Advances in liquid biopsy technology – IMAT spotlight: Dr. Shana Kelley

IMAT is a really special program
focusing on molecular analysis technologies which is really the the
focus of my research group they have supported some of our most high-risk
projects that have allowed us to develop new technologies aimed very specifically
at providing new tools for cancer and in cancer research
MagRC is a new technology for what we call liquid biopsy liquid biopsy is an
approach to understanding the molecular level properties of a tumor but without
the need for an invasive tissue biopsy so instead of gathering cells using a
needle that’s inserted into a tumor we can collect cells from the blood and
analyze those to get the same type of information one day it could be used for
the diagnosis of cancer or for monitoring recurrence we think one of
the most powerful short-term applications is actually in choosing a
therapy for a patient so our technology we hope will help oncologists more
efficiently match patients with a therapy that will help them on the first
try and to limit complications and also side-effects we started with
prostate cancer but we’ve now moved over to looking at lung cancer both small
cell lung cancer and non small cell lung cancer we’ve also looked at breast
cancer renal cancer so there are many other types of cancer that we can apply
the technology to through the IMAT program we’ve been able to take our
technology out to the clinic gather a lot more validation data to show how it
works and when it’s most powerful in terms of a tool for cancer management we
have almost enough data now to roll the technology out into a company and so we
envision commercializing it through a startup company that will be launched
here in Toronto and it will likely take us 2 3 4 years to have a test in the
clinic that’s gone through regulatory approval but we hope that it will be out
there within the next 5 years US Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute 1-800-4-cancer produced August 2019

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