Afghan women’s soccer team members accuse officials of sexual abuse | DW News

The women’s game in Afghanistan is in trouble. Several players have come out exposing alleged
sexual abuse inside the country’s football federation. A former women’s executive team member and
captain says she witnessed first-hand the sexual harassment of members on the national
team back at a training camp in Jordan. Two male representatives were drunk and went
to one of the player’s rooms and tried to touch one of their bodies. Po-pal said she immediately complained to
the federation’s president. But instead of getting fired, the two men
were promoted. We found out that one of those men became
the head of legal committee or department of Afghanistan’s football association. And the other became one of the responsible
persons for the U17 men’s national team. The Afghan football federation has denied
all the allegations, and hinted Po-pal had an axe to grind. While Popal was team manager, everything was
fine. But after she was sacked, then the women’s
team becomes bad and abusive. Po-pal was so concerned that she contacted
FIFA. I reported in April 2018 and it took like
forever. FLASH We want to put pressure on FIFA to start
the investigation and to help the victims. FIFA says it has a quote “zero tolerance”
policy on such matters and has reportedly even involved the United Nations. As some aspects of these allegations involve
sensitive topics linked to the protection of those involved, we have sought support
from relevant parties who willingly offered their support to FIFA
A scandal of this magnitude threatens the development of women’s football in Aghanistan.

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