ACT Party on drug policy – David Seymour, MP

ALISON MAU: Do you all support
some kind of law reform? POLITICAL PANEL: Yes. ALISON MAU: Hands up. Right. OK. DAVID SEYMOUR: Look. I start from the view
that it’s all or nothing. I think decriminalization
is the worst of all worlds. And if you’re a parent,
you’re sitting there saying, do you want to have a
legalize demand side, meaning it’s not
criminal to use it, but keep the supply
side basically with criminal elements? And I think that’s the
worst of all worlds– probably worse than
what we’ve got now. 80% of New Zealanders
oppose full legalization. There’s a spectrum of opinion
on different options in between. But I think the
opportunity is to observe what our friends around
the world experience and answer some of those
unknowns and anxieties that a lot of people have.

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