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Summer or Dry season today here in Malawi. One of the countries in Southeast Africa, and is considered as 5th poorest country in the world this year. Because it hasn’t rained here for several months, many residents especially the farmers cannot plant crops. In this condition, not only their livelihood has been affected, but the very lives of the citizens, like Amina’s family. It is almost 3pm now but it is the first time that Amina and her child will be able to eat this today. and, according to her, this would also be their dinner. The food they shared together, called Nsima, is boiled ground corn. We saw them eating Nsima with boiled tomato as her viand. In this time of famine in larger part of Malawi, Amina’s plight is experienced by many residents here. The next day, October 12, when we returned to Salima District, we noticed that people are flocking, walking, some in their bicycles, towards one direction, and the same place where Amina went early. This is the third time that the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) will conduct Aid To Humanity mission in this country of Malawi and this time, And on this occasion, thousands of residents here in Salima will be given aid in this big humanitarian event here in Salima Community Grounds. In this big civic project of the Church Of Christ, the law enforcers helped in securing the area. The District Commissioner, the highest local official in the local government of Salima, personally witnessed this charitable event. Young and old people, regardless of their religious affiliation, they altogether benefited from this Aid To Humanity mission. Fifteen thousand [15,000] goodwill bags have been distributed in an orderly and quick manner. In the main roads up to the remote areas, this can be seen. After walking for almost five kilometers, Amena eagerly opened the two goodwill bags that she received. The joy felt by the mother and child is also being felt now by many families. For several days or weeks these aid may meet their food necessities, but the desire of the Church Of Christ to help those in need does not stop here. The Executive Minister decided to purchase 259 hectares of land here in Salima, Malawi. The area grows with cashew nuts and many other fruit trees that can serve as source of livelihood of many people here. This is the third Eco Farming project purchased by the Church Of Christ to be able to help the people in this place. We thank our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo for his love for all men regardless of their citizenship and nationality. The Church Of Christ will continue to help the Africans. After the big [Ecofarming] project here in Malawi, the representatives of the Administration of the Church Of Christ will go to Uganda. I am brother Montriville Boy for the INC News Network.

8 thoughts on “Aid To Humanity Malawi | South Africa

  1. Kaya lamang nagagawa ng Iglesia ni Cristo ang pagtulong sa kapuwa sapagkat tinutulungan po tayo ng ating Panginoong DiyosπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  2. Very wonderful and amazing works of God through the instrumentation of the Church administration Led by brother Eduardo V. Manalo…The Church extends helps to our fellow africans not only for a short term solution but trying to help them in a long term solutions to decrease the poverty within the community in Salima.Sa Diyos po ang lahat ng Kapurihan.

  3. …πŸ’•πŸ’• d ko mapigil lumuha x kagalakan!.
    maraming salamat mahal n Kapatid N Eduardo.

  4. So uplifting po sa pakiramdam makita ang mga ngiti bakas sa mukha ng mga recipients po. Nakaka inspire and I feel so proud to be a member of the INC πŸ˜‰ #LongLiveINC To God be the highest glory!

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