Adult Psychosocial Development_PSYCH_111

hi my name is Alex walks and I am 27 years old you have a vision I'm more concerned about I'm going to enjoy it you selected the type of relationship whether it be wood and or well I don't know about a life-partner romantic partner thing but if I had children probably would be a part of their lives I'm brandy lust and I am 23 Randy okay so I am gonna be interviewing you on the different stages of early adulthood and you're currently in the stage of cohabitation or marriage so do you feel committed to your partner because you guys are sharing close quarters yes yes and what ways do you feel like committed um I would say because like we spend all of our like days together like we planned meals and groceries and all of our like essentials to living or like combined so like I'm super committed to that then moving on um do you guys share finances foods assets children or pets by any chance we share a beautiful fur child he's the handsomest one you've ever met that's the biggest thing we shared because he's perfect and then we share food and other than ran not much yet then last question research has shown that there's been an increase of cohabitating why he'd chosen dating and cohabitate and cohabitation instead of dating and marriage um I guess I chose it because I just really like and I also think it's important to kind of see what it's like to live with another person and like I mean like what if I started living with him and I was like wow I hate his guts but I married him first like that would suck hmm so it kind of gives you a chance to like make sure it's good okay wait like a test run just real quick see how we all like kind of mesh taking the car for a test drive sounds good thank you so much I really appreciate it hello my name is Lauren and I'm 22 years old oh do you believe what society's gender rules have changed I also think it depends on like what communities because I feel like from community to community it might be a little bit differently I feel like in a more heteronormative space such community maybe the gender roles are as different as they used to be I guess it also depends on like but I also feel like in like the LGBTQ spaces those ones tend to be more fluid and like the gender roles tend to be more different you know they used to be in the past female do you feel that you have been able to like individually in your community I think so just because you're like my family's pretty like traditional in that sense and I feel like because they came from where they grew up in different cultures and like I'm also like first generation here is ready so I feel like because of that I've definitely have different views and just different ways of looking at things Hey and like that doesn't mean that they haven't acclimated in their own ways either right but like yeah I feel like it was definitely like a sense of like individuality that I have that's separate from my parents and I feel like my sister's could probably also like really thank you so much

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