Adopt a pet: Meet the Humane Society’s newest arrivals

well you know there are always adorable pets in need of good loving homes in today sherry Walker is here from the Humane Society in Broward County to introduce us to all of these puppies and kittens and bear with us we’ve got a lot who are we talking to today so you’re holding up there is little Olivia and her brother Kenny Kenny’s pretty chill yeah he’s the docile one yeah they actually were too small when they first came to the shelter so they spent time in a foster home and they’re eight weeks or eight weeks old now Oh Kenny wants to go see what’s happening with the weather and then I have this little ariana grande up here the little blonde little chilly in our studio and then the little rambunctious one who wants to pounce on the kitty cats is Nitro okay and we actually have a third puppy sibling but we don’t have that many hands right exactly that’s a Ross Diana Ross yes so you know these are just cute and cuddly and I know that everybody needed some snuggles today so pets give us unconditional love and if you’re looking to adopt I hope you’ll consider going to the shelter there’s so many pets looking for homes we actually have a photo of a dog KY who is an incredible looks like sort of a German Shepherd mix four years old absolutely beautiful dog happy smile you know he looks very friendly and had barely really happy he he doesn’t like to be left alone he loves to be with people and he loves to play so as you can see there’s lots of love available for adoption at the Humane Society of Broward County this week and I hope if anyone’s thinking about adopting they’ll stop by absolutely so that’s kind of course you can’t get anything better than these guys that we have visiting us here today no and you did mention that German shepherds were a favorite absolute favorite of tots they were so like we had to show a little bit love ya and Todd always told me that puppy’s feet smell like Cheetos so I’m not so sure about that was Todd’s words of wisdom today his word for it and as you see in some of these photos we have so many memories of Todd with the animals I know the last time he was here he made a little house for the ferret that you got in the last time you brought a ferret it yeah so we’re thinking of him today yeah we will be greatly missed

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