Adam Savage: Help Peter Jackson Solve a WWI Mystery!

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  1. Definitely a sketch made from the photograph of Mannock. BUT… herein now lies a deeper mystery: Who is the artist and why this particular sketch? Who rolled the drawing up and stuck it in the wing? Perhaps Mannock had an admirer and received this drawing from this person then stuck it in the wing for good luck. Perhaps the pilot of the plane was a fellow pilot who had an unrequited crush on Mannock. Mannock was the top ace, so maybe everyone had a sketch of him in their wing. Very weird.

  2. I think they tease us, the drawing is a copy of the wikipedia image of Edward Corringham "Mick" Mannock without any doubt.
    I don't believe the history of the 100 years. sorry

  3. Looking at his service record that's what you call a good luck totem, I wonder how many plane were unknowingly carrying his image? now the interesting bit starts ……..Do we know wings origin where was it built?? which company built it and can we track down the artist??????

  4. On the day Mick Mannock was killed, New Zealander Donald Inglis was flying with him. Imagine if the wings with Mick's portrait concealed inside were off Inglis's SE 5? "On 26 July, Major Mannock offered to help a new arrival, Lt. Donald C. Inglis from New Zealand, obtain his first victory. After shooting down an enemy LVG two-seater behind the German front-line, Mannock is believed to have dived to the crash site to view the wreckage, seemingly breaking one of the unwritten rules of fellow pilots. In consequence, while crossing the trenches the fighters were met with a massive volley of ground-fire. The engine of Mannock's aircraft was hit and immediately caught fire, and shortly after the plane crashed behind German lines. Mannock's body is believed to have been found, though this is unproven, about 250 yards from the wreck of his machine, perhaps thrown, perhaps jumped. The body showed no gunshot wounds; Mannock always promised to shoot himself if he was ever going down in flames. The BBC Timewatch programme "WW1 Aces Falling" details the search to prove whether or not that this body was that of Mannock. Inglis described what happened:

    Falling in behind Mick again we made a couple of circles around the burning wreck and then made for home. I saw Mick start to kick his rudder, then I saw a flame come out of his machine; it grew bigger and bigger. Mick was no longer kicking his rudder. His nose dropped slightly and he went into a slow right-hand turn, and hit the ground in a burst of flame. I circled at about twenty feet but could not see him, and as things were getting hot, made for home and managed to reach our outposts with a punctured fuel tank. Poor Mick …the bl..dy bas..ds had shot my Major down in flames"

  5. What gets me is that Peter has contacts at the IWM, both he and Christian have talked about their meetings with the Imperial War Museum and also with the NZ and Australian War Museums.. why didn't he simply go 'we found this in the wing, any idea?' to them? which would have likely gotten a flag at least at the IWM given that is were the photo in question is now held.
    Or why some one eyes Testeds team didn't just upload it, then right click and go 'google search image' and see if any hits came back for 'This image looks like this one'?

  6. Looks more like this guy Billy Bishop bc of the mustache: (I think someone else in the comments found this guy too)


    Could this be a 100yo bit of fan art for Edward Corringham "Mick" Mannock VC, DSO & Two Bars, MC & Bar?
    Maybe a good luck charm stuffed in to the wing?
    The hair line matches, chin lips and the way the hat is worn, even the rake of the tie matches.

  8. I'm up to episode 8 of Savage Builds and I've been grinning and laughing like an excited child on every episode. The potato cannon hahahaha.

  9. Wow. I just scroll to the first comment I see and it's the answer. After just 14 hours?!? And also…Adam Savage and Peter Jackson in ONE VIDEO! YES!

  10. I 'm pretty sure it's my uncle phil. He died in 1918 while trying to hide a drawing of his cat "whiskers" in the engine of his plane while the prop was spinning. And you'll never guess what he stuffed in the other wing.

  11. Adam, see this. Looks like this info wiĺ be deleted soon.

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