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This is the precious moment an orphaned baby gorilla bonded with her new surrogate mother The 17-year-old Naku and 31-year-old Cassius’ deaths are thought to have been caused by E coli that was present in their enclosure’s water system at the Milwaukee County Zoo Since then, their daughter Zahra – a Western lowland gorilla – has been given round-the-clock care by the zoo’s keepers Scroll down for video  But officials at the Gorilla Species Survival Plan wanted to match her with a caring gorilla mother to help her integrate into a new social group Zahra made the 450-mile move to Ohio’s Columbus Zoo on June 13 where it was hoped she would bond with one of 15 potential surrogate mothers Share this article Share After keepers made sure Zahra was in good health, she was introduced to her first potential surrogate – 41-year-old Toni And officials say the pair are now bonding well after the pair met this week. Toni, 41, previously acted as a surrogate to orphaned baby Kamira, who relocated to Columbus after she was rejected by her own mother at Oklahoma City Zoo  ‘Zahra arrived at Columbus Zoo two weeks ago and we’ve been keeping her apart from the others to just make sure she is okay health wise,’ Randy Junge, the zoo’s head veterinarian, said ‘Her parents died of bacterial infections so we wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t pass anything on to the others before we integrated them ‘This week we connected Zahra with Toni, an experienced surrogate and they are bonding behind the scenes ‘They will join the rest of the troop when they are ready.’He added: ‘It’s really rewarding when these matches go well and it’s obviously the best situation for Zahra ‘ 

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