Add Paypal To WordPress Website: Paypal Donate Button, Paypal Pay Now Button

hey everyone its Brian Manning and today I'm going to show you how to add a PayPal button like this to your website step-by-step so we're going to get logged in and I'll show you how to use the button generator that PayPal gives you and then how to install that button on your WordPress website page or post so let's login and get started so I thought I'd do this mute or iam to show the simplicity of PayPal and how easy it is to add a pay now button like this and there's definitely more than one way to add a pay now button or a donate button to your website specifically with PayPal especially with all of the WordPress themes and plugins that are available out there developers and website theme designers are constantly coming up with new options where you can just plug in place so it's pretty easy to do nowadays so we're going to be really specific in this video on using WordPress and a PayPal business account and we'll go ahead and log in now if you've seen my videos before you know that I don't typically recommend PayPal as a main merchant account or payment processing solutions so if you're looking for something easy and quick PayPal will do the trick this video is going to show you how if PayPal is a temporary solution for you and you'd like some other options I'll link up in the description to other options using other payment service providers other than PayPal so to create this button let's log in to PayPal and this is the business account dashboard so if yours looks a little different than this you either need to upgrade to a business account or check out the other videos for how to create buttons on the personal accounts but with if your dashboard looks like this come up to the profile and click on it and then check the profile and settings or click on the profile and settings button then come over to my selling tools and click on it and then you're going to want the PayPal buttons option and just click update and it will bring you to a screen that looks like this so if you once you have buttons listed they're going to show up right here and you can see the the different options that you get and right over here under the related items section you have a create new button which is what you're going to want to click on so I'll just click this hyperlink and it'll bring me to the button generator so it gives you a preview of the button that you're creating and you have the following options to go through you have a shopping cart by now donations subscriptions automatic billing and installment plans and the most commonly used probably are the buy now' or the donations but you can set up subscriptions so you can create a button and have that automatically charge somebody every single month if you would like for this video we're going to do a simple Buy Now button so I'll check that and you can see that it changes the text on that button you can name it whatever you'd like ok you can assign a price to it so we'll just put $20 and then you have the customize button options where you can just check or uncheck if you want to have different options it gives you this drop-down menu so if you want to give someone different price options you can do that and obviously you just click right in here and change the name if you would like you can added a description to each option and then click done and then that description will show up so you have a drop-down option you have a drop-down menu which is similar and it even gives you suggestions for colors sizes and some different options there and if you want to add any text you can do that right here if you want to customize the appearance you can use a smaller button by just checking these and just play around with these a little bit it's going to generate the code in a second that we'll put into our WordPress website and I'll show you how to do that you can even check a button to show the credit card logos if you would like to and there's even an option for you to add your own URL link for your own button image if you would like so if you want to if you want this button to follow the form and function of your own website and you have a button image you can place the link right there and that'll be the button that you'll use for your your PayPal payment I'm going to uncheck the title and I'm going to just leave this as a buy now although I can change this to pay now right here we'll just leave it at that for now so I'll just have to change the name of this to my Pay Now button okay so if I'm satisfied with the look and the dollar amount the next thing that you need to do you can you can track inventory and there's some other options here again just play around with those I don't typically I personally haven't ever tracked any inventory or used PayPal for product management or anything like that so I'd skip step two and just come down to step three you can add a specific URL on your website for a confirmation page a lot of times people just leave these as default and then you can just click create button and it will bring you to this page where again you have the buyers view and this is what's going to show up and you have two options to use this button number one is the website where you can just click and it'll highlight all the text and you can copy this to your clipboard and then come over to WordPress or you can select the email option and it gives you this link so if you take this link and you just paste it right into the browser the payment form will come up that will be a result of when somebody clicks on this pay now button so to install this into your WordPress website just click here and copy it to your browser and then come over to wordpress and i've already set up a page that's titled my new paypal button so I just came in to WordPress dashboard click down all pages and add new and then I titled it appropriately you can also add this button to a post or a sidebar like a sidebar widget or a menu you can put it in the footer or if you have the ability to add text to a main menu you can do that as well but it's most commonly used in pages or on the sidebar so I'll come over into the main text editor and I'll just click on that and I already have code in here from a previous button so I'm just going to delete that out and I just paste that into the text editor if I come back over and click visual this is what it looks like and you remember that we selected a Pay Now option I'll come up here and click update and once it updates or once it saves you can click preview changes and this will change to pay now so there's the button and it's as simple as that now you could add as much text and you can continue to customize this page if you would like by just typing additional text here and depending on the WordPress theme that you're running you can customize this page with tables and colors and all that sort of things so you just click update and once that saves you just again click preview changes come back over to the live page and there's your additional text right there and your button is still there so depending on how you make this look within PayPal the words on the button whether you want to have the Visa MasterCard and all of the credit card logos here it takes this code directly from PayPal and it just puts it on your website so when somebody clicks this it goes over to the Pay Now screen and I'll show you what that looks like in just a second but before we do that I'm going to show you how to add it to the widgets section on the sidebar as well so we'll just come back in make sure that this exact code is copied to our clipboard and we'll come over to the appearance section and widgets and I'll come – my main sidebar option and I'll just put it right at the top to make things simple and I'll come down and choose this visual editor add widget select text paste it in and I can just double check it by clicking on the visual editor and then if I save now that's live now I just want to make make it appear right at the top so I'll drag this up to the very top and then it's live I'll come back over to my page refresh and it should show up right here there it is okay now I do some additional styling like Center the image and maybe take this dark blue bar out so it's just a Pay Now button but you can see that the process is as simple as copying code and pasting it into the area that you want the button to show up so back in PayPal within the dashboard you can go back to your saved buttons after you've created this one and you can see that that button is now listed right there in any additional buttons that you would create would show up right here so if I wanted to create another one for a donate option it's the same exact process I just select donate I can type the name of my organization you can customize with the PayPal button same as we just went over but you'll notice that it says donate right there I'll come down create the button copy my code come back to my page click Edit and I'll come into the editor click on the text and I'll just put a few spaces there and paste the donate button right there click update check it with the visual editor now I got a Pay Now option and a donate option preview changes once again and there's both of my buttons again you can Center these you can add text you can add additional styling as you would see fit so to show you what these buttons look like I'm going to log out of Pay Pal ok so now I'm logged out of Pay Pal on this browser I'm going to reload the screen and click on one of these donators I'll just click on the donate button and it redirects to the PayPal hosted donate option you can just type a dollar amount in right here any dollar amount click donate with paypal or donate with a debit or credit card and this this image I haven't uploaded an image to this but I can customize this page for the donate option if I want to check the Pay Now option I just click right there and it'll redirect you to the PayPal option so pay with the debit or credit card or login to PayPal and if a user were to click on this to pay with a credit or debit card it takes them to this PayPal checkout again all hosted by PayPal and that goes straight into your account so that's the process to add a pay now or a donate button to your website with PayPal and you can just drop the code directly into any code editor in WordPress and you'll have your Pay Now button live so if you're new to my channel be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and found it helpful and share it with a friend if you'd like also make sure to subscribe to the channel because I do other tutorials and and payment workflow videos just like this one so be sure to subscribe so we don't miss any of those new videos when they're posted I publish tutorial style trainings just like this and how-to videos on payment processing merchant accounts and other invoicing software tools as well as payment workflows that tie all of those things together so until next time I'm Bryan Manning and have a great day

13 thoughts on “Add Paypal To WordPress Website: Paypal Donate Button, Paypal Pay Now Button

  1. Great tutorial; Brian!
    Quick question: Is it possible to change the greyish background behind the DONATE or PAY NOW button/area? If you have a white background on your website it looks better in white.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Can i quickly ask a question: how can I limit how many people buy with this button? Just 10 for example. Thanks.

  3. It is simple! I've used it with my previous website, but now have switched to WordPress… The PayPal link works when I view it with preview… but doesn't work anywhere else. On any other browser on my computer, or on any browser on any other computer. What could be going wrong?

  4. WordPress have now changed their Plugin options. You cannot add a new plugin if subscribed FREE. You have to upgrade the FREE account to a business account with a cost involved.

  5. can any one donte me dollar i havent any dollar on my papyal acc even 1$ on it please for my own sake :*( >><<

  6. Do you use Paypal as your MAIN merchant account solution on your website? If not, comment below with your favorite merchant account solution!

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