Adaora Atuegbu: Lead

So I’ve been in N.S.B.E. since my freshman
year and I have elevated my way through the leadership and every single
year I learn something different. And this year I’ve truly learned how to be a
leader in every sense of the word. I believe a true leader is supposed to
elevate the people around them and basically whoever is coming behind them
you’re supposed to make that person better. Our overall goal is to graduate
10,000 black engineers by 2025, and this is very important to me because N.S.B.E.
just provides so many great resources. To have engineering be a household name in
minority homes. Engineering is not easy, especially here at A&M,
that’s why you know we’re so well-known. It’s because the rigor of the coursework
here will truly prepare you for the industry, and I’ve experienced that
firsthand. I love A&M because of the resources
that they have here I love A&M because of the relationships I’ve developed here
with faculty and staff, the students, the lifelong connections I believe I’ve made.
I don’t think any other school would have had such an impact on me like A&M

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