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SARAH: The connections that I’ve made through PIHRA have enabled me to kind of take my career to the next level SHERYL: Networking within PIHRA has absolutely made a difference in my professional life LIZ: There are several members of PIHRA that I text whenever I have question and they’re quick to respond with what’s working for them, What hasn’t worked for them in the past. SARAH: I’ve made lasting friendships, and the mentorship thing is huge for me. SHERYL: There’s always HRCI and SHRM programming that we can get recertification credit for and I find that I get a lot of content that I’m able to take back and implement in my workplace on a regular basis. MICHELLE: PIHRA has provided me with a lot of resources that I wouldn’t have had – you know, growing my network which is very important. LIZ: PIHRA has really benefited me in a lot of ways and PIHRA’s just been pivotal. SARAH: and now I am starting to mentor others, which is also exciting I also really enjoy the monthly meetings – so much so that I was like, I have to get on the board! So I want to be a part of the programs and deciding what speakers come, and currently right now, I plan socials and it is completely widening my circle. LIZ: It’s been huge to just be a part of who we are, and where we’re going.

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