Airbending Powers & Culture Explained! (Everything Avatar Pt. 4)

what's up guys so far in the last few videos we've covered the calm and centered water vendors the stalwart in solid earth vendors the hothead and militaristic firebenders so you have to know what I'm gonna be talking about today that's right it's time to blow you away with the culture history and traditions of the air nation the clouds kiddos I'm Chris Carr and today we're talking about the air nomads and airbending before we dive in here's the part that reminds you that were just four people trying to make new videos each week that means a metric but ton of research studio time and editing and with your help you can make it so it's almost like we're not making minimum wage but I mean we are such a waste sorry mom and dad if you're feeling generous and want to spread the love head over to our patreon page and see if a donation tier works for you will reward you with some sweet behind-the-scenes looks and more watching sharing liking and subscribing is still the greatest way you can help our channel onto the airbending goodness first you form a ball then you gotta get on quick as I've done with the rest of my avatar series I want to start things off with the real world influences that shapes the air nomads the air nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom air Nomad is the collective term for the group of people who practice the art of airbending while considered one of the four major nations the air nomads were Wanderers I mean they call them nomads for a reason guys the air nation will reclaim its nomadic roots and roam the earth they had four air temples each placed at the four corners of the globe atop mountain ranges under cliffs and on remote islands unlike the other nations the people of the air nation were all benders due to the high level of spirituality of their people you can tell by the way they move they're not airbending those people have no spirit also unlike the other nations run by royalty and hereditary monarchies the air nomads had a Council of senior monks and nuns at their temples who focused on peaceful teachings believing that all should live in a harmonious society free of division we also know that the air nomads were fun-loving people with a great sense of humor with all that in mind the air nomads are mostly based on Tibetan culture the Shaolin monks and Sri Lankan Buddhism we can see this with their MA Tech cultural attributes bald heads their wardrobe their vegetarian diet and their meditation practices I need to look deep inside myself even the architecture is rooted in Shaolin design the air temples with a brick pagodas are modeled after the pagoda forest of the Shaolin Temple in China Tibetan Buddhists also make cakes like the ones gapsoo and Aang made together however these are actually sacrificial cakes use some ceremonies to appease wrathful Buddhist deities Oh throwing them at other monks probably would have been frowned upon since we learned about aromatic culture and beliefs via egg and later a son Tenzin will also be looking a lot at in himself when discussing cultural and religious influences there are strong parallels between the Avatar and the Dalai Lama the title of dalai lama is just like the avatar potato the current Dalai Lama who is the 14th reincarnation has both a birth name religious name and the title fun fact his holiness his religious name is actually Tenzin gat su this served as the source of which the creator's used to name two of the most prominent airbenders in the series Tibetans use a set of toys to find the next Dalai Lama which the air nomads also used while looking for the new avatar the toys you picked were the 4 avatar relics these items belonged to avatars past your own past lives of the hundreds of toys presented to them the avatar would pick the four toys that belong to the past avatars because they were familiar to them this is the same process used in choosing a new dog lama asking questions and presenting possessions of the dalai lama candidate i just chose them because they seemed funny you chose them because they were familiar like the Dalai Lama Aang was the reincarnated spiritual leader of his people by season 3 and his wearing clothing very similar to the Dalai Lama it's tradition in Buddhism for the right arm of the Dalai Lama to always be uncovered the Dali Lama acts as a monk but is seen as the wisest and most revered of the monks of the gellick School which is the newest school of teaching of Tibetan Buddhism and although he is highly praised and revered across the world as a symbol of peace he's actually never allowed to return to his home country of Tibet ever again due to the political climate of the 1970s Tenzin Gyatso expressed concerns that he could be the last Dalai Lama this sentiment is definitely reflected in last era but with angling the sole surviving Airbender after the air Nomad genocide it wasn't your fault but you were right and if firebenders found this temple that means they found the other ones too I really am The Last Airbender obviously one of the most disturbing events to take place within the world of Avatar is the obliteration of the air nomads this genocide served as the catalyst for the hundred year war and strongly mare's the events of the Tibetan rebellion a 17-point agreement between the People's Republic of China and the representatives of the Dalai Lama was made in 1951 that would allow certain Tibetan provinces out of the administration of the Tibetan government in Lhasa by 1959 tensions were high threats of kidnapping plots against the Dalai Lama had been made and eventually the citizens of Lhasa declared Tibetan independence the rebellion lasted only two days as the Dalai Lama escaped to India in that short time almost 87,000 Tibetans were killed and three of lasas monasteries were severely damaged while both events saw the near destruction of air nomads and Tibetan culture and centered around the potential annihilation of their leaders the parties involved differ I let you know in my earthbending video that the earth nation seemed most influenced by China whereas the Fire Nation seemed to strongly reflect Imperial Japan if this was a direct correlation it would have been the earth that carried out this attack but everything change with the earth Kingdom attacked of course we should also note that the Tibetans rose up against the Chinese in Avatar the air nomads were unarmed and attacked without any warning even after all these atrocities were committed against his people Aang still upheld his people's belief that revenge was never the answer the monks always taught me that all life is sacred even the life of the tiniest spider fly caught in its own web yes all like this sacred a century later with the birth of a new air nation and oath of non-aggression would be declared and these new air nomads would swear to use combat as a last resort we have to go break out mom and my brothers you swore an oath of non-aggression when you became an airbender you can't just attack kuvira air acolytes he may have been the last airbender for a time but that didn't mean his culture would die with him enter the air acolytes Master Tenzin welcome good to see you again Abbot Shung the air acolytes were founded by the members of the official Avatar Aang fan club a group of Earth Kingdom fans usually he is bothered by the sort of fan Girling he feels his cultures being mocked eventually he transforms the spam club into the Acolytes a group meant to uphold the culture and traditions of the air nomads of course and would go on to have an airbending son with Katara Tenzin who would then have three airbending children of his own after harmonic convergence in the age of Korra the shift in energy and balance would give several other previously non vendors with the ability to airbend including Aang's other son booming look what can be done in only a few short weeks of practice era of raava these nomads first learned to bend back to the era of raava like the previous elemental bending arts the power of air was temporarily bestowed upon the inhabitants of the giant lion turtle when it leave the village to search for food after leaving the turtle those who learned airbending were taught by flying Bisons gentle and giant creatures who had become sacred in the air nomads culture shoes well a sky bison is a companion for life these vendors would even go on to borrow the arrow mark from the flying Bisons body for their tattoos as we do honor the noble beasts who bestowed this great power to them these markings would symbolize the mastery of airbending and were given to vendors upon the completion and mastery of the art I learned from the monks but the original airbenders were the sky bison maybe you can give me a lesson sometime buddy the arrows marked the path through the body which Chi moves [Applause] air bending the air bending style comes from Babu or boggles day this method of martial arts focuses on the theory of continuously changing in response to the situation at hand in order to overcome your opponent with skill not brute force [Applause] there are also parallels to G condo which was famously developed by the late great Bruce Lee we found that many of the schools of martial arts were entirely too restrictive and set in their ways because of that in 1967 first just threw up his hands and said skirt I'll just do it for you he developed his revolutionary new technique centered around practicality flexibility speed and efficiency intercepting or attacking when your opponent is about to attack this style was developed to use minimal effort to achieve maximum effect and is described as the art of fighting without fighting the style of no style these both makes sense for airbending not just because of the nature of Aron wind but because of the pacifism of the air nomads this style is almost entirely defensive that being said it is incredibly diverse not only can they use their mastery of wind to effortlessly bob and weave away from enemies strikes projectiles airbenders can overwhelm assailants with large powerful attacks I mean we're pretty much working with a less specific green lantern sort of power here they can create a thin sliver of air to slice an opponent as if they were using a sword want to flatten a group of baddies wash force' fix you to air toward the ground they can even summon a tornado like it's nothing terney even the most evilest of villains and to Philip Seymour Hoffman from twister it can also be used very nefariously as we see during an episode of legend of korra when an airbender actually uses his abilities to essentially force-choked his opponent as a way to suffocate them well almost as bad as blunt bending almost pathetic bending okay so we've gone through this in my previous videos skilled water benders can hone their mastery and allow them to vine Bend and blood Bend especially skilled earth benders are able to tap into the deep power of the planets minerals to allow them the especially useful skill of metal bending adept in ferocious fire benders through deep focus and training are able to harness the power of our raging storm through lightning bending so what crazy awesome powers are the airbenders get that's a bit different as I said before airbenders are very peaceful and typically turn the other cheek rather than lash out in violence so while all the other bending schools are gifted with active and offensive special powers airbenders use more passive and defensive powers as well as more travel based abilities let's just start with the obvious they can fly I mean sure they typically are shown to use this ability in conjunction with a glider like Aang's weapon of choice but what's to stop them from utilizing warm and cold air currents to allow them to glide to their heart's content we also see an frequently sitting cross-legged buzzing around on a sphere of air to get from point A to point B quickly and the possibilities don't stop there on a few occasions and uses his airbending prowess to create air bubbles around people's head so that they can breathe underwater also they apparently had pretty good senses of humor we've touched the surface of airbending and airbenders so what else do you want to know let me know in the comments what else here dying to know about the world of Avatar we've got more avatar on the way for you if so be sure to hit that Bell so you know exactly when our latest crash curse is out need to watch more now it's awesome just click to the left of my face or you can catch us on roku or plex thanks again to everyone helping us out on patreon and thank you for watching see you space cowboy

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  2. Have you been dressing for each Nation video? I noticed you were wearing yellow and beige in this video about the Air Nomads and had a red shawl and gold necklace in the Fire Nation video? Or am I just over analysing haha

  3. Airnomad culture is definently my cup of tea.
    A calm and stressless culture, with good sense of humor. And can we just talk about flying!? Remember Zahear!?

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  5. Why did we only see men in Aaang's flashbacks? There had to be women who were airbenders as the last Air avatar was a woman and also Aang had to be birthed from a woman. Who were his parents actually? It seemed like he was raised by monks that had no blood relation to him.

  6. It came up at some point, maybe as background creator info, that the "Advanced" Airbending skill was Soundbending, manipulating sound waves in the air. I always thought that was cool and made sense as an advanced usage.

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  8. You forgot to mentioned the more spiritual side of airbending. Advanced airbenders are able to travel to the spirit world and astral project.

  9. One reason Tibet Rebelled is because at the time of CHina's taking over of tibet China was Communist (and sort of still is) and Communism doesn't allow religion which put them at odds with Tibetan Buddhist. This is why the Dalai Lama cant return to TIbet unless China's communist regime falls or TIbet gains independence. However independence is very unlikely because IF TIbet rebelled they would be crushed by china's massive army and the USA wouldnt help due to not wanting to impact trade with china

  10. Thanks for providing background on the actual cultures that inspired the Air Nomads! Much appreciated!

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