AFT member Gretchen Whitmer is candidate for governor of Michigan

– There are 10 million people who
call this state home and they need a governor and a
legislature that works for them. Right? – [applause] – – Every working person who simply
wants to collectively bargain for better wages and time off with our families is counting on us. Every parent, teacher, parapro, bus driver
and student in a public school is counting on us. I am an AFT member. I am proud of that. I am a mom of kids in the public schools. AFT and the members that it represents
have got to have an important voice in the setting of the agenda in Michigan. That means we’ve got to win this election
so that we can partner at the table and make sure that our kids are getting
the education they deserve. We have an opportunity here, in 31 days, to make this a state where every hard-working
person can get ahead again. Where every child has the education
that they need to be successful. It is time for us to have a governor who cares
more about you than Betsy DeVos. Right? – [applause] – – We in Michigan know the
brunt of the DeVos agenda because we’ve been suffering
from it for 25 years. It has driven ranks of teachers out
of the profession because they’ve been so demoralized and demonized. That’s got to change. And that’s
what this election is all about. We’re going to level the playing field
for every child in my state. It starts with a great education, and supporting
people who dedicate their lives to educating kids. Whether it is reaching out to your
fellow educators; to your neighbors; the people who sit next to you
in the place you worship or in the place you work— Every single day between now and when
the last poll closes on November 6th, we must work. – When you put the right people in the
office, the children gain more. It’s not about the pay for us—It’s about
educating the future kids that’s coming. We need young minds to expand and grow. We need the right people supporting them. – Thank you, thank you, thank you for
your endorsement and your support. I am going to be the best
governor you’ve ever had. – I think they will support education and they
will be good for the state of Michigan. For years we haven’t funded
education appropriately. So it hurts the kids. In my district the kids aren’t
as economically privileged as the rest of the districts, which puts them already at a disadvantage. Schools really help make that up. And we’re not being funded enough
so that we can actually do that. – We need a governor who will walk with us. Today, we walk for them. It takes all of us. – I’ve been really invested in making
sure that education funding is prioritized in this state so I’m really excited to get people elected
who are going to work for our agenda and frankly, I’m really tired of fighting back— I’d like to be fighting forward, instead of having to mitigate damage
of really terrible bills passing. It’s about time we take back
the state for the people. – Remember in November!

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