and a staff of the room that pop up and there were at the plate and posted only 19 of the north that they do in your view of his is a a a a RU – a lonely you have a F – O -O the locus of thing you know that the only thing: pass for the seventh than 50 of 50 USS a RUN -more than 17. It is not working now a commentator who lose them and they have that that if you have any info-old cuts to the city than 30 seconds and is that this term is going to simply too long ago that it’s a banana and welcome to this well and very very very unusual and its special any expect the local cache because we’re basically 1 hour ago in an adjacent wanted to speak for things to shop basically and we just when everything into Jayson bass Indian called a bombshell and even Jason Collins that a good attitude again and again on uses more appalling and a big of a indie-rock said so again for menial that’s what I did she said we can all be having this conversation privately guarded as Leman on the Costa question now why and a and an a and an war of the double what it is because of the Reagan team that yellow light of what am I just looked noble festival: don’t do this, the chap which was about and that this is why this was a daily La Mancha, Joseph summers charter noted that this is one on a voice to its channel and if anybody comes as a teacher Brian Sheehan you’ve come to the wrong truckers this is a channel about you guys the community about the rivalry between itself and Jason the defeated Cashman in need of diamonds half of that still demand for just one widely done it because your team is almighty Missouri team and it even to that you’ve essentially done this will all, because she wanted a glare and I don’t think is that necessary I mean I could be present completely wrong he could actually ends march but and cedar preview of tomorrow’s a history four and the captaincy choice to know that pill that patient pick up the doubt that the statute pill that pastry suggestions on the cell called drugs on wrong to Ted, suggested where it all back history vs. march in fact and he’s made his first three starts among some parents and the score two goals and two assists both an oval the As he picks tomorrow and after this game lead story and the quiero is probably fertile four from the mist basin history completely based on history and that’s a different spin on screen into her up and of comedy and tragedy jet I’m looking at you for the team’s effort puts unaware Jason four a teams this agenda that all look into the form a team and I are still could upset questioned why the DG -4 it was rush for them and the second and third Abraham and tournaments on Ronald before they went before she met needs comments are on was a very very very good move to bring in an Abraham maybe the jerky but whether he did it I just keep my of the high seas and why I just to get the Guerra we went to all that were a combined I’m always seen as the wall, and you can open sea change play services just the team as of now that I lost a question on wheels the corners of this team how many are absolute were basically which ones are and uncertainties next year and that an end and to me that well, the predictions Broadway show prediction for that game and what you think where is the guy with the and that you are one hearing from you is the words I want the three folks in Norwich all you not looking ahead that warning us know and some looking at the cash needed a moment and you all are from this job just completing 2 seconds to run in the cash and in the final 10 and that you and all that far all four SP and that 186 and 117 points or four spoke in doing really well at the moment from climbed to genuinely just taken aback it is desperation to get wearing that you I put the im just to make people aware that you are eight or two Corning and leftist know your foods and tell Jason what you think is coming to the discord waiting room will be more happy to anyone live feeds you tell Jason what you think it is 1 to 1 team wheel on only the ones that are speaking to you about your seen this is your opportunity to speak to one of the hosting this case Jason to the scarce is a different than the will to coach john kennedy’s a desperation into panic if it’s a decent if it’s an extremely well as move an altar ball in on and that will we have a little of your whole source in there and just let me know that you will be held to watch jason’s live reactions everything happens in the march game because the Saturday we will be doing its open Saturday said from a 2:15 PM this Saturday the self and Jason will be alive and that two or 34 kickoffs and of course we’ll be covering the Norwich Command city game of course Jason is triple double man seating of course we have a greater emphasis In a game which he believes it gets up and down since find out what the hell for schools and friend of the show thing service and the and ordinary hours there are a track record armored car while you are merely retain a member or four charts use and normal requirements week, the world’s record were all conducted by more than a little before are relaxed getting the collateral for Northridge to go off a scrollable with our door were in borrower who are ignoring more fishermen and you can watch commander WorldCom Board of park it in the creditor and Carter and are Robert were narcotic room of holding your Arnold Armen bacon, feel that adding more mature and a light for small cars and light which Ft Worth a return on our concern in a car while hardly call you are not a record used to squeeze critical portrait of a drawer or 4.5 Winston lord world record for one of our market that is a back room are not allowed no doubt 99% Arent communicable overturned or pay for itself for your teachers, reported coconut cream of tartar and Arturs the art Coble article accurately on Washington one record for our European says her knees, the better option which are in compliance records, calculable and grief are no store and returned you are watching the Super Bowl, Bernard character had a recurrence talking arena countries with former world arms dealer and there are regulars are married because no real issue were in the recall any claim the lead managers the ball more colorful party called scored 40 trigger more accurate term and repairing equipment or year and a referral was ignored and our grief recovery of an agreement. Call us to confront from a moral component about men from under water. One of our throw it up in Africa are working. You know you’ve got from having tears in all three great arm the story is provided for part or all over for your ID card, call her and copy of the working group are more new at war corridor for local near our commitment letter I can connect for AM Morris republican cauliflower or equal in our weekly and for a couple from over ball have records corporation got all three legs are more people are not sold our goal and four record in the story on Larry arm of all think alike deliver the national De Larry are equally to outscore milder and others are you telling him as catherine’s O. Ingersoll receiver Phil can connect to train people look at least enough for parking are free in article group are and where are the ones who is not that a stronger interesting story which would require austerely robbery or respect for and records are coming forward for elementary or become a kicker you are or are in our auditors are buying a house like you start audition a partially torn, 13 were corbel order and you are now think you’ll have an unwelcome murders year’s record: clay Graham and numerical a former doctoral degrees got a couple partisan I would be better scary march corn and department of natural for a factory on alert for workers are informed and involved are to fill out here you are recorded or can values message repeated, we will be from a curator and partial client or because of warrior for the fall through the course record to recruit enough parking at the Berkeley art and coriander and weaker orders are a reality ’cause we’ve already have a lot of the less people said he encountered a car were last week . Mars: Marty are recalling that 9.5 yards on record from last week will evaluate for Iraq and the only player , leader of our water from primary because what will happen last week we cannot work like our dining area where he worked until hard for me on, but I’m not only a colonel in this valley country which are remained fully recorded for his more people in Oregon are welcome at a couple weeks ago the more it O-era here you hear you can record carrier the court record calling for recruiters and yielded a problem areas of the way of the car , near are being a member of our approval of M parking lot after you hit your query to enter the error and our part owner Philip lee car while harder and harder to a call girl after her father, Clinton marathon for large minority goal of a restart a part of our lives real wild card Maryland 21 for more critical from forever as was the car and you can pour in, 13 am games for top 20 players encourage you are given a required for the viewer one culprit you can’t believe what you start no prior to the artist for the withdrawal of Israeli army party for our corporate earnings before may not work with local aero caffeine withdrawal managers have an amendment offered by our court settlement in colmar Britain, nor can I forgot my old daughter, are you gonna win 1/4 for mail handler for those that are using copper after a brief respite from lack of furniture can be one more thing applies here and were called a corporal with Riordan – war will eat Marlborough are no written out of Mediterranean written account of the family of four for patterns of qualified for stronger than I have a lowly local field where a noble goal may have been working toward a stubborn, and other funders. Our live cattle call one to pursue further distraction for failing to start work worth half will the than an inert were the AR-adding the Ojai Valley is that in the last three matches in Norwich between Olson name and city to abandon their mail and the other was in the FA cup which and three meals and Nancy and the bloodbath took place in the 2013 which was seven know when that was at nancy’s ground that Guerra did school he got an a goal and an assist in that game and just to just to bring a VRML and hear her family issues like little after intermission word were flawed going down the quality of pearls and work our trip back to official in charge of reliever Julio Cordell margarine are interested in reform and armed I. Klein] called the recording no hard figures are not have a little world order backlog of art world are as artwork or were or in the market for the little kids: none event monitor and feel about how see what stories you are enormous taking the role where you can call the market was like first and third national figure number 304 and a leader of the water and electrical wiring or reply when you talk, I think now he calls and the command and control always filled no quitter would relieve god will fall back on our great country at large and more are on Tuesday that it wasn’t actually if the answer is actually two assists and a gold for guerinot to take a game system was nice looking I’ve missed out nostalgic point of view and there just to bring back a few names pantomiming the old cliche that menace pass each mindedness of the missed the cadence Senator Nunn nursery for mountain of year for 19 yards for a silver and under grader league where a child the land for , and if even Joe Vaughan me on the bench and still on the bench not crying about an aunt or less apparent a moment. The air their an honesty and an exact same thing you’re also the war started. It works well armed with a step further about to take notes or bonds or Atlanta and were 51 half mile of overturning a four week, take a while providing a man go about the report reported a concealed the meet record net we’re back where steer Manager Ron Schueler the two picks are wonderful and writers for forcing itself to make it run so deep, really need to make it your all right and then just above and Stan Spencer the goals, where the state and are an arts, were wrote a little activity on the red carpet is really grateful new part of the present for this team are purely based on Friday, where he and other than a week’s stay too much different than to win NT four and the filing of-first from the late David filo serving 12 felony in the weeks are you planning a captain on a limb loss of carrier O’malley pointer parent center of the code of river that the it is a one in every sense or but whenever there’s a bracing as rock records are already been a style of running the theater says, still waiting for a bet it won’t take some results that long-term answer that the government in two weeks and is averaging away will overrun crystal palace or a another greatest defense says so that’s a that’s the end of the men are even though they’re eliminated bringing some of the day. For those as a home buyer and what the governor and renting apartments before it, this were possible for him that if the government Atty. that shows the official weapon that can be shut up and an art I think is the bank and the brink in view of the fact you got now wearing a team of just what they think people are comparing your old team your old team is all I think is his brilliant and that nothing was in fact you got more in your old team this is my opinion got better spend the points to becoming an then that workers be honest here from the team gardens in the wall, warnings and Eric weary and to guarantee goal stand in Canada born of Monday’s that 50 15th: the player was a CE seller songs can consistently scoring maiden knoll’s again you don’t know what ever know when his points in a consistent performers been on the other hand very very very clear they can get a clean sheet a goal and assist in any given game for Van Dyck you’ve lost as well the man stands holy see if I just see it more is what people like Ms. Munk images comes down to say about all you have the caption for a small town that is about how the point is to take a place in the bringing in and is if you’re the one key in prayer of where the opening a Guerin doesn’t do anything that your kids is available at the opener and then either; clarify this Point I’m just more shops and jason’s than the wall, and all were expelled down on that one does say no I prefer to sell the team won the shot while costing him because the necessary to bet that we’ve got you live on that income on a variety of foods and day out the radio. You’re a two year , but the fact that I could have continued to meet state on worried and many will have the time or one of the people had been coming on been drinking this event as well given you’re not freeze on a state ban this was a that are an out in Austin, keep changing Starwood having their honesty that are keeping anything she’s for the law European Investors moved down there would be kinda thing she often you or wheel was conceived before this can see and ought to know about the ball money she bought cloudy to bring the way for them and not just icy right midday to be wrong on all four remembered on you know I’ve taken -4 to bring the Guerin as well undertakings in jingle all 79 a report . Assess partial year and in the back of the that the benefit and distance down office, and by in the shaft ready to detain Jason and just need a few chains of the few commission from trapped inside the Dr. says there aren’t any offer a wide use some of that but I’d that Mr. Wachtel war shall fall so, how are you completely silent run 141 stock release last eight years , you said you don’t think might see his son nailed along that RE the trend could be dropped in any game two and NAZI grand Prix what minister bob And and unite drop in trying to not seek could mean IP is all major not starting the year , some massive upgrade I feel is an awesome thing you can see no new tool that also features a McDougals features no great currency clocks Tibor said nothing beyond that date to run the state decides the reason really too much of our rush to Gertrude right now . And, just a couple just to clarify that can just to clarify that point or more than was just saying that it’s more the fact I just think of and I can keep a sweet red many of them fingers is not an option a desperation move me what Jason Richard did get entrenched and when the Seca me to be hard to get the impression that the point being as though I think those are really wise move to double up in a Van Dyck that for someone like me who was genuinely considering brand on to terms on raw micro-wait for a couple weeks of them need to worry about that specific move and I know you like the history of doing that and that money has played Newcastle four times and if any school wants again means absolutely nothing but we’ll know the history channel script up in thing for me the story sounds are locked out of the sneak by the integration of seen on unite trend is explosive power, yeah, but I sign you know, one, but definitely not having story and cheap cars estate size of the common consent and at her I think it’s nice that Mitzi parties NAZI war just a NAZI Mage think about these use some help from doesn’t get the kinks in the sweet you will get any pointers market and a world is Chelsea on the flight the attention to be two points each anywhere open the open that we’ll mention the history for his captaincy and it suggests in the event And Trans on Rommel sell this particular game with young fellow officers while the sneaker Wall Street I was born with Greece, will require myself on the require an eye on with great bobby, if you are like two things, would be well this week Israelis history suggests they were much freer and that , Ricci U.N. manager and then reviewed this piece: Joel Massey industries’s peace and john Masi Burgess quickly so since john Masi enjoyed a port in summer 2016 you started 84 premier and champions league games when the 55 and conceding 74 goals has been the unsung hero of the development from no European competition whatsoever in the first season two consecutive charges before Ms. Williams that despite missing the first few months of Coltrane he writes in the top 10 for the most votes appearances and the chairman of the justice center jail gomez’s deal do I do a publisher Virgil Van Dyck for the smaller sample size beds were days when events but the port of Los just three of 19 games of the international style sixth and Atty. from raw fish and Anderson says he wants gomez’s from the fix will he be the one that actually attention: is there a brand of fish and cut it uneasy often seen in the case may be choppy market in the message given them no reason to be dropped he’s playing really well from one scene of the local and remote just run because of corners all is not just by speaking district and I mean we can’t seem to make some mistakes I don’t think union of the feature and leading auto buying and we know what he’s capable and bought for the balance of the team-domestic and enumerate and what’s that all the exam given fixtures as well tested or a system of earnest in another corner jason’s bring along a chain of the unlucky eight eight one showing on the other day just me and I can wait again Medicaid and in 1998 of them and the up and yet have a way our team after it’s the wrong or their numbers for your dead pigeon it began playing at the head as your brain in a row at home, -4 or 40 good work or not a rush well number of head of the shining armor I’m noticing a small for commune and few states me feel about wildcard of ironic that the intent and the next block, and I could wear a quick glance seem shorter working and we have that their side argues, stumbling block errors when the bombing of a mentor to reach an aside and service said they were part of your captain anyway and the more you only had some are deploying that before essentially have found a $19.00 of two AAU and the mean that two key sorry there any way eight hand could quite cold comfort the score company goals and next to the end of the wrong that huairou there is great to have again but I just think while calling this team . If anyone close the deal will wear your not out your own night at dinner. Let’s not be one carcinogen justices all walk on a state where it all seemed caught in the upper a yard and testing in Kazakhstan I kind of call captain bob: I’m starting to a standing on account of the deaths of them are the other guy like to read enough to deal with that for all Mexicans connecting back of the ratings Microsoft’s operating a full been used and recessions near the repair the net near or the mural it in ice T of our peers start, made clear call a seasonally start and yet I think they are thinking and how much it is probably a better choice than just turned no audit your name and while some of the best yet many of the year by Iran was attacking returns does not want to jinx and a major in and out of the lancers short term by locking me stop and barking or store I’d like for them in one of the Copa America Pedersen range something about were killed that American summit not he would be my favorite author of the shows are mentioned shady lane, the pope and then the year the cat may include she’s the master that the Serb entity known only to the centers of the Apollo condom and thus the dual key clean sheets that hurricane watch rights for the season on my right, recalled all string and the great wall street or in some minority Martin of what one this season so far as I ran the known over symbols more I think so it five million are much too expensive for wounds and or other fixtures for that you support a limb to meet the stream sure we’ll use for each do not give Mr. Have Mr. Stevens said and done one of honor in remedies are conference by making a go of the new year sentence art known, and none of the directly the way round were looking at my team down land apps Benson in the year absolutely I just think that trends got better and put them at once is facing the media and peters’s got better attacking and attention and nothing something you’ve got better option from attacking point viewer but he isn’t trending up with the media and then Massey person and I think he is a necessity install the season I think the brilliant boy for us the play for steam the stand he was absolutely brain nine that Bernie of the most under massive message a continued ever imagined but I think pieces are really good experience prior thing that he is is no passport in fact I know he has no nuts bolts and arsenals and the one thing on Robert Peterson trend by five left untreated on the command of the team now more than do this before three transfers the following week tournament on Ronald dean and will be in for sabel sand canyon and I can’t say thank you bright colors you love me watching this small and live on the replay for Euro will be arguing was absolutely superb rushing on the jump onto that and an inning and the lowest prices will absolutely and the meaning and eventually turning how many and a and ride yet I think we can to go and year out 97 is why speaks only know of, they’re good for me and passion with you. All your order to really know , for yet and it’s so on, stop you wonder why it can’t compete against the only wild cards 11. Seawall calling Ballard wall, about the artistry. On a balk at our dealings and straight from the ball more important than any midfielder the Gaels on a specially trained I think even it replaced by two games of signing this season he will be the most by scoring defender we were happy season has started meeting is probably a small enforcement team she even address the likes of starting a boring on solid I think each doorway is attacking friends to so good on at a time to talk about story two of people are not on the the start of the U.S. party will keep walking shoes are corporate it might seem bought the UK, a team formed at all with halfway down the season called on the table in order to get Dominique leach each of them likely pick we have been I think we need to start to realize that although she’d make the most fun I think it’s been it’s been very tacky but we’d also like that’s free pizzas is a great Kate Clinton was happening with Charlie tying up on a one other can be quite do see it on how often you plug and play in article for the fact that the UC do anything with your team $Steindler whereby people and Mike Richards on HBO call the iced the same from the big four years call on this week it’s on what all day but if city of these are likely to have a bye week that you read the recon shortcuts on its five the next three weeks is just you need to decide whether in the next couple of weeks off today can’t really good one, transpose you can take you to get back to the school to see one because cut each Christmas you double the plain old and forwarding that Ramsey games until we play cowboy every week and are part of a way I think starting not now be stars are low volume. Median price for woods on cheap midfielders that the three about 33 premiums with the data contained Irish Field exactly me out that speeds when the rescue, but the fact you are greeting bring if you have started to pour in, wearing no team you could your rank and absolutely get so much better and it’s coming weeks on it probably is restricted not all, all the cuts but it is probably will lease was taking on the ~ Wolcott now the wall behind starting word warned could teach or an has just add a whopping of the obsolete . Yet by what it takes you to tell you is that an acquirer and enters the aisle off to the speeches are bringing patching up a tiny brown and of the Chrysler song aura of marsh also my back and you can’t record score on its black and gold beach state anything sort of thing was called balance is quite as bodies may be looked for this week or a company agree on all suggest new caller and I’m bob De Witt seems last week outscored be bought 2025 points was afraid they connect acting right and some teams are coming up pending sites, you call windows Ian P is a monster end and I think it’s the end of the work to be knocked out in bright you’ll often gets up and summing up and up until this season and one price of two million, while but in the skillet is not just walking out what you’re distorting our cost you one is whether you agree one, keynoting dollars on reports from all of last week on a report made by four less time game probably alfie aboard any claim club at is whether he really is the best option on for the likes of bonds and eight grabbed hold of actually better option could have nothing is a good question to be honest of tighter and seem bright and the next two and 1 seconds call six ers’ call body count, so why are all three teams don’t see too many calls from supporters of the person of a guaranteed for law school exactly perky house Tom yet his party’s courtship is more than hello bonds on and eight were a combined assets or not the fear factor we know if the schools winner will gonna be a story in an act of section of the remote in the world is getting ahead of the close of the senior or the yacht , the bonds is the one used by a corporate you might seem are you bought your wallet is the one on your watch, a slightly Jan slightly more OPS OPS and sharing bosomy onto barges between bob large pieces four goes by the old east county year and Perkins, a leading the charge it or we seen two good games four and three good games four and sewer bonds is what exactly is a lot , it’s our little score against AT&T could do you call it will highlight you got it if I was on my wall club no longer support statements on all but would not think you might seem like good for the all the strikers, and I guess that’s going on servers without any point could return to all and he’s easy street gangs bright and is bad and bonds sought to think what does all this week, I see appointment four of you cannot do that all support it in, but if you sold bonds, maybe scored up for you can’t start in game four games three P simpson’s clinic or sports park in power and Abraham to be making more charges but I think bonds used to be contesting report card for flat watch slightly cheaper than the others to lie like why you’ll fall sometime unite your Chelsea, we were kids I am yet so I will be back next week when the clinical start obligation upon by thing mile on are really like our people have I really like a row has been pouring in Blitzer, reporting a lot of extra work the only thing I worry about and I would pick all this conference with the likes of James watt James test Europe as well is with Mao is gonna be competing with the likes of most astute welcome back parts and coming back on shore rich, will play which are Kinsley costs will be rotated features will I know it will so it’s a big race to put one of the main banking on them playing every week trip or the added money that of the of your it would it would help it would help you balance on the committee ballot word on exactly sound and Mary Norton, I am looking at it with com summary much you are getting a court in the Tucson and by how retards my contract and celebrate the next five tiny weeks with compared to Stalin will even if you could use old Selig you have an alternate route you couple of your bullpen and you saw original journal said about the” guarantee the attacker returns that sell all or even money would bring you rather than saying punting on that that proponent of play lined cookie or an arrow somebody that O’connor fitness for teams owned when there’s good and your of IP of course our new book on cue on me and annual around trees. Like its remarks for faxes and would we go round and round so which we estimate that one possible about bob Ewald Ewing of selectable right option at some point, I mean writable decision wielded one decision when it comes to the final bit by all of you are like to form three people in a minute I really like but if you have to wear responding to pouring money 19 bucks or reply is that you call captain which rewarding , which were a bit and the use of Walt Wiley cannot be sold on arm archery out and move all of which are resold one actually on the net via a team of white sox and a army swept the start of call, the reference, as you have a smile James and never checked with Cantwell the bench breaking the law Brochure near new called all in a scientist and if I’m try to be nice and helpful likely enough depth is you caught me before tackling a barometer of one for 4/4 of it you how to do solemnly I think for me and I will be torture is priced but he warned the island was the one installed not know why that is not what it’s like a father you call 34.5 senior from eight for your reply might not to leave and I was like in mind that basically means to call Mike Tidwell opened when do you see every week online is not nice field that a lot written it depends where the fed having a foreign money from we’re working on the acclaimed production and second avenues that man is that in physics is what play with those prenuptial on affects the plan with 10 men better than having downgrading one and upgrading our limits until the close of thing which received fixtures so case and that is an easy way to fix this might just take require a lot of us that the war, deemed to not worry about one shall be no shortage for bodies, grainy team with Jesus boat because he’s back in training camp in St. Paul start seeing dollar question its war dead of winter fixtures surely, he’s you’re interested in the new. If you don’t go far beyond can still doesn’t mean that watching apart our core each party’s museum in cheaper certain is called digital force in the halls of the audience-for them, and that he and his ideas, from 91, if it’s all a pure shooter mean you’re taking of innocent to sublease torture and genetics or maybe put class was interested to know how good we could do well this week were kicked off or setback really worries me was awfully time you hear that all this is as weak as we are the $2.00 and carry them as much as much effort into bulldog so, are you a copy. But, began spawned blank and I’ll stand and the winner and you’ll your stack man and everything will your foursome on Jason doing when it comes to stabs as in many medicines from simply do is doing onto the stack suggest actually known as the best thing for him to become a cheaper Asian ally acquire of M Arthur I don’t think so are slowly and will you not to let the buyer was being done really well want to start arms book on spoken to one. And that’s just about the buffaloes may be battling but the memories said on Sunday last week for people around where are often a good number where you need to worry because she’s not, what is, by week semester and China are so in that is what does all of the day is not that there’s this whole argument for when I was going to wear on the pitch together the two pretty much the only shows points and frank and barring last week course in a freak result that’s a classic wearers away record from last season immunity this season he estimates that two bad away from home for the totally wrong on expecting into potentially light use of a double figure one even think of a hat trick person in that and the sending of agreement in a a request like a tall, balding man band does bring about me and straighter reasonable where bucket of fiction starts and O’Bannon is no requirement on it all but all are near district that the if it does bring on and that the navy petty and its sister is sportszone and is this and Wolcott strategy rules and a week or so we can do that their leaders that this good since many of them watching the stream Wilsonville the comment to the U.S. and western U.S. Babies connections and all three of the best of times to all of all the other man you’re the only the amount of tar out yet another all want their property by tonight, but the rebound box at the government under the baton is more like a small but he does anything to please people to help America. Bound scalable and less so, Mr. White, black is this from the du D at city needs the bride of wear and stunning new back to the selected and a pop to be at the selectively downgrade of the wearer of the biggest the report of a scene, it started the distal get out in the fourth for the right man of the selected before sort of when and where an outside what seemed a bit like Quentin Z believe the current model Kate will speak at reading that the use of back because their evidence that we’ve also walked up capital as was the fact that you actually doubled up, but the fact that in the public face of old enough to let the FEMA team leader, a put more money into attacking the court lacks the defense plays an important trend is worth seven million bat that money gathered at the feet of the meal was a field and off he was able full view of the initial test and yet, he said he doubted we try to match that a healthy by stopping affairs owner of the editor is the time that it’s esteem and I still think that’s better way to the deck of the field of view, go for cheaper fares and get a few miles will make a war for accidents a bit is a bit too much to the U.S.-backed ram and family are not taken options board decision, and none of the game we thought that the services you try to play with seven players every game we are a and that the that the year and one from a small way the defense has worked the streets 90 day of this is the way things as the policy would first and last week not to block the plane is not as though an assist local treaty that it suppliers could do all right to be fair and well. [Gold and from yesterday of the day before you’re the one that was part of the earned only when the bandwagon saying it’s a double spacing isn’t going to be having because of elian race, strategist Ed Turley wins again we were sent on your arm of the all box of us as a fig about 9 feet , three people I think people thinking all Michael awful features a son, and the ability of the deal but didn’t trust also enough to put the money does it feel to surpass with the attitude will either the U.S. bank statement he assistance to stop us yet none of this is the economic system of yesterday’s tax in from the bresee the other oddities guess what four golfers this back from a more favorable, fish and did not read a prolific man that really even that he will have to pay enough to melt and they’ve sent to make devices to the president to repay, some state, 20 one’s an even bet he was a pain in the golden master classes at the school’s great balls of the school that happens then, was it is clear that the sidewalks police also want the budget before the senate will find that an end and then Brit Gore could you remind everybody your four process on the world because I found actually fascinating that to be honest with you and some string extended me on your way the choice for your own, call your loved ones defeat that this bill at here’s one E action will create the people. Before I think it’s actually quite a feat retooled calls rate of debris from directories and put the greater than the feel of what the state’s three goals last season and it’s been a nice easy one. We can we cut of forgiveness and three spots around so that the mobile home of a form of politics and left at the end of the point that if a person can you tell it’s a file of the 433 and a parking wine and audit at a little bit. It doesn’t matter if the funds six lead good is just the defense does the horrible beg me to be alive and staffed as the eye can see the best versions of fall under the debentures a nightmare if it had occurred this marks the start of the world beat on causation and pick, I’m interested must so elegant rules and rely as he was enough to realize it was 5.9 or was there for the 6.471 could do if I want to join all goes to do this but, do the following week and straight that trend in a worthy and four and Ike and that’s a belt so I think those two loser here for many, again a volunteer for three and spending a minus for volunteers to belts and is the minimum one week of special concern the world will print a U.N. also found record I am also an oncoming water which unite Liu two beers and markets CB and staff and a lot of criticism regarding it would be was at unite no school swimmers five, seeing what is making your arms but he’s not 1:00 PM, Tuesday nights, change now is new, tents and arming on the site highlights a radiant slightly treatment, which reports like too much is that attitude that the approval is pending lawsuit one of the work of the capital in this tiny so should the day and evening at all small he wasn’t exactly been made by those are the possible to go when I watched, to almost a week before the special break the seem to be possible to add a statement today to what you can eat it does not match, a sign of impending U.S. Court in other things differently and a man in a deal of 11 members to open a book and all the scoring of course that would often was pointed out also coordinates and traffic is down to the fact that mark has so far, the content of the pressures to the one being used or walls to Dick’s picks up the next level, Madison title to solicit one school will call back that up to be set him up the trial will get the rights Ya think a politically vehicles are not in effect of a a a a dealer Yielding the court seems that can quite nice to you as if it were good but thought for a year deal than the one thing that hasn’t stopped not knocking out of it then and now the callers to a tape was played in a call. Where the needless molded by ear and ECU it seem cold some guys came out showing by Scanlan said to the words of the effect of 13 rebounds and claims. The plate and he was not happy with them all the other end of the events that deserves to go forth to zero by stars as the cup games into the plays the second string so to speak to prove their worth getting into Manzanita the first team and a completely basted and she’s already come out and the boys will stick with the settle back four he will not be rotating not one that is absolutely necessary and that thing the judge that he does is actually meant no question and that is jay Mather off the clock, any possible. For the upcoming weeks . Bonds that object if the leaders in from the pentagon, and is interested, where were the fallback about to be a booklet about all that most tested as I said, laughing about helping NAFTA will be former city and we’re here in fact that have to keep and bear markets right hand is a top four different event of the family that I feel the back buffer a lot , but because the fifth of the springtime. For all and start through that and click that up a room with a little and bring on a debt of one day on my mind yet to muni bonds are you may yet I am yet the reason I’ve been on a waiting room for so long as I’m on my welcome as well in this specific ideas about, there were additional B free number for augmenting a wallaby costs which harmonicas inning of in all 433 M. The temerity can save up IE jingles and now are still in one scene and arm get lucky. For your yet you can even building a straight up if you need to switch from me and my neck until noon , from a public server, all games will find or what I’ve seen is used is open and never has the presenters: version soon as he sat 17 shots morning in the news tracking and so I can I think I think you are that can become millionaires, go a long ways for you and I don’t think money is not outscoring for their 40 priced in Ukraine best person might think us all we have been taken while crossing I’m on my wall, subway system can state from a new anchors of the following bonds of talk show but I was you I would, I would guess we think about Lindsay Nickerson Bowen that way you can yell and the need for Somalia send and are looking for mailing committee passed all so the reason you’re doing a nice man you can switch of the article which would see to transfer regulate and then you have to local backups for the game which is a work and work recreation cell , back to Mariners’ ace, stated quite a bit in 19 01 look and that owns the committee the actual returns from Camino sell on Monday and all the three for me know and sell virtually identical from the returns, if you said for money can just an address to get a file 111 in the team is when even the score at three rows of Newcastle Blitzer I think I’m David Gergen Jane have to think from a foreign funds to get a means to them on a ascension a sound plan in a statement yet again that have access to offer because you can downgrade tend to buy the which would save up even while funds in a meeting with nine so many be reset and that’s an estate are transferred as you, brain pope in right away this week from someone selling a wild, please help probably not be , and the fact that from the yen and one more thing bet may be one that I know your your mix, pokey but are you could call, Colin steadman of the one to downgrade from union as acting Allies and in great shape of an unlawful use of native rating you could bring in James and then bring in a land line at finding up by Jason Martinez in debt, including all to start myself 39 would be at Bechtel mailings, called a waste of you cannot be near trained and not seek any, it would be intense well in the middle there which user must seem to be launched that the trying vainly out of possibly soon you’re not in all this week of -4 blocks of thing site at. These pictures are too great wall that she portrayed in there as well as one , of course, means having them are only a eight 80. Abbe after Atlanta, and I’m yet been fully and one night. Policy, or who are afflicted in the state of the problem if they fall fare-thee. That is a hobby for about not having on a message from the stars too late, T bobby not have them as the defender it doesn’t want the height of the blind for -4 for up to them, but I signed as the design and marketing , and all the time I’m going to get own the door of my life, withdraw the way of thinking what a a a a a a a life as a a a a day of my 109. 91955 alternates for me know what they really are in Internet mail until the only one of the more per year for her a win if there and done, III agree that that the for-play goal and 2/5 for good case for word to be honest with you my only thing paints, and what we’ve seen so far I think is worth about 70 now I’m just trying that if there are things is just me feel now just lacks any real credibility and but that this day was given a certain amount of thing may be a fraction of the one about anyone standing in deploying a pleasingly relying on because how much money left in 94.6 and Hermiston playing the 433 nine and plays well and that them some in the air and the spring and another that of midst of setting a goal that as well as in the brain and other personal and 10 people won’t affect his ability to enter many wants to come on line of anthrax route and her younger. The new one would go on and on where Lambeau the DVD is used by the victim would be nothing in it where you live data for the people who do both. Acting. Copyright . The adults who are currently being with the ball and run it, they’ll , to 50 that those are you all its major toxic action one Walter lost our weeks and are unavoidable Saturdays hearing outside of your new perspective were eating either not title are currently blocked state of mind was the only remains active as a writer bob Iverson received a wildcard is all along to own shares or the like with triple jump to more like a longtime chip or you try and certain data points seemed well it’s been secured says Anderson doesn’t I also think it’s, bridges, rest of the season of our donors can think of it as Nikes, being a plate is the recital in order to 12 win 99 but it’s does that really are rescue on the text deciding to one of the Kings are arranged to report the route you really world and or a artistic ideas years as one of the best rusher and an eighth and if from an editor-as old ring dealer residuals Eason one day we met and the old who are part of the the other five Amish and climbing no, if the kid of tolerance a game of the other day and you have to do omits the period, but it’ll be a number of close enough interesting is that as well to its own consoles comeback not mention side of the also wanted to bring all parties feel about not having brought or scoring higher the west two seasons think it’s crazy not to renew team have if that’s the head of the health of the data I wish you luck are a little too much or more at futures ended away at I’m not making his coffin of the authors use even in order to just come on so you can on all of thing of what an excellent on neck to Brian Wallace seat on the state’s next two games. Already bought some are you still will regard games Newcastle and on a young eight details all things being quiet on the Atlanta on Monday and could pay all estimate Stacy and asked its knowledge as well not anything so special and my CU planned meeting ID call knowledge is well on Dundee united also hundred games, and knowledge is right back and it’s not our teams might use injuries while selling. They would not . Your needs, double and yet but but but lot of your destiny of thing, and yelled and get away from. The light on the right time I could beat your reader opportunity for you. On the inbox started it all really because all I see all people still have to keep all I’m not on underneath you can see all the cars on your lease for a new national bring even that wasn’t anybody one penny as well so yet. Be without any yet you’re years of yet another would walk, wasting dozen different role as 1/2 at 8188 minutes getting lately and just out onto the time to prove that the test it for the long island on its side really nothing but I wasn’t an option box, 14 and 11:00 AM and then better idea that quickly say the idea that anybody days in the cache meaning Selma can of jason’s rivals to be the Jason real ride at the of a suitcase and rivals were talking and eBay and David Foster and 12 and 11 prospectively and end in mind spot with just a cha Lyons and Charlie Hein and we got me to horseshoe bar man didn’t bring the mails it at all evil and refunds for when of Wayne Handley inroads among more they are Jason rivals a day of the teams and Jason should be looking at and it is in the plane is probably the viewer CNN top spot may be getting in those differentials ahead of these guys are often thinking forms of that that’s just my 4% said the U.S. fish and what shall I say well is quite simple this really be that well over 200 people today watching this completely and punching stream and that the only a phased in action the fact that the tester really enjoyed and if you’ve enjoyed it killed the city hit that might come under mounting the defensively and unlike done just to shed your support restaging to show if you have washed ashore and you can subscribe and enjoy the concert we bring you to send him a subscriber and follows: 20 that now if you before missing 20 women known then as a potential stream coming up for the schools are then going to put that sweeps up a discordant coarsening for the discord and description of course for people that have been coming alive and that’s the way the glove and that was true discourse on shore field in a painting on maps have your mechanic and various others on one races thank you so much for and won moderated chat today and the actual building would have to post up a discordant scene can join us live with that for other mappings to grant backstage of your 20 Upton interview often that we will see you tomorrow evening at 830 Jason but for the death of warrants above that the world of corn and wheat and stay at Bundy settlement of the gulf of Aden let me win all 442 hours and 10 minutes longer than I’ve known 1:10:00 long and I expected spreading an AVI was done this is just the confusion or hello all I get live now in knowing I now have the reasoning as to the on-stream question as to why you’ve done is just can be fascinating to see what the team’s men alike on Saturday and manager of Solaris at a state of Sabah Saturday because to take a game which can even more prevalent when ever I think because all these that it’s and it’s an amazing acts and buddy Buddy Roemer the yen Ching system and Garrett and in fact the last of the centers of the Qing said that some quietly fail miserably but again that’s just how much I view the reality is that I can’t see fading whatsoever think the only one I do think that the team that in the remission be hacked was nowhere near as good as the one that you for half a trend and Abraham but in any they’ve got your own specific plan in place and to the image of kasi back five that I can see a great play again and minimum of five of what you said a double digit who bats bats wall and react to the elegant and then you would declare off and then we will join each other that tomorrow a very Brady roasting at 10 days before she married 20 men Wilson Bozell said nothing but if that own the guys this season we think the school district text and voice application we can talk all things of Palestine three numbers increased 16 of the 1912 in the general chat you, trustee knees and Wilson gets sidetracked as meet with the previous forecasts and even join


  1. After 2 hours of discussion we can agree that nobody quite agrees what the young Shaun Dyche’s (Jason’s) team should be exactly. I still say Ceballos plays in a CAM role against these weaker team fixtures🤞 .

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