join me on a grouse hunt or a white tail hunt in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I'm 62 years old and still bust brush for three miles for grouse. I sit in a stand for 10 to 14 hours for my deer. And I can take a deer with my Thompson Contender 12 in. pistol out to 100 meters with iron sights.

    You can't eat horns.

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