Adam Waytz: “The Power of Human” | Talks at Google

9 thoughts on “Adam Waytz: “The Power of Human” | Talks at Google

  1. Talk about compulsive narrative syndrome. If you dont acknowledge its impacts, I have no scientific supportable basis to listen to you as changing scientifically accepted measurements, that dont reflect our current reality.

  2. I you dont study EXTENSIVELY who is willing to participate in polling data, the result will never match public opinion.

  3. Yada Yada Yada TOO LATE! It's already happened! Go to Japan! They are dealing with it pretty well… it should not be called dehumanization, it's called advancement and adaptation; they have found ways to preserve their ancient cultures and remain human regardless of the great automation and convenience towards independence and individualization found in Japan, especially in urban regions.

  4. I appreciate your efforts in helping us understand about this new thought came in your mind. The difference between your being and my being is that I decided not to talk about this when it came in my mind few years ago. As per my experience new thoughts newer become reality until it comes as an objective reality.. You have done that..thanks for your being. I can share what I'm currently thinking which is something really new and more closet to get what is actionable. [email protected]

  5. A message to communication scientists in America
    US telecom scientists saved us from governments taking control of the Internet and making it broadcast from satellites in the case of satellite TV.

  6. If individualism is directly related to dehumanization, and in China collectivism is increasing, is there any proof that there is no increase in dehumanization in China?

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